Stone price law

Will the stone price increase?
Recently heard a variety of winds, it is said that the stone has to skyrocket, it is said that the stone has to fall, and some say that the stone has not changed, what is it?

Argument 1: Labor costs increase

The price rises and the actual cost of living increases. For example, last year an ordinary stone hand processing master’s daily salary was 230-240 yuan / day, and this year has generally risen to 260-280 yuan or even 300 yuan / day.

Discussion 2: Raw material price increase

The price from basic configuration to outer packaging is rising; including freight rates are expected to rise by about 33.6%, starting from November 2016, each The letter of the big stone producers on the price increase, such as snow flakes to all major channels, dealers.

Argument 3: Freight increases so much

Because the vehicle is limited to 4 meters, the previous transportation vehicles cannot be transported by container. Originally, the whole vehicle can be sent directly. Now it is divided into several Cars increase the cost of shipping.

Discussion 4: Environmental protection is dead

The frenzy of environmental remediation sweeps across the country, the stone industry is baptized, and the tide of closure and closure is constant. At the end of December last year, China’s first one-line tax law to promote ecological civilization construction, the Environmental Protection Tax Law, was voted on and was officially levied on January 1, 2018. Deeper the warning of price increases.

After reading this, do you know a little about the market? Let’s follow the more practical price rules!

The cost of stone material composition

In accordance with the usual practice of stone, the thickness is usually 18mm, 25mm, 30mm, and the three cases are used as examples to illustrate the calculation of material prices. Process:

Analysis of the reasons for the price increase of stone

➤ (1) The stone block material should be cut and processed into a usable shape and thickness, according to 18mm, When the sawn timber is 8mm, the material per cubic meter can be produced by 1000÷ (18+8)=38.46 square meters.

➤ (2) The price of the block is usually 6,000 yuan/m3, and the cutting cost of 80 yuan/m2 is considered. The cost price is 6000÷38.46=156 yuan/m2. After adding the cutting fee, it is 156+80=236 yuan/m2.

➤ (3) Due to the different sizes of stone plates, there is a problem of cutting utilization. Generally, 90% is taken. Considering the influence of cutting loss, the cost price should be 236÷90. %=262元/m2.

➤ (4) Stone manufacturers generally have to consider profits ranging from 15% to 30%. If calculated at 15%, the manufacturer’s quotation should be 262÷85. %=308 yuan.

➤ (5) stone freight 18mm stone 8 ~ 10 yuan / m2, 25mm stone 14 ~ 16 yuan / m2, 30mm stone 18 ~ 23 yuan / m2, are considered a loading and unloading, high and low The choice of cost mainly depends on the location of the project location away from the processing location.

Example 1: The price of 25mm stone is: 1000÷(25+8)=30.30m2; 6000÷30.30=198元/m2;198+80=278元/m2;278 ÷90%=309 yuan/m2; 309÷85%=363 yuan/m2, consider 363+14=377 yuan/m2 after shipping.

Example 2: The price of 30mm stone is: 1000÷(30+8)=26.31m2; 6000÷26.31=228元/m2;228+80=308元/m2;308÷90%= 342 yuan / m2; 342 ÷ 85% = 402 yuan / m2, consider shipping costs 402 + 18 = 420 yuan / m2.

So are you looking at it more clearly? In fact, what I am talking about is also the proportion. The specifics are still based on the actual materials. However, with this, you can calculate my approximate cost. what? Still not? Then let’s look down~

Price law

We will introduce the price law of marble and granite separately! (If there is no correction to the message below)

Marble price law

Egyptian beige unit is about 220-350 yuan/m2
Deep, light coffee The net is more expensive than Egyptian beige 100 yuan / m2 (330-450 yuan / m2);
black gold flower than deep, light coffee net expensive 70 yuan / m2 (400-520 yuan / m2);
Jazz white More than black gold flower 50 yuan / m2 (450-570 yuan / m2);
century beige than black gold flower expensive 80 yuan / m2 (530-650 yuan / m2);
Spanish beige is more expensive than the century beige 230 yuan / m2 (650-850 yuan / m2)
analysis of the reasons for stone price increase

granite price law

sesame white and sesame black, the price is basically the same , about 80-130 yuan / m2
sesame ash than sesame white expensive 20 yuan / m2 (120-140 yuan / m2);
yellow rust stone than sesame ash expensive 10 yuan / m2 (130- 150 yuan / m2);
China black than sesame gray expensive 30 yuan / m2 (140-165 yuan / m2);
Mongolian black than China black expensive 20 yuan / m2 (160-180 yuan / m2 );
China Red is 20 yuan/m2 (170-190 yuan/m2) than Mongolian black;
Fengzhen Black is 30 yuan/m2 than China Red(190-210 yuan / m2);
India Red Bifeng Town black expensive 60 yuan / m2 (230-280 yuan / m2);
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