Understand the market in water purification agents are more certainty

NEEDHAM, Massachusetts, August 28, from the company of the China Merchants came the news again. Clear Springs Zhumadian Zhengyang joined distributor established formally signed, the total beam from Zhengyang County, Yuan total officially became a clear spring family. The contract will further enhance the clear mountain spring in Henan Province brand influence, has laid a solid foundation for all-round regional markets open Zhumadian, Henan clear spring area started to join, water purifier investment hot in progress!

of the total beam from Zhengyang County, Yuan always said it was because the water purification industry optimistic about the prospects and clear mountain spring water purifier brand strength, decided to invest in water purification business. It is understood that the total Liang Yuan in total after the show on August 20 Shunde learned clear spring water purifier, the company’s strength is very recognized, clear spring night that is rushed to Shenzhen to visit the headquarters from Shunde, visit the company after Liang total, Yuan total strength of the company’s insight into, then recently joined the clear spring.

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