Minimalist chair

Offset-FrameThe chair is a minimalist chair by Tokyo Design Company NendoCreation. The superimposed chair can be used in different settings, including the open space of the conference area or office.

The metal frame protrudes slightly outward from the outer casing, allowing the user to easily stack or separate the chairs. In addition, the space between the protruding metal and the seat can be used to hang towels or clothes.
The chair has eight different models with different frames, from armchairs to one-legged chairs. The casing is available in six colours, frame, detachable fabric and leather cover in three colours.

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Ribbon church

This is a small church different from any other wedding chapel. Located in the garden of the resort hotel in Onomichi, Hiroshima, Japan, the independent ribbon chapel has a panoramic view of the inner sea and you can see its two spiral staircases intertwined. NAPArchitectHiroshi Nakamura The spiral structure of two stairs was designed to make the overall building more stable.

The two ribbon shapes are seamlessly connected, just like two people getting married, after twisting and twisting, they are joined together at the top.
The top provides a space for a pair of lovers to meet.
Stairs are expanded to help protect the church from direct sunlight.
The church is built on a specific route——The bride and her father walked down the aisle after the ceremony, the channel changed The route for the bride and groom to leave. The bride and groom then climbed to the top of the stairs to meet and asked God to allow them to be united. Then they went down the stairs together.

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A bold black and white exhibition in Denmark

Denmark Graphic DesignerEmil Kozak took over an empty white space, this is an exhibition space ; also a multi-purpose space in Denmark. This space consists of black and white ink drawings and web prints.

KozakInspired by human needsDiscover the system and meaning in our physical environment.

This exhibition explores his geology The interest in learning, through the shape of rock shapes, boldly uses black and white to create optical perception and how he creates abstract expressionism from the side of the room to the other side like a puzzle.

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Striking “Paper Bridge”

Set on a gorgeous green background, the crimson paper bridge is a striking sight. This device is made by environmental artist Steve MessamCreated, this is a small civil building. This bridge is made up of 22000Zhang bright color and weight exceed 4.3Tons of paper The most impressive thing is that this structure is self-contained, without glue, screws or bolts.
Paper bridge isLakes Ignitetemporary artwork, located in the Lake District in northwest England. It spans approximately 13foot flowing water at the foot of the Helvilin peak.
It is important to highlight the work with the local environment.The color used for the bridge contrasts with the verdant landscape Made a bold statement,&ldquo ;He explained.The materials used resonate with the natural environment, and the construction of the bridge reflects the local architectural form.

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Abandoned Detroit house full of flowers

This abandoned flower-filled house is located in Detroit and will be in 10Monthly exhibition, when 15a room will Fill up60000Year to 100000Flower. In order to preview the exhibition, the gardener spends 48hour and 4000More flowers turn the house into a very beautiful fairyland.

Lisa WaudYesFlower House Creator,I know I have to create my own flower house and invite as many people as possible to experience it with me,She said. “Flower House10Monthly exhibitions will be unprecedented,She wrote. We will experience ——On a weekend, walls, ceilings, floors and fixtures will be filled with sweet flowers and plants from farms along the US coast.

The house will be10month16Dayto18Day Open, from Friday to Sunday . A unique flower installation that visitors can witness in abandoned homes, a live planted flower farm. I hope this exhibition will inspire people to see the value of abandoned structures as an art and business platform, using them in an environmentally responsible way. ”Waudsaid.

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Minimalist hotel

New YorkBoro The hotel is Grzywinski + PonsThe latest architectural practice will officially open this fall.

The new design maintains the original structure of the concrete and cinder block skeleton while providing a soothing minimalist interior, but still fresh.
Pale oak flooring brings a natural element to the public space, paired with modern furniture.
The modern cafe bar offers professional coffee, cocktails, wine and complimentary breakfast.
Hotel has108rooms, each with floor-to-ceiling windows, offer panoramic views of Manhattan and Queens.
The rooms are not exactly the same, they are decorated with specially designed furniture and lacquered wood paneling.
Many rooms have balconies and terraces that enhance the city’s view.

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FRONT designed graffiti carpet

Front launched a new series of abstract rugs for Moooi Carpets. Moooi Carpets is a branch of Mooi, which looks like someone is holding a set of colored pencils in random graffiti. Graffiti rugs have irregular shapes and look like sketches of graffiti.

If you look at the colorful hand-drawn graffiti carefully, you will find that each pencil line on the drawing is completely visible. Graffiti carpets come in 7 colors.

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Glass tea house

The idea of ​​creating this transparent Japanese teahouse originated in 2002Year, although the design is in 2011<span style="font-family: Times New Roman; Now, in the past five years of design demonstrations, KOU-ANGlass teahouse finally met with the audience. . KOU-ANhas been installed on the slopes of Kyoto, located in JapanSeiryuden. Seiryudenlocated atShogunzukamountain, above the ground220. It is in 2014year10 Open monthly, this is a popular observation location as it provides incredible city views across Kyoto. Installed on a vast viewing deck, the glass tea house shines in the sun, and you can stand outside and see the amazing structure.

Artist behind this projectTokujin YoshiokaI hope his work not only brings people a modern traditional tea house, but he also wants the audience to go Think about why the Japanese tea ceremony is a symbolic cultural event.
AlthoughKOU-ANThere is no scroll or flower provided by the traditional teahouse, but the artist points out that nature is displayed through the glass, the floor The flash on the light reminds us of the ripples of water, and the prismatic glass on the roof reflects the sunlight to create a rainbow.

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ESKAYEL and DANE cooperate to launch new furniture collections

Eskayelwith DionDaneCorporate collaboration brings their dreamy abstract patterns to hand-made furniture. The new collection includes chairs, stools, ottomans and sofas, made of treated ash, maple and white oak, then covered with water-based inksEskayel digital print design . This is a wonderful extension of the two brands!

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Turn the air pot into a jellyfish

Cute creative flowerpots that turn sea urchin shells into pots, making air plants look like whimsical jellyfish. The artist painted the shells in a soft color and then placed the slender air plants in the pots. When hanging upside down, the sea urchin shell looks like the thorny body of the jellyfish, and the branches of the air plant look like the curved tentacles extending outward. Their branches look like they are floating in the sea, and the pots make it easy for you to imagine that you are watching a cute underwater scene.

Jellyfish pots are available at Van HoangEtsyshops to buy, the price is about 25Dollar.

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