These small designs can save your little bathroom

As we all know, the biggest problem facing small-sized apartment decoration is the limited space. Therefore, in the decoration design and decoration construction, we must fully consider the rational use of space.

  Step 1: Uniform color tone

  The colorful colors are beautiful but will undoubtedly make the small space appear more crowded, while white and light blue Light color such as bright yellow has the effect of expanding the field of view. Therefore, it is possible to replace the color tone of the bathroom (toilet decoration effect map) with a uniform light color system, so that the area can be effectively expanded visually. If you feel too monotonous, you can work on the waistline of the wall, and the smooth flower line is a good choice.

  Second Step: Position on demand

  The three major parts of the traditional bathroom are mostly arranged next to the main wall, but for small In terms of space, it may appear more crowded or even placed. For a small bathroom, you don’t have to be so law-abiding. The toilet (the toilet decoration renderings) does not have to be in the middle of the wall, and can be used normally at the corners of the two walls. Similarly, the bathtub (bathroom renderings) can also be elongated, square or even round depending on the size of the space.

  Step 3: Mirror surface enlargement

  Using a large-area glass mirror to “renovate” the bathroom, you can place two large mirrors on one side Standing against the wall and slanting the top, it not only covers the sewers of the upper-floor residents, but also makes the small space rich and varied. The reflection of large areas of glass is enough to create an “expanded” visual effect in the bathroom.

  Step 4: Lighting and ventilation is very important

  The small-area bathroom is the most faint, making the space that would otherwise be small More narrow. In this way, it is especially important to have good lighting in the bathroom. The use of frosted glass as a partition wall allows the light to flow freely, increasing the transparency of the space, and is a good way to expand the visual effect.
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