What is the difference between a whole cabinet and a freestanding cabinet?

   With the increasing variety of decoration styles, the decoration of cabinets has become the focus of more and more people. But what kind of cabinets to choose is a bit difficult for many newcomers. Today, Xiao Bian takes everyone to understand the difference between the whole cabinet and the independent cabinet, hoping to provide some reference for everyone.

  The whole cabinet: the whole cabinet refers to the four-in-one kitchen cabinet, electrical appliances, gas appliances and kitchen appliances. The composition of the kitchen cabinet combination.

  Separate cabinets: the opposite of the overall cabinet, cabinets, electrical cabinets, gas cabinets are independent.

  This article focuses on the advantages and disadvantages of the overall cabinet and freestanding cabinets:

  The advantages of the overall cabinet:


  1. Beautiful, the overall match is more consistent. The whole cabinet is highlighted by the whole word. It is an organic whole form that integrates kitchen furniture and kitchen appliances. Just like a girl wearing a dress, people don’t have to worry too much about the configuration and overall design of the cabinet, which is convenient and practical. The appearance of the whole cabinet is very beautiful and exquisite, just like a craft, it is very eye-catching.

  2.Safety and comfort: The whole cabinet is finished by professional overall design and overall construction and decoration. A type of cabinet that combines water, fire, electricity and gas perfectly. Compared with the traditional kitchen, its safety is greatly enhanced. At the same time, the whole cabinet is perfectly used in the production process, such as ergonomics, ergonomics and engineering materials, to obtain limited space in the kitchen. The perfect use, comfortable and safe.

  3. Health and environmental protection: Health and environmental protection is always an important issue for people, and it is also a decision whether the whole cabinet is good or not. An important factor for good. At present, most of the whole cabinets on the market use non-toxic and harmless environmentally-friendly materials. After professional design, let the kitchen say goodbye to the era of hygienic corners and smoke.

   Disadvantages of the whole cabinet:

  1. High price. At present, the whole cabinets on the market are mainly solid wood, and the solid wood cabinets are natural environmentally friendly products. The high price is a major drawback.

  2. High maintenance costs. The reason why the whole cabinet can be favored by the majority of owners is of course inseparable from its advantages. The overall cabinet with both practicality and decoration is indeed a must for the kitchen. Wood products are susceptible to temperature and humidity, and are prone to cracking and deformation, especially in winter and summer. Therefore, the purchase of solid wood cabinets must be well maintained.

  Advantages of Standalone Cabinets:


  1. Independent and flexible. One of the great advantages of the freestanding cabinet is its mobility, which can be placed and moved according to your own preferences, with great flexibility.

  2. Personality: For young people pursuing individuality, choose independent cabinets to follow your favorite The style is matched and placed to make the decoration look more lively and lively.

  3. Light and easy to clean: freestanding cabinets, cabinets rise from the floor, you can easily in them Next, put in the mop and vacuum cleaner. In addition, they look lighter, which helps to make the entire room feel ventilated and spacious.

   Disadvantages of freestanding cabinets:

  Because of freestanding cabinets The impact of receiving space is relatively large, which may be limited by the length of the table; in addition, frequent movement may easily damage the bathroom cabinet.

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