Ssc shared life circle reward system, come see it!

What is the SSC shared life circle?

SSC shared life circle is a group platform consisting of home companies

New retail? Offline entities? Online malls?

Blank market waiting for you to develop, to be the first batch of people to eat crabs

Consumption of 990 yuan, become a member has the right to promote

Static King (send Incubation voucher 1 = 1 yuan)

Enter 2 singles for 1980 yuan, 32 per day

The term is 1 year, that is, 11680 will be delivered.

Single 4950 yuan, 80 per day

The term is 1 year, that is, 29200 is delivered.

Enter 10 yuan for 9900 yuan, 160 times a day, and the period is 1 year, that is, 58400.

Enter 20 single 19800, 320

per day for 1 year, that is, 58400 will be delivered.

50 for 49500, 800 per day

The term is 1 year, that is, 292,000 is delivered.

Dynamic income (example: direct push 1 person)

Recommended award (every day)

Generation : 16 / day, valid for 1 year

Second generation: 2 / day, valid for 1 year

Agent reward (pre-carry 20,000)

Directly push agents 10,000

Enjoy 6% new performance under umbrella

Same-level agents 0.5%

ssc sharing life circle, whether you accept it or not, the current innovation represented by the sharing economy is quietly coming, will lead A “consumption relationship model”, our purchasing methods, payment tools, and marketing channels are all changing!

Entering this revolutionary era of change, as consumers spend in the past production and consumption links The role will also be transformed and upgraded to become a consumer. Such as the rapid development of WeChat, from its gradual display of the power and penetration of it is not difficult to find, such a new consumption model & mdash; & mdash; & quot; consumer are gradually forming, and rapidly expand the influence.

Team Support:

Other teams have support policies that we will be more than others, and better and stronger, online and offline coverage, combined with online and offline marketing, hand-held Church Internet marketing, teach popular, give a set of marketing treasures, SSC share life circle platform, you win me to win everyone to win. Shared glasses SSC sharing life circle officially designated national first-hand docking

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