The cross-border marketing of the flooring industry is getting stronger.

Cross-border cooperation, integrated marketing and gradual heat in 2011, David’s sports marketing is particularly eye-catching. Since sponsoring the Chinese men’s volleyball match in 2008, David has sponsored the country for two consecutive years in 2010 and 2011. The ball ‘grand event’ national table tennis league’, and continuous cooperation with the national ball, in the setting up of the humanities art floor wind, creating a precedent for sports marketing in the flooring industry, enabling David to achieve the reverse of sales in the case of market collective cold. The trend is rising, this kind of cross-border marketing is quite eye-catching. In the same floor industry, in December, after the comprehensive cooperation between Anxin Floor and Haagen-Dazs National Chain and Nike Sports Store, Anxin Floor and the world-famous restaurant leader Dio Coffee once again staged cross-border cooperation and high-end The strong alliance of brands enhances the brand influence of the company on the one hand, and develops a high-end market with great value on the other hand. The cross-border marketing of the flooring industry is not the beginning of this stage. In July last year, the iconic hand-in-hand Changhong formed a cross-industry alliance to launch the “Shengxiang-Changhong Consumers Joint Reciprocity Plan” nationwide; Nature Floor and Haier Color TV will be comprehensive Consumers create a summer green enjoyment plan… The development of the flooring industry and the relatively stable and mature home appliance industry are undoubtedly a bold breakthrough in the marketing approach. For home appliances, as a mature industry, its own development will always become the object of competition. In cross-border marketing, apart from the opening of the flooring industry, other related industries have begun to test the water, Dongpeng and Siemens Cross-border marketing cases have also kept the cross-border marketing of the ceramic industry up to date. In addition to its own cooperation with related home furnishing companies, the home appliance industry has gradually begun the marketing innovation of ‘outward expansion’. In mid-December, Changhong and the National Digital Building Standardization Technical Committee for Intelligent Buildings and Residential Areas jointly released the 2011 Chinese Urban Residents. The e-Life Index Research Report, for the first time, extends the commercial reach of the home appliance industry to the smart home field of the real estate market. It wants to realize the integration of the two major industries of home appliances and home furnishing with intelligence, thus opening up new businesses for enterprises. Expansion capacity. The sports marketing of the flooring industry, the combination of ceramics, flooring industry and home appliance enterprises, the involvement of home appliance enterprises in the real estate market has become a new stage of marketing. In various industries, they have entered the cross-border marketing, and the home stores are not far behind. As mentioned in the foreword by the author, starting in December, the Real Home has also launched a three-month cross-border marketing campaign with Zhongyuan Real Estate. The marketing activities of various industries have made the marketing model innovation of the home building materials industry With a higher level of attention, a new round of ‘Blue Ocean Thinking’ has been widely transplanted to the channel model innovation. The market seems to be paying attention to the benefits brought by such cross-border marketing. Is cross-border marketing really unfavorable? What kind of marketing model is needed under the severe market environment? The object selection should be cautious and the two gains and losses are two injuries. The current home building materials industry is affected by many factors such as real estate policy, raw materials and rising costs, inflation, etc. The living environment is worse than before, and the sales volume appeared in 2011. The contradiction that growth profits do not rise makes more companies begin to seriously think about the innovation of channels. The author participated in various large-scale industry conferences such as the China Furniture General Review, the China Staircase Industry Annual Meeting, and the Zhejiang Furniture Annual Conference held since December, and found that the focus of the company’s attention has returned to the terminal. On the channel, the market’s severity has also begun to test the entrepreneur’s ability to operate brands and markets. As a way of thinking to break the traditional marketing, in the final analysis, cross-border marketing is exerted on brand influence and market expansion. This way can achieve mutual penetration and integration between different categories of brands, and at the same time bring the brand three-dimensional sense to a certain extent. And the sense of depth, therefore, some people in the industry believe that cross-border marketing is a step that enterprises must try or practice. As a ‘must-through road to expand the market scale, cross-border marketing can get more development opportunities, so Under the rapid red-hot concept of the big home, cross-border products such as cross-border, cross-border, cultural cross-border and cross-border marketing communication have become popular in the home building materials industry. Wang Hongbo, general manager of Lianzhong Zhida Consulting Group’s home business unit, said that cross-border marketing uses their superior marketing resources and join forces to grow together. This is a typical interpretation of a win-win situation. Brands do well and benefit each other, but if the alliance If the object selection is not good, it may be ‘hard to please’, and the company must fully consider the matching degree when making the choice of the alliance object. The author believes that under the background of cross-border management, when selecting the target of the alliance, enterprises need to spend a lot of energy to conduct in-depth and comprehensive market research on the consumer groups. For the cooperative enterprises, they need to make full use of themselves. Resources and the other side to find better integration points and upgrade points, in order to constantly correct and improve the cooperation strategy and integration program to achieve a win-win situation. Release date: 2012/1/9 11:57:22

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