Wooden floor, gentle and quiet, self-reporting

The static wood floor material and the natural scenery of the heart and soul have healed the emotions of people and space, and the design of the thinking context, as always, revolves around the development of the nature of the living, and the human behavior pattern and life course, connecting the entire spatial relationship. All functional arrangements are dominated by real habits, which naturally generate images of rest areas, reading areas, living rooms and dining kitchens. The series and independence of space passages, between implicit and open, also reflect the simple expectations of urbanites. Rhythm.

Restaurant wooden floor

The main space of the whole space, simple and unpretentious furnishings and Yu Yu feel, echoing the design of the white space, people’s life and Move and become the real highlight. The restaurant’s wooden floors and thick original wooden tables and woven seats convey the inner voice of the retreat in a quiet, rustic space style.

Living room wooden floor

The living room has no common internal and external divisions. Through modern texture furnishings and paved wooden floors, there are several relaxing dialogue places. . With simple colors and lines, the space is full of feelings, and the influx of skylights washes away too much material dependence, allowing the space to radiate a natural and gentle humanity.

Kitchen wood flooring

The completely open Nakajima and kitchens bring together a variety of activities and tranquility, which is another focus of life. Low-key stylish earth-colored kitchen utensils and understated wooden floors, the kitchen image extends to the practical island, providing an elegant space for the hostess to communicate with friends.

Xuanguan wood floor

The wooden floor extends from the entrance to the aisle and bedroom, gently letting the healing factor into the space. With a continuous window view and a clean skyline, you can enjoy the visual enjoyment of the place.

Bedroom wooden floor

The bedroom is decorated with simple wooden floors, drawers and single-piece furniture, reflecting a simple and quiet living style. The quiet atmosphere makes people enjoy the pleasure of sleep.
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