the upper visual inspection equipment has many advantages

machine vision inspection systems manufacturers In addition to personnel problems, the upper visual inspection equipment has many advantages. First, the visual inspection device detects more finely. At present, the traditional detection methods are mainly calipers, and the defects are mainly observed by the naked eye. These detection methods can no longer meet the market requirements for products. Especially in the automotive parts manufacturing industry,Zero tolerance for product defects requires us to seek better ways to detect defects, and optical inspection is the current better way. Second, visual inspection equipment is faster. As we mentioned earlier, the optical screening machine has a detection speed of 100,000 to 200,000 pieces per day. This is completely unsolvable for manufacturers who produce particularly large quantities. Third, in addition, the visual inspection equipment also has the advantages of simple maintenance, low requirements on the technical level of the operator, and long service life. The current industrial situation is grim, and product quality is the key. Only in the case of ensuring product quality can the company achieve long-term development. Therefore, it is recommended that all parts and components manufacturers adopt advanced testing equipment as early as possible, occupying the leading position and walking in the front end of the industry. Lay the foundation for the long-term development of the company.

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