The new pillow is an interesting craft

The new pillow is the quickest way to change the look of a room. Add colorful or unique pillows, and you give the audience a little more focus, creating a small pop-up in the room. Although you can easily buy decorative pillows so they can be a fun craft project, too. Here are the basic steps to make a pillow, and some ideas how to dress up.
Making a pillow
Making a basic pillow is very simple. First, cut out the rectangles of two identical squares or fabrics. Put them out and make the fabric “before”, which is about two pieces inside. Then, around the edge of the stitching machine or by hand, leave a small mouth in one corner.
Once both sides are stitched, put the internal organs out, so that the front of the fabric, now the appearance of the pillow, and the seams you only seam are hidden inside. Use a small open cotton padded pillow for things. Then sew and open.
Oh! A basic pillow can be used in about an hour as long as you use a sewing machine.
Sweater Pillow
To make a pillow with a great chunky knit look, use an old sweater fabric. Make sure the sweater is clean and then cut out your pillow pieces from the sweater’s torso. In order to keep the stuffing out, use a tight sweater, or sew a piece of nylon backing to form a lining that will hold the filling in place.
Photo Pillow
This is an amazing way to take a photo of the family. Buy a security cloth for your printer, go online, and use it to print any photo on your computer. Be sure to take the correct size of the photo, leaving the seam around the border of the fabric. Once it’s printed, sew the photo into a second sturdy fabric and follow the instructions above to create your pillow.
Side pillows
You can brush an ordinary DIY pillow by adding a beautiful ribbon or string border. After sewing your pillow completely closed, continue to manually stitch the border around the pillow. When you reach the opening again, squat at the end of the line and close the suture opening.
Stamping Pillows
Once your pillow is finished, add some detail by using a DIY seal. Take a template object and squat on the paint. Use a brush to evenly distribute the paint on the surface, or let it maintain a sheet-like retro look. Pillow fabric is designed and dried. The shapes of shells, flowers, stars, and leaves are great for creating pillows.

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