Which is better for all-body bricks and polished tiles?

In our housing renovation, the whole body bricks and polished tiles are used more and more frequently, and become one of the main interior wall decoration materials. But at present, there are still many small partners who know little about two bricks. So, which is better for whole bricks and polished tiles? Below, Xiaobian sums up the six tangled points of buying bricks, so let’s introduce them to everyone.

First, the whole body brick and polished brick which is better

1, different colors

The color change of the polished brick is small and single, the rendering of the brick surface The color difference is very poor and very common. The whole body brick has a rich color system and a wide selection. In the calcination process, the whole body brick is first glazed on the grain, and the color performance is more beautiful. The red orange, yellow, green, blue and purple are purple, and you want to use the color.

2, the price is different

Polished tiles are the most used bricks in living room tiles, the size is 600mm, 800mm is the most common, and the whole brick is usually worth 300*300 Brick. The whole brick and polished brick process is different, the whole brick has higher simulation degree, and also has the characteristics of polished brick, the color is richer, the whole is more clean and translucent; therefore, the price is more expensive than the polished brick.

3, different textures

The difference in calcination process makes the texture of both of them different. Polished tiles are slightly rough in texture details; and bricks can make hair-like fine lines with a high degree of detail.

4, different bricks

Bricks are one of the important references for distinguishing between polished tiles and whole bricks. The process of polishing the brick will let the color penetrate into the brick body, the penetration degree is about 1-2mm, and the same color as the surface layer; and the whole brick will not appear bleed. If you look at the side of the brick body, the layering is very obvious, you can Clearly see the glaze. It can be said that if the brick surface has only a thin layer of color, it is roughly that the whole brick has not run.

5, different anti-staining properties

The whole body brick is much better than the polished brick because of its glazed relationship, so it is often used for the decoration of kitchen and bathroom. The polished tiles themselves have embossed air holes for easy access to stains. In terms of anti-fouling, it is still better than the whole body brick.

6, different wear resistance

The whole body brick is based on the polished brick and has a layer of glaze. It looks good but the wear resistance is far less than the polished brick. The surface of the polished tile is thick and wear-resistant, so it is often used in the living room floor.
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