The demand for smart toilets is growing, and the “three products” specializes in promoting the development of the industry. okