The soft-packing industry has not ushered in a blowout, and the reasons behind it are complicated.

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These In the pan-home field of the year, compared with the formal wear, customization, home appliances and other industries, it can be said that the heat is extremely low. Insiders have begun to reflect on the reasons for this situation in the soft-packed market. When the economy improves, consumers have higher requirements for the beauty, comfort and taste of home decoration. The demand for soft clothing is actually widespread, but it has not been ushered in a blowout. The reasons are complicated. Let’s take a look at it with Xiaobian.

On the pan-home layout, those companies that do not consider hard and soft integration can describe the heat of soft-packing as extremely low. No big companies appear, let’s not talk about A-share listings. The starting line gap between new and old brands is not too big. Various entrepreneurs are working hard to earn some slag.

There are several listings on the New Third Board, such as Yingmei Soft Pack, Royal No., Heng Anxing and so on. Is the market not big? Naturally not. Is the consumer not paying the bill? Not at all, the soft clothes are also just needed, and few urban families do not buy soft clothes.

Soft is equipped with two definitions, one is to include furniture and bedding products, and the hard-installed appliances except for home appliances are considered soft. According to this algorithm, the market scale has already broken through. 1 trillion, but a company specializing in soft-packing, it is unlikely that you want to eat the piece of furniture, or take the bed.

If it is a relatively strong first-line furniture brand, it is more likely that the soft-packed one will be done by the way. However, the status quo is that some furniture brands do do small things like pillows, and may also provide space design with furniture as the core, but they do not take soft clothing as a big event. The other is not to consider furniture and bedding, only consider curtains, cushions, wall hangings, carpets, decorative crafts and green plants, etc., which is equivalent to the icing on the cake, this market space is much smaller.

According to the middle class, a set of houses will be packed with 80,000 yuan, and furniture appliances will cost 100,000 yuan. In addition, in soft furnishings such as curtains, cushions, wall hangings, carpets, decorative crafts and green plants. It can cost about 10,000 yuan. Comparing the 2 trillion home improvement market, it counts on the soft head, and there are hundreds of billions.

The prevalence of soft-packing needs, this is a consensus, the material research believes that the reasons behind it are nothing more than:

1, relying solely on lamps, furniture, etc. The combination of large pieces gives people a feeling of being relatively single and unable to meet the growing demand for living.

2, economic conditions improve, more and more families value the beauty of decoration, taste and comfort of living, etc., and soft clothing can satisfy many people’s pursuit of comfort and atmosphere.

3, the vast majority of buyers have limited ability to design their own, it is necessary to rely on professional software companies to provide design, material selection and on-site construction services.

After all, soft clothing is not a single product, and there are many types of products involved. When you choose materials, you need to have an understanding of the products. When you match them, you have higher requirements for aesthetics. Non-professionals can do it, but the results may not be ideal.

The summary of the above three points is certainly no problem, the owner’s decoration investment has been growing steadily, and everyone is willing to pay for a better life. And in almost all households, it involves buying soft-packed products, including curtains, green plants, paintings, porcelain, and decorations. The large-scale research noted that in addition to entrusting the soft-clothing company to arrange the house’s late arrangement, another more common consumption habit is that the owners tend to pick and choose their own, and often not a one-time purchase, but fragmentation. buy.

It is not difficult for most owners to change the traditional soft-wearing habits and entrust the software company to replace their own characters and complete the final decoration of the room. It is also this immature market status that means a broad market opportunity. The broad prospects of the soft-packing market, in addition to the huge inventory demand can be activated, there is a key trend:

The implementation of the fully-renovated finished residential policy, this house is naturally very simple in style, even if Several options are not possible to meet the needs of all families. The use of soft clothing comes.

The greater impetus is the desire of hundreds of millions of urban residents to upgrade their living environment. According to their inner living expectations, choose carpet curtains, pillows, wooden products, paintings, green plants, porcelain. Iron, etc., even if it is a trash can, it may also pursue harmony and beauty.

According to the research of large materials, combined with the Baidu index and the WeChat index, most of the words related to soft clothing have risen in 2015, and the growth rate in 2016 and 2017 is not obvious, but both Stay at the highest point in recent years. The Baidu index of the word soft-loaded increased significantly in 2016 and 2017, but declined in 2018. However, the WeChat index reached a maximum of 710,000 this year, which is very impressive. “The soft-pack design has remained stable for two consecutive years, and the highest index has reached 1144 in a single day.

