The key factor in the success or failure of the franchisee water purifier

2016 Spring Festival is approaching, although relatively few months before the entire water industry is much deserted, but the water purifier manufacturer is still much work to do. Shenzhen-spring believe that there are at least four aspects to do:

First, the inventory liquidation

before the Spring Festival, be sure to clean up the water purifier manufacturer stock, can not not sell the product is left to go to next year. We know that the product is updated with each passing day, the next year, it means that hard to sell. So you can do some special promotions to digest inventory, you can take restructuring or resource recycling and other ways to solve the inventory problem.

Second, do a good job of Experience 2020

years ago, not only summed up the old year, summarized the work and reflection, but also for the new year to do planning. There will be a summary of progress, there will be a planned target. Water purifier manufacturers do not ignore the summary effect. Clear spring water purifier brand water purifier manufacturer recommends that all must work for 2020 are summarized in the end, find and solve problems.

Third, continue to support proxy

concerned a good proxy franchisee, to be more at the end of greeting proxy franchisees, understand its development, to address their needs; care about good supply business, in order to achieve better cooperation. Many water purifier manufacturers often do not pay attention to at the end of caring for others, it is not right. The more the end, the more care is necessary. Clear spring in this area to do well, very concerned about the Agent’s promotional situation, arrange a special marketing manager of market support agents.

four years ago to wrap up work

this point I believe that many water purifier manufacturers are doing. But still it is necessary to put under, water purifier manufacturers must do the work of fire security at the end, in the years to carefully investigation and security risks, conditional to arrange for someone on duty, production safety must be guaranteed. There are also other manufacturers of finishing work, this is not one of the terms.

The above is a water purifier manufacturer years ago to do a few things, clear spring 2016 outlook will continue to improve product quality and service, increasing the proxy franchisee support efforts.

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