Sharing the era SSC shares the leader of the new wealth of life circle…

The sharing economy has been hot in the past two years, and the SSC shared the life circle to take advantage of the Internet, and shared projects have landed. From the initial sharing of bicycles to shared cars, shared charging treasures, shared umbrellas, etc., a series of shared projects have entered our daily lives. In this large market environment, the SSC shared life circle has also emerged.

When someone struggles in traditional thinking, some people have already started running with the idea of ​​sharing economics + multiplying principle + big data + mobile internet +! SSC sharing life circle changes Thinking mode is the direction that everyone needs to work hard today!

SSC sharing life circle In the Internet age, not only those who have the ability, education, and level of talent can make money. Even if you are only a grassroots, incompetent, and uneducated, as long as you master the methods, are willing to practice and persist, you can also rely on the Internet to build a machine that makes money. No matter how advanced this society is, there is still a poor information, which has created a trading demand ——

Entrepreneurs are comparable to the imagination of the hand. Jeremy &middot, president of the Washington, DC Economic Trends Foundation, believes that collaborative sharing is a new economic model. Billions of people are both producers and consumers, sharing energy, information and physical objects on the Internet. Instead of using rights, the SSC shared life circle “exchange value is replaced by shared value, and humanity enters a new era of shared economy.

SSC shared life circle for consumers, from the “buy” “selling changes” to make consumers taste the sweetness.

The traditional Internet has achieved “information sharing,” while the mobile Internet has achieved “economic sharing.” The sharing economy enables a supply and demand side to trade through a shared platform through a series of mechanisms such as mobile LBS applications, dynamic algorithms and pricing, and mutual evaluation systems.

There are also many talent sharing platforms still on the road to entrepreneurship. The SSC shared life circle entrepreneurial model is similar to the chess players on the left and the right. The SSC shared life circle continues to entice one side to join in, to increase the attraction to the other side, and then rises and rises to achieve platform growth. In the platform growth period, if the platform’s ability and investment are insufficient, it will be difficult to obtain real resources.

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