Will you choose the living room ceiling lamp?

In modern home decoration, many families choose to decorate a ceiling lamp in the living room. The biggest advantage of the living room ceiling lamp is to bring the atmosphere to the living room. What are the shopping tips for the living room ceiling lamp?
  Three types of lighting for living room ceiling lamps

   1. Built-in ceiling lighting: for living rooms with suspended ceilings. The light exit of the embedded ceiling lamp has a square shape, a round shape, an elliptical shape, a diamond shape, etc., and can be arranged into many patterns according to the design intention, and has a position and a number of turns to control the lighting, and can create a new lighting concept.
  2, artistic style ceiling lamp lighting: the lampshade and the tray of the ceiling lamp are in various poses and meteorological.

  3. Semi-embedded ceiling lamp illumination: It has the characteristics of both embedded ceiling lamps and artistic ceiling lamps, but the advantages are not as obvious as the above two types of ceiling lamps.

  How to choose the living room ceiling lamp
  1, size
  The size of the living room ceiling lamp is mainly It is affected by the size of the living room. Generally speaking, the room area suitable for the 29-diameter living room ceiling lamp is between 15 and 25 square meters, which is in line with the living room area of ​​many families. The living room ceiling lamp with an area diameter of 33 and an oversized living room seems to be too large if it is placed in a living room with an area of ​​less than 25 square meters.
& emsp; & emsp; 2, style
& emsp; & emsp; living room ceiling lamp style is more and more, but do not blindly choose, must choose the style that suits your home style and needs, such as Modern styles must choose stylish and generous ceiling lamps, and you can’t choose classical, luxurious or complicated lamps.
  3, color
  The living room is mainly used for meeting and gathering places. The ceiling lamp will make the living room look bright and generous, with a sense of the times, the lighting should be rich and bright. . Therefore, the color of the living room ceiling lamp determines the overall effect of the living room.
  4, type
  The living room ceiling lamp is divided into incandescent ceiling lamps and fluorescent ceiling lamps according to the light source. The incandescent ceiling lamps focus on illumination, and the fluorescent ceiling lamps are more focused on decoration. The incandescent ceiling lamp has a bright light source that creates an open and generous living room atmosphere. Fluorescent ceiling lamps create a more beautiful and romantic style by exciting the phosphors to emit light of various colors depending on the wavelength.

  Recommended for living room ceiling lamps
  1, pay attention to the safety of ceiling lamps, choose materials that are not easy to damage when purchasing, it is best not to choose glass Covered ceiling light. We can’t just be cheap, we must check the certificate and the warranty book is complete. Although it is not necessarily the best to say that the most expensive is not too good, it is not good to be too cheap. Many living room lamps with poor quality often have security risks.
  2, pay attention to the light transmission of the ceiling lamp. When purchasing, you should choose a uniform material. It is best not to choose a lampshade with poor light transmission, which will affect the light.
  3, pay attention to the durability of the ceiling lamp. When purchasing, choose a good quality lamp. The poor quality lamp is easy to black, which not only affects the lighting effect of the lamp but also affects the service life of the lamp.
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