The color of the paint on the wall is different. What is going on?

To avoid the color difference between the color card and the paint on the wall, you must first consider the relationship between the room orientation and the lighting. Secondly, the size of the color card to be viewed should not be too small, preferably 20 cm x 20 cm, and viewed under cloudy daylight at a 45 degree angle from one arm.
China Fashion Color Association Design Director Zhang Wei: White furniture is more versatile, red or blue is OK, the key depends on your personal preferences, and the match with fabric products. As for the color difference between the color card and the paint on the wall, it is often because the relationship between the orientation of the room and the illumination is not considered, because the color changes under different lighting conditions. Under normal circumstances, the south-facing room has the characteristics of sufficient light and high temperature. Under the condition of natural light, the color of the wall is not blue enough. Usually, the color will be shallower and warmer after the wall. For example, you pick one kind. It is blue, and finally the upper wall may become lighter and greenish blue-green. Therefore, if the wall of the south facing room wants the color to achieve the desired effect, you should choose a color that is slightly darker and slightly bluer than the original color to achieve balanced illumination. If it is a north-facing room, usually the light is poor, relatively cold, the wall color is not enough, it will be cold and blue. Therefore, the color of the north wall has the desired effect, you can choose a yellower and warmer than the original color. A little bit of color.

In addition, if you want to choose the exact color, the size of the color card should not be too small, preferably 20cm × 20cm, and at a 45-degree angle from your own arm, in the shade Watch and choose under daylight.
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