Tesla Shanghai factory internal photo exposure, will be formally put into operation

According to foreign media reports , Tesla Shanghai plant has started trial production, informed sources said, Tesla will sell factory workers from the plant’s first car.
October 24 morning, Tesla official microblogging continuous release multiple internal pictures super Shanghai factory, saying “from the foundation to prepare production, Tesla Shanghai super factory took only 10 months.” This also means that Shanghai factory started production is imminent.
The picture shows the Shanghai Supercomputer Tesla factory.
It is understood that last week won the Tesla needed for the production of automotive certification in China. At present, the company is applying for certification key sales of Chinese automobile manufacturing in China.
Tesla Shanghai super plant assembly shop.
Tesla Shanghai super factory welding workshop
Tesla Shanghai super factory paint shop
From the official micro Tesla released photos show an internal workshop, Tesla Shanghai plant has started trial production. In January this year officially started CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , Tesla factory in Shanghai in just 150 days to complete the construction of the main structure, less than a year through official acceptance and will soon put into production. Musk, CEO of Tesla Andy Herron had praised: “It’s amazing speed of Shanghai.” According to the plan , after the Shanghai plant is completed CONTROL ENGINEERING China Rights All , Tesla plans to produce about 3000 Model 3 weekly in the initial stage. After fully operational CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , the annual output will climb to 50 million units of pure electric vehicles. Future, Shanghai factory will also produce Model Y models.

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