Although most people are optimistic about the soft-packing market, they are not welcoming the blowout. The reasons behind it are complicated, such as:

Lack of well-known brands, lack of consumer appeal; price Too high, will be partially blocked outside the door; service is not attractive enough, consumers do not recognize, etc., it is obvious to suppress the realization of some of the demand.

Some industry insiders believe that the soft-packing market is mixed, the price competition is vicious, and consumers’ awareness of design payment is not strong, which hinders the maturity of the soft-packing market.

In fact, it is not only these factors, but also the analysis of the situation of large-scale research and integration of multiple industries. At present, many of the reasons why many owners are not willing to pay for soft-packing have several key points: they don’t know what brand Well, the price is too high, the degree of standardization is not enough, and the experience of WYSIWYG is lacking. As a result, everyone tends to buy curtains and buy decorations., arrange it yourself.

If there is a company that can launch a cost-effective package plan that is recognized by most homeowners, then it may activate the buying interest of potential customers. Therefore, the price is still the edge of the mass consumer market.

Finding ways to push down the price and improve the product and decoration effect is still a problem that the software company needs to solve.

It is worth noting that the soft-packing market can be cut into two large blocks, one for commercial projects and the other for home projects.

Let’s first look at commercial projects, such as clubs, specialty hotels, specialty restaurants, special folk customs, etc., as well as sales centers, model houses, villas, luxury homes, etc. The soft-packed model is relatively mature, basically Formed a circle.

Price is not a decisive factor for such projects. Whether you have a good customer relationship, whether you have a mature program, how to have a reputation in the industry, etc., may affect the final result.

If you can take a commercial project and make a professional soft-wear brand in the commercial field, it is possible to stand out. In addition to the above-mentioned commercial projects, there are short-term rental long-term rental apartments, offices, etc., as well as gold.

According to the research of large materials, there are already soft-package brands that focus on commercial projects, such as N-square, Oshennas, Yishuo, No.7 Mansion, Phimos, Chengdu Shiyi, Zhi Interesting space, etc., the service target is mainly real estate developers, interior design and decoration engineering companies, brand operators, including model houses, villas, hotels, clubs, shopping malls, cafes, restaurants, shops and other projects.

There are also companies that focus on heavy market segments, such as You Yi Te and Shao Dian, which are hotel soft-packed, and subdivide hotel projects into art, creation, purchase, installation, leasing, placement, Art exhibition and other links. LSDCASA, Shangshou (soft and hard one), which is specially used for villa soft decoration.

So, taking business projects to the fore, even if you are looking at a segment of the business world, you can make a difference.

Then look at the nature of private homes, that is, every ordinary family, dozens of squares or more than 100 square meters of houses, a single project does not look big, but the total amount is large, relying on the order quantity and standardization to win .

At present, this market is very hard and scattered. After all, the list is small, the degree of standardization is not high, and the difficulty of rapid copying and expansion is relatively large.

Coupled with the complex market demand, some soft pack companies are trying to promote standardized package products, the penetration rate is far from the expected goal.

To solve this problem, the material research suggests that two different entry points can be considered:

1. If there is a dark horse-level software company, according to customers in key cities. Demand analysis, and then launched several sets of overall soft package standard package, complete the one-stop service from design, material selection to installation, and win the recognition of large-scale users, it is possible to expand.

The premise is that the precise grasp of the needs of large-scale users, and the ability to create consumer hotspots, let everyone feel that your package is the trend, it represents the aesthetic of the home of this era.

Now some soft-packing companies are trying to tear open this hole, but they have not succeeded. The number of orders for aggregation is too small, the price can’t fall, and the consumption hotspots can’t get up, it is difficult to form a scale effect.

2, starting from the platform, one end integrates a large number of high-quality soft-packing companies and designers, and establish a set of evaluation and dispatch mechanism. The other end integrates user resources to form a traffic advantage.

Users can perform preliminary soft-packing online, and then send the package. The platform recommends the corresponding soft-packing company or designer to play the current role of Tuba Rabbit,, and a decoration network.

Of course, for the user’s demand, the platform can also complete the part according to its own ability. After splitting the order, it will make its own indefinite package to the deep cooperation company.

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