What impact does smart imaging have on the promotion of the media industry?

[Guide] In the past few years, the entertainment industry has experienced rapid development. Industry participants represented by content producers and video platforms are facing many challenges. The parties are still in the midst of changes in the industry. In the midst of groping, I hope to continuously improve my core competitiveness through the use of innovations in emerging technologies and applications. The application of intelligent imaging technology in the industry is becoming more and more in-depth and has become the core driving force for a new round of industry transformation.


   According to statistics, global IP video traffic will account for 82% of total network traffic in 2021. The video data produced so far has greatly exceeded the magnitude that humans can use. Under this trend, on the one hand, the excessive fragmentation of the content industry has caused the entertainment industry to enter a development bottleneck inevitably, and technology such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality and automated image production is urgently needed to optimize the user experience. On the other hand, the way in which content is realized is very limited. How to effectively use the growth of content consumption to enhance marketing effects and enhance video commercialization capabilities has become a major challenge in the industry.

   Recently, Hunan Satellite TV’s new variety “My Prostitute” is being broadcasted. As always, how to achieve the unification of program viewing value and commercial value is still a platform concern. If you are keen on variety shows, there are many brand products in this variety show, such as the poolside, the McGee on the table, the VIPs on the coffee table, etc. In fact, these brand logos in the video And the product is not in existence, and it is not necessary to use human and material resources to put it into the live scene during shooting. Instead, through the video technology intelligent image production technology, the video or film that has been taken is scanned and retrieved accordingly. All image content is reconstructed and constructed to achieve intelligent overlay and seamless display of image content. The high integration of brand image and life scene not only damages the viewing effect of the program, but also enhances the brand exposure, so that the platform obtains good advertising revenue.

  This is the intelligent transformation brought by intelligent image production technology for video marketing: automatic creation of advertising scenes with content, automatic matching of advertising images with big data, and creation of new application scenarios simultaneously Business realization, obviously, this has largely opened up the advertising market for the platform side. According to the results of the first half of 2018 announced by Mango Super Media, the revenue of new media ads has grown rapidly, with net profit of 468 million yuan – 5.68 billion yuan in the first half of the year.

   Intelligent image production technology has a wide range of application scenarios in the film and television industry chain. Using intelligent image production technology, we can build intelligent IP operation monitoring models including stars and literary works, provide services such as accurate promotion and value prediction, capture popular content, and provide a large number of digital resources for downstream tasks for native video. Content marketing, game production, and the establishment of special effects, avatars and other online trading stores, integrated business, combined with online and offline terminals and entertainment such as KTV, including physical screen coverage and short video, long video one-button automation The generation of similar functional products that are automated and batch-produced seamlessly covers the line ends and all content terminals, bringing the original IP-based vision and content to the user, automatically generating new video scenes along with the content, and improving commercialization. The value of cashing.

   At the moment, global entertainment media companies are hit by streaming media and face the challenge of falling operating profits. According to the American Film Institute, Hollywood’s visual blockbusters only account for at least the total cost of special effects. More than 60%. Obviously, automating relatively standard content production with smarter production techniques will be one of the effective solutions to reduce costs. In fact, entertainment media giants including Disney, NETFLIX, HBO, TRONC and so on are all trying to replace the possibility of standard content production with artificial intelligence.


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