What are the environmental countertops?

Life is alive, only food and love can not live up to it, my ideal is not big, that is, every day can eat hot and delicious food, and the kitchen is a key link in the production and production of delicious food, only to ensure the environmental protection of the kitchen In order to have a safe and healthy kitchen.
1. Which countertops are more environmentally friendly

Natural marble is a natural fine crack, which is easy to become a breeding ground for bacteria. And a little radiation, easy to cause harm to human health, granite density, hardness, surface is very wear-resistant, which to some extent reduces the possibility of dirt and dirt. Granite has better antibacterial regeneration ability. If you like natural materials very much, granite with strong antibacterial ability is an ideal choice, but you should pay special attention to the seam level of construction workers.

The stainless steel cabinet has the strongest anti-bacterial regeneration ability, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. Fireproof boards are also prone to become “hotbeds” of bacterial dirt. Low-cost fireproof boards cannot provide effective guarantees in terms of performance and environmental protection. Although the tile is very durable, it has certain limitations. For example, it is easily broken under the impact of heavy objects, and the object that is overheated or too cold will be damaged if it is placed on it for a long time. Splicing tiles will definitely have gaps. Even if it is a seamless tile, it will leave a much larger gap between bricks and bricks than other materials. It is very inconvenient to clean, the hidden dangers are self-evident, and the caulking agent is easy. Blackening, mildew may also occur in quality.

2. Which kind of cabinet plate is more environmentally friendly

The quality of the veneer, base material, glue and edge banding of the plate is the key to the environmental protection of the plate ring The bulk of the amount of formaldehyde released is not in the finish, but on the substrate. The glue used for the substrate and the edge of the seal are not good, which is the key to determining the amount of formaldehyde released. Therefore, when you buy cabinets, bathroom cabinets, etc. made of double-panel panels, you need to consider three factors: Is the suit color you like? Is there any damage to the edge of the sheet? Is the environmental protection grade on the quality inspection report reaching the E1 level? (If the glue is not good, it can’t be seen, mainly depends on the quality inspection report). If all three conditions are met, the order can be placed.

Which cabinets are really environmentally friendly

I. Stainless steel cabinets

First stainless steel cabinets can achieve true 0 formaldehyde, as well as countertop integration , will never crack, not afraid of the fire is not afraid of the advantages of water, the choice of 304 food grade stainless steel, you can think, 304 food grade stainless steel is what? 304 stainless steel is a nationally specified stainless steel steel can be used to cook food, The level of health and safety is high.

Environmentally friendly stainless steel cabinets

1 Don’t buy cheaper

People who know how to pay for each penny The price of the brand’s stainless steel cabinets is not the same, but the general price is 2-3 times that of ordinary stone cabinets. If the price of the merchant is too cheap, it must be tricky.

The first point is also the most important point! Don’t be tempted to be cheap.

2 See certificate

304 stainless steel cabinets are generally stamped with the word “304” on the surface of the stainless steel cabinet, check whether there is a word on the purchase, and ask the merchant for the relevant quality guarantee .

3 Magnetic measurement

The real 304 stainless steel is generally not magnetic or very weak magnetic. It is sold with a magnet and it is repeatedly tested on the countertop and side of the stainless steel cabinet. The 304 stainless steel is not very The obvious adsorption force, the counterfeit product is the opposite. Although this method cannot scientifically verify the true and false, repeated tests can identify unscrupulous merchants who have weak magnetic coating on counterfeit stainless steel to disturb the magnetic properties.

How to buy environmentally friendly cabinets

4 Identification of potions

The popular stainless steel identification solution on the market, by detecting Ni (nickel) elements in stainless steel The content is known to be of the type of stainless steel. Drop the medicine on the surface of stainless steel. Generally, 201 stainless steel shows dark red, and 304 will show colorless or light yellow. However, this method of identification is relatively old. It should be noted that the detection principle of the medicine is to identify the nickel element, so if the merchant If the surface is covered with a nickel-containing coating, it cannot be distinguished…

5 Hardware

No matter what kind of cabinet, hardware is very important, buy It is also the same as ordinary cabinets. Pay attention to whether the surface of the hardware is smooth and the hand feels thick. For hinges, slides and other components to check the smoothness of multiple opening and closing, the use of large brand hardware can also effectively avoid quality problems.

All aluminum cabinet

All aluminum cabinets are very environmentally friendly, why do you say that? All aluminum household aluminum profiles are extruded at 570 °C for a high temperature, and there is no glue inside. With methanol, after making furniture, with or without geothermal heat, it will not cause pollution such as methanol in the case of indoor temperature changes. Today, people pay more and more attention to health and safety, and life has one third of the time. It is spent at home, so the materials used in the residence should pay more attention to safety and environmental protection. All-aluminum households have become one of the preferred materials for more and more customers to decorate their homes.
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