Renovated medieval style home in Los Angeles

A couple is hiredLANEYLARedesigned their homes near Silver Lake in Los Angeles while retaining medieval style. The family home did not have enough space, so the architects looked for ways to reconfigure the space.
The new office space benefits from the windows at the bottom of the stairs, which help bring more daylight.
In addition to a dedicated office, they also need a guest bedroom. In order to do this in a small space They built a custom desk, bookshelves and sofas. The full-size bed was hidden in the frame behind the wall, and the sofa was pulled out to become a bed.
The boy’s bedroom has a hidden desk that is integrated into the built-in storage cabinet.
skylight and new built-in storage are installed in the new owner’s bedroom.
The front door was moved forward Three feet, an interior corridor was removed to build a new master suite.

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