What should I pay attention to when strengthening the floor covering?

Strengthen flooring, also known as impregnated paper laminated wood flooring, consists of a wear layer, a decorative layer, a substrate layer and a balance layer. The installation of the laminate floor is generally suspended and the installation is relatively simple and quick. Although the installation is generally the responsibility of the manufacturer, if the owner understands the installation method, it will be of great benefit to the floor installation supervision and acceptance.

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Step 1: Handling the ground floor

Before paving the reinforced floor, it is necessary to ensure that the ground is level and dry. The leveling rate of the ground needs to reach the standard, and the ground of the rough house is generally treated with cement floor leveling. The moisture content of the ground should also be noted. If the water content is too high, it needs Do moisture-proof treatment.

Second Step: Place the floor mats

The function of the floor mats is to prevent moisture and mute. Before laying the laminate flooring, you need to put a layer of floor mats on the ground. Generally, the mats should be laid flat and spread without overlapping. The seams should be glued tightly. How to save money on the home improvement net, free design budget quote. The wet ground and geothermal environment should be on the floor mat. Under the moisture-proof membrane, the joints of the width and width should overlap more than 200mm and be tightly bonded with tape. The corners of the corners should be turned up to the same height as the baseboard.

Step 3: Install the laminate flooring


The edge of the current laminate floor is generally a lock structure with a tongue and groove tongue. When the structure is installed, as long as it is It is good to keep the two kinds of splicing tightly, without using the floor glue to connect the floor.

Step 4: Install the skirting line

Required between the floor and the wall The position of the baseboard is usually sandwiched between small wooden blocks. After installing the floor, you can remove the small wooden blocks and install the baseboard. Generally, the baseboard is inserted into the reserved seam, and then the special nail is used. Pinned.

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