Russian Far East seized 40 tons of fake wine worth about 3.11 million yuan

The Information Office of the Primorsky Territory Affairs Office of Russia told the local media on the 14th that the police seized a batch of fake wine in an underground factory in Kaluga. The fake wine weighed about 40 tons and was worth 18 million rubles. 3.11 million yuan).

It is reported that the police first detected illegal liquor transactions in the wholesale market, and subsequently conducted a search. The illegal liquors seized included 40 tons of fake wines such as vodka, brandy, wine and low-concentration cocktails. It is the largest amount ever seized in history.

The labels of the fake wines are all made by hand. The samples seized have been sent to the identification. The offenders will be criminalized by making fake wine and deliberately forging labels. (Hu Yanglin)

Responsible Editor: Zhang Yang

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