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People in today’s age like to take a bath, because it is very comfortable, just need to lie down, you can complete the bath work, not like a shower still have to stand bathing, but if you want to lie down, you can complete the comfortable bathing process without hands-on. Then the surf bathtub is a good choice. The surf bath is also called the jacuzzi. As the name suggests, it means the bathtub with massage function. It is very popular among the young and modern owners. Now let Xiaobian take everyone to understand how to pick a Good surf bath and surf bath daily maintenance precautions.
How to choose a good surfing bathtub:

There are many surf bathtubs on the market, but the quality is not good, many manufacturers shoddy, making the entire surf bathtub market look a bit messy. It is not an easy task to pick out the quality surf bath products that are suitable for your family. You need to master certain skills. Let’s take a look at the following introduction:

1. Look at the material:

The material of the bathtub is pure acrylic and composite sheet. Pure acrylic can be easily repaired when it encounters minor bruises. There is a small trick to squeeze a little toothpaste into the wet rag. On, then draw a circle clockwise, so that the scratch can be repaired; and only one layer of acrylic on the surface of the plate, if you accidentally hurt, the following composite material will be exposed, it is difficult to repair the original look .

2. Look at the cylinder frame:

The cylinder frame of the good surfing bathtub is made of stainless steel, which can effectively prevent rust and corrosion, and the density of the cylinder frame is large. Insufficient density will affect the bearing capacity.

3, see function:

A good surf bathtub can effectively solve the problem of drainage of the bathtub. Now many manufacturers’ bathtubs can not drain the water, it is easy to take the next bath. Cause secondary pollution.

4, leakage protection:

This is the key, some products have only one leakage protection switch, it is easy to cause accidents, and good brands generally have two leakage protection Double insurance can effectively solve security vulnerabilities.

5, motor:

We know that the surf massage function of the surf bathtub is driven by the motor. The good quality of the motor selected by the good brand can effectively ensure the effect of surfing. The failure rate is low. The above is a brief introduction on how to choose a quality surfing bathtub. I believe that after the introduction above, we have further understanding and understanding of the selection of the surfing bathtub. Of course, the use of the surf bathtub in the home bathroom space is also needed. If you clean it regularly, if you don’t clean it, it will definitely leave a lot of stains, which may cause various diseases. Let’s take a look at the following daily maintenance notes about the surf bath:

Basic maintenance of surfing bathtub:

1. Surface cleaning should be preserved:

The surface of the board is clean and can not be corrosive. Detergents, general surface stains can be wiped off with paint thinner, turpentine, alcohol, toothpaste. It is forbidden to use strong chemicals such as strong acid, alkali, and water in the tank.

2, scratching can be sanded with sandpaper:

If the bathtub is accidentally scratched, the surface that has not been scratched is lightly smoothed with dry or wet 1500# water sandpaper. It is then treated with a special compound of mirror glaze or a layer of polishing wax.

3. Pay attention to the anti-corrosion of the bathtub:

The plate of the bathtub can not be used or coated with corrosive substances. It is forbidden to use chemical substances such as strong acid, alkali and water. Used in the cylinder to avoid corrosion of the bathtub sheet.

4, Do not use hot water:

Do not use more than 80 degrees of hot water, if repeated use of hot water will reduce the service life of the cylinder The correct way is to put cold water and then hot water.

5, to avoid sundries:

Bathtub in the start of surfing massage work to avoid the debris will be blocked back to the water network, causing the pump load is too large, causing the pump to overheat, burn Bad water pump, often clean the backwater net cover to prevent blockage of the return water network.

6, do not open in the waterless state:

It is forbidden to start the water pump without water in the bathtub. The water pump is easy to burn out when there is no water idling because the water pump is inside. There is a rubber sealing ring, which is hot and easy to damage when idling.

The total bathroom surf bathtub belongs to large electrical products. If you want to use it for a long time, you must pay attention to cleaning and maintenance. How to choose a good surf bathtub and surf bathtub for daily maintenance The matter is briefly introduced here.
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