warm! The wedding ring that fell into the well in New York was found, and the couple also found it.

[Global Network Comprehensive Report] “Hey, friend, is this you?” The plane just landed, Daniela • Anthony (Daniella Anthony) and John • John Drennan were friends Asked this way. The friend saw a video posted by the New York City Police Department to social media, and the New York City police are trying to find the couple who just got engaged in this way.

The young couple came from the UK and just returned from New York. During his time in New York, John proposed to Daniela and put an engagement ring on the girl who was dating the 10th anniversary. Unfortunately, the ring then fell into a two-meter deep well near New York Times Square.

The couple tried to retrieve the ring after it fell into the well (Source: BBC)

John did his best for the marriage proposal. In an interview with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) on Sunday night, he said that he had put the ring in his pocket for two days before finding the right time.

& ldquo; The timing is right. There are autumn leaves everywhere, and there are not many people.” John said that Daniela accepted his proposal at the time. Daniela tried to tell John that the ring was too big, but John put on the ring. Later, the ring fell off when the two watched the Christmas show in Times Square.

The BBC reported that many passers-by helped them search for the ring that fell off, but it was not found.

CBS reported on December 1 that the New York City Police Department said on the same day that a couple of unidentified couples sought police help on the evening of November 30 because their marriage proposal ring fell into the vicinity. A two-meter deep underground well. At about 10:30 am the next day, the emergency service department of the New York Police Department found the ring, but could not contact the couple.

The lost ring (Source: BBC)

New York Police Department I had to post a picture of the ring on Twitter and issued a message saying, “The proposal was successful, but the man was too excited to drop the ring into the well. Our police officer retrieved the ring and washed it, and wanted to return it to the happiness. Couples, can we help us find them?”

“I can’t believe it, the ring is recovered, the couple said, they had planned to go directly to the jewelry store to buy a new ring. The BBC said the couple will now contact the New York Police Department to receive the ring.

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