Stone house on the plateau

On the plateau of Nepal, there is a stone building (Himalesque). All the buildings are made of stone, which not only adapts to the harsh local weather conditions, but also becomes a local architectural solution to the bad weather. It also becomes monotonous. A beautiful landscape on the boring plateau.
The stone building of Himalesque has a particularly thick fa├žade designed to cope with the complex harsh climate of the plateau. Inside the house, glass is used as a partitioning material for the interior space, which takes up little space and makes the interior look clean and bright.

On the plateaus of Nepal, the conditions are very harsh, sometimes the wind is raging, sometimes it is hot and humid, sometimes it is difficult to drought. . So under this environmental condition, the preserved building needs to have a cool, no-heating space. Despite the large temperature difference between day and night, the designer still came up with modern technical solutions and built the ideal building with local materials.

In addition, a small space is formed in the building to form a garden surrounded by stone walls. The wind will not blow in, and here you can feel the breeze coming in, and the light here is comfortable and pleasant. In the garden, there is always a kind of shackles that break through the closed buildings and enjoy the pleasure of nature. This is the focal point of this small garden that blends the building with nature.

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