Serbian cafe, comfortable space design

Serbia is a landlocked country in southeastern Europe. The architectural style is based on comfort. The name of this café, Stoke, is a retail store. In order to transform the previous retail space into a coffee shop, the design team will be indoors. Unnecessary elements have been removed.

Concrete ceilings, walls, pillars, etc. are bare, and the new building has two L-shaped spaces. One after the other, from the visual and spatial listings connected by the atrium. A 10-meter-long, 5-meter-high wall extends indoors, used as a blackboard, and has some hand-painted decorations made by artists. The design elements of many walls, including wood and concrete elements, make interior spaces more popular. The placement of the furniture makes the cafe look relaxed and casual. The entire indoor space is 100 square meters and there are 50. The lighting made of metal basin reflectors and natural paper hangings make the interior very comfortable and suitable for this industrial space.

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