Beautiful ceramic wall decoration okorder

Molly HatchThe panel painting looks like a Chinese mosaic design that can be hung on you On the wall. Each plate in the work has a beautiful picture, but it also becomes part of a larger pattern. All the pieces put together into a mosaic tile. From a distance, you can grasp the overall concept, from a close look, you can appreciate each tiles unique picture.

The different sizes and shapes of the plates give her works a quirky feel. She likes flowers, tribes and colonial style patterns.
Speaking of her healthy New England education led her to pursue ceramic art as a career. “1978Year of birth, a painter and daughter of an organic dairy farmer, my childhood was occupied by physical labor, play and creative art,She said. The artist now lives in Northampton, Massachusetts.

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Amazing broken light sculpture okorder

If you want to have this amazingly beautiful sculpture called Expansion, now your luck is coming. Artist Paige Bradley recently announced that the Expansion sculpture now has a 40-limited edition. This scaled-down version is 17 x 21 x 8 inches, the same way as the original rupture. It is currently in production. “In many ways,” she said, “we are back where we started.” Proving this to a smaller size demonstrates this. I think creating a smaller version of the Expansion is to give my lasting iconic work to everyone. I believe that art is born for all of us: our soul, our healing, through the boundaries and distances, let us experience a sense of connection. ”

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Bolton Residence designed by NATUREHUMAINE okorder

Bolton Residence is a minimalist house located in eastern Bolton, Quebec,N byaturehumaineDesign. Customers who purchase this beautiful wooded land dream of building a rural home that can serve as an extension of the environment itself. The location of the house is challenging to face the upper end of the slope, but slowly transitions to a natural level below its highest point.

The house consists of two parts, the upper part is stacked on the lower part and fixed with a wooden metal cover on the mountainside. The gabled roof extends through the entire upper half of the building, providing a unique aesthetic environment that seems to float in the woods.
The landscape of the Mount Orford and the valley below can be seen through a long horizontal bar window, providing plenty of natural light during the day. The kitchen and master bathroom are located in the center of the home, separating the living space from the master bedroom. A series of hidden lighting is arranged on the ceiling, and multiple skylight openings provide additional illumination.

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Beautiful attic in Copenhagen okorder

You may have heard of the concept of Denmark“hygge”(Comfort), it is so popular, Because of its meaning and difficulty in translating to other languages. This loft meets all the elements of this concept: charisma, full of light, warmth, and a happy mood.

One ​​of the things that I liked this apartment was the bold contrast between black furniture and white walls and floors. For example, this black coffee table seems to be made of wood, practical and elegant.

located in Copenhagen BryggeIsland, this living space has an interesting history. This place is in 1900It used to be a pencil factory for about a year. The lucky owner of this loft is VippChief DesignerMorten Bo Jensen. He and his girlfriend Kristina May Olsen plan to completely repair this place and put itBecome a beautiful home for them and them5year-old twins live.

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Whimsical popcorn machine okorder

Popcorn Monsoonmay be different from any popcorn you have ever seen. Jolene CarlierThe device designed looks both interesting and whimsical in design and functionality. She believes that the process of popping popcorn is a dull experience, and she wants to make this process even more exciting by using this unconventional structure. The end result is a unique invention that may be a minimalist sculpture at first glance. But you will immediately realize that this long bend can let you see the popping process.

UsePopcorn MonsoonIt’s very easy. First, you open the small tube next to it and pour the corn kernels into the large yellow base. Turn the metal heating switch over and wait for the corn kernels to be heated. When they pop open, they pass through the transparent slot to the other end. Watching the accumulation of popcorn and sliding it to another basket is very interesting and allows you to enjoy the process perfectly.

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Twins: Gene-like chairs okorder

MUT DesignDesignerAlberto Sá nchezforEXPORMIM designed a pair of chairs, they can be used independently, but carry the same DNA. Any one of the twin chairs has its own personality and characteristics so that they can be used independently, but when When they are paired, they look so perfect. One is curvaceous and feminine, and the other is more straightforward and masculine—— is an excellent complement to both parties.

Each chair is equipped with a new unique craft fabric that can be used outdoors Use, if you decide to use them in the house, it will look great too.

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Furniture Designer: ALEXANDER WANG okorder

Furniture designer: Alexander Wang” width=”600″ height=”400″ />

Alexander Wangis a Fashion designers and art lovers, he turned his attention to furniture. He and Italian leather furniture makersPoltrona FrauCooperation, it took almost two years to make capsule furniture.

It consists of a black wool bean bag chair with a copper base, a leather chair and a bar cabinet. Black bar cabinets have copper shelves. They are all very smooth, just like his own fashion brand. It will be in 2The month begins to sell.

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Sound system for sound and design enthusiasts okorder

The days of large, bulky speakers are gone forever. On the contrary, like MM01 such a creation, a versatile sound system looks good.

Mexico The Furniture and Interior Design Studio is a studio for designing high-end audio equipment. It and MargulesCooperate and create a new work——Bluetooth audio system.

This Bluetooth The sound system has many ringtones and whistles, including two RCAInput, which means you can plug in many devices, even a turntable! For those who like recording, MM01There is a marble shelf with brass studs that can support the turntable on the record player and play vinyl records.

MM01Can be installed Or used independently, it is made of sturdy glued walnut wood.

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The table will remind you not to sit too long okorder

If you work in the office, you may have heard that it is important to stay active during the day. Keep sedentary——Whether standing or sitting, right Your health is harmful. Stir Kinetic Table can help you start moving in a simple pose. It can be transferred between the upper and lower positions. You just tell the table today that you want to stand or sit, it will prompt you to do so. When you haven’t stood still for a while,Stirwill remind you to move the table up and down slightly when you work. .

Stir has a built-in touch screen that allows you to find statistics, set preferences, and tell it. Over time, this table will have more to know about you. It will recognize your pattern and remind you to do so when you are most likely to stand up. With your FitBitConnected accounts will also track your preferences, which means you can move between two different tables without having to bother.
Like FitBit, this product can help you check your habits by monitoring your daily life, making you realize that you are healthy There is a long way to go. If you are interested in owning Stir Kinetic table, its price is 2990USD, the available colors are black or white.

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Dripping murals on the walls of the Miami International Airport okorder

Walking at Miami International Airport, you may just encounter a novelty that is the ceiling and walls of the airport. Paper artist Jen Stark has taken a colorful style of painting-drip murals and applied it to this brand new mural. Permanently installed, located on the third floor, near the sidewalk. Ren Stark shared some of the “in progress” of her work, many of which were filmed by photographer Peter · Wahan. Of course, the murals were done with the help of a few good friends. When she wrote on her personal blog, “I got a friendship and helped draw this airport mural”.

As you may recall, Miami International Airport has also had Christopher · Gianni’s artistic fusion, in the same Beautiful rainbow walkway.

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