To Photovoltaic: These 5 days of Tianxiang Thoughts are enough to dissipate any anxiety and confusion you have.

Pessimists are often right, but actors often succeed.

The new policy heralds the beginning of a new era. This epoch-making event is stimulating the transformation of the household use of the photovoltaic industry. Although there is a pain, it is only the price of growth.

Are you still waiting to see? Are you still anxious? Are you still confused?

Believe in Tianhe Fujia’s “& squo; Comply with the trend, create the future & rsquo; new product promotion cum Strategic Communication will be your answer, your answer, and your road map.

On September 9th, Jinan Station + Changzhou Station, Shijiazhuang Station on September 10, Guangzhou Station and Zhengzhou Station on September 12, five large-scale communication sessions were launched nationwide.

Having a chance to move, and taking advantage of the trend

In the course of 20 years of development, Trina Solar has been eclipsed in the process of industry transformation, and it has a long history. The most precious spirit is to be able to turn challenges into opportunities.

Gao Jifan, Chairman and CEO of Trina Solar, said at the beginning of the policy, “Tianhe Guangneng always pays close attention to and grasps the development of the industry, maintains a sense of anxiety and forward thinking, and is ready to respond to risks. The preparation for the challenge is the gene for the long-term steady growth of Trina Solar.

The household PV market is an important layout direction for Trina Solar 3.0 strategy, and is an important strategic support for the realization of Trina Solar’s vision of using solar energy to benefit all mankind.

Under the new situation, we should turn challenges into opportunities and respond positively. Tianhe Fujia is a reliable brand in the household PV market, and we will help channel operators.

The convening of this new product promotion conference is the report of Tianhe people’s exploration and practice of the new market situation in the past three months.

There is only actual combat, no theoretical discussion

National Household Photovoltaic Brand Promotion Alliance Chairman of the Board of Directors and Vice President of Trina Solar, Zhang Bing, President of the Home Business Value Group, said, “In the development of photovoltaics, companies with strength and technology will have greater development prospects.

Tianhe Fujia is well prepared for the convening of this conference. We offer a feast for the future development of the channel from multiple dimensions of products, costs, models and concepts.

In March 2017, the original standard of Tianhe was born, like a little spark, which ignited the trend of the household PV market and opened up a new era of branding and marketization in the industry.

In September 2018, Tianhe Fujia re-launched the journey, from the industry pain points, solutions, core competitiveness, strategic decision-making and other dimensions for the nation’s channel providers to present a full-fledged blueprint for dry goods. It is bound to become an epoch-making historical event in the post-New Deal era.

Heaven helps self-helpers, and their lives will not drop. If the former PV subsidy is “Achilles’ heel, causing the industry’s amazement, complaints and pessimism, then I believe that this strategic communication will inevitably ignite your passion, confidence and ambition.

Ready to go, opening up new routes for the market

Tianhe Fujia is the co-chairman of the China Photovoltaic Industry Association’s Household Photovoltaic Committee and the chairman unit of the China Household Photovoltaic Brand Promotion Alliance. , shoulder the great mission of leading the healthy and orderly development of the industry.

Jiang from Jinan shared his expectations for the conference. “Tianhe Fujia treats our dealers as family members. Although the market performance is somewhat colder than before, the heart is hot.

From the beginning & lsquo; don’t abandon, don’t give up the support of human resources and financial resources, and now the new product launch and strategic adjustment, we see the cooperation of heaven as a leader-oriented enterprise. I believe that with Tianhe, tomorrow will definitely be better, and it will be even better.

When the dream begins, don’t stop.

The first phase of the Tianhe Fujia “&squo;comfort with the future, create the future & rsquo;new product promotion meeting and strategic communication meeting” The five cities of Jinan, Changzhou, Shijiazhuang, Guangzhou and Zhengzhou are in full swing.

Tianhe Fujia hopes to lead more people in the photovoltaic industry with this conference, and jointly open up new directions for the road to make photovoltaics fly higher, farther and more stable!

The poetry in the heart, the distance under the feet, every road, is to reach the sunset and the forest. When the dream begins, don’t stop.

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