Small duplex apartment design to avoid the suffocation of space

When space is limited, you have to be very creative. Recently, I met this amazing little duplex apartment. What it illustrates can be achieved with well-thought-out, innovative design. Located in Gothenburg, Sweden, in a building from 1906, this unique one-bedroom apartment is only 62 square meters in size. However, the careful planning and styling combined with stunning natural light and architectural features give it a spacious, airy feel. And make it look bigger.

The full height window absorbs natural light on both sides. The double high ceiling is used for dramatic effects in the seating area. And the kitchen and entrance above, used to create a mezzanine bedroom and built-in storage. But the character that really gave the apartment is the arch, which makes it a Mediterranean feel. While curves and angles increase their appeal, they create an interest in open fields. White, oak and black simple Scandinavian style palettes are used throughout.
White walls add a sense of space. Oak parquet flooring adds warmth. Ingenious planning means that it has no scale of compromise. Oversized sofas and fine works in the double-height lounge. There is even a small reading corner.

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