The floor should be well protected against moisture. Time should be reasonable.

Spring and Autumn are the best time to decorate. At this time, the temperature and humidity are the most suitable for the summer and winter. For the owners to decorate, grab the spring tail and lay the floor of the home. When laying the floor, be sure to clean the floor first, and take measures to prevent moisture in the future.

1, paving time has to pay attention to

the basic material of the floor is natural wood, whether it is solid wood flooring, laminate flooring, or composite wood flooring, wood temperature and humidity requirements Higher.

spring and autumn seasons temperature and humidity is more appropriate, summer temperature is higher, after the floor is laid, autumn and winter are prone to deformation and cracking due to physical factors such as thermal expansion and contraction; winter temperature is low, the floor is relatively dry, to spring and summer It will expand and bulge due to moisture absorption.

In addition to seasonal factors, the temperature of the floor covering should be maintained between 16 ° C and 30 ° C, this temperature can keep the wood in a natural state, the construction time is best to avoid noon and evening, try to two in the afternoon After the point, the temperature and humidity at this time point is the most suitable for the day.

2, the decoration steps should be reasonable

floor tiling is generally carried out after the completion of the wall, woodworking, oil and other processes, so as to avoid other works on the floor Cause damage.

Before laying the floor, you should do a good job of cleaning the ground, clean up the cement and putty on the ground, ensure that the ground is level, and ensure that there are no sand and gravel particles on the ground to prevent moisture, then you can start laying the floor.

3, moisture-proof measures to do

waterproof and moisture-proof measures before the floor must be enough, close to the kitchen and bathroom space should pay attention. The waterproof material should be evenly coated. If there is a gap, it should be filled with cement. Apply 30cm high waterproof material to the water pipe.

In addition to waterproof materials, you can also put a layer of waterproof paper under the floor, leaving the baseboard near the wall.

4, the floor covering should be painted

After the floor is laid, the floor should be painted with a layer of floor paint, from time to time polishing wax. Since the floor is often worn, brushing the floor paint and polishing waxing helps to protect the floor and extend the life of the floor. It is also convenient to clean.

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