Russia recalls ambassador to Ukraine to hold consultations on the situation in Uzbekistan

Xinhuanet Moscow February 23 (Reporter Hu Xiaoguang) The Russian Foreign Ministry announced on the evening of the 23rd that the ambassador to Ukraine will be recalled to Moscow to conduct urgent consultations on the situation in Uzbekistan.

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs website published a notice saying, “In view of the tension in Ukraine and the need to comprehensively analyze the established situation, it is decided to recall the Russian Ambassador to Ukraine Mikhail · Zurabov to Moscow for consultations. ”.

On the 18th, the most serious violent clashes occurred in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, in the past three months. In the following days, the situation in Ukraine changed suddenly and the opposition controlled the situation. President Yanukovych was forced to leave Kiev. More and more people regard the Ukrainian chaos as a game between the West and Russia.

On the 23rd, the Ukrainian parliament passed a law that abolished the Basic Principles of the National Language Policy. Russian thus lost its official language status in nearly half of the administrative regions of Ukraine. Slutsky, chairman of the Russian State Duma (lower house of parliament), said to the Russian media that this is a “negative signal”, and Russia should formulate comprehensive measures to deal with it. He believes that the Ukrainian parliament made this decision because some people tried every means to get Ukraine out of Russia, including through language.

Ukrainian Speaker Turchinov said in a call to the Ukrainian people on the 23rd that the Ukrainian authorities are aware of the importance of relations with Russia and are ready to talk to Russian leaders. He said that people in power in Kiev want to “establish a relationship with Russia on the basis of new, true equality and good neighbors, and recognize and consider Ukraine’s choice of Europe.” He also pointed out that one of the main tasks of Ukraine is to “return to the European integration route and return to the European family”.

Responsible Editor: Zhao Yanlong

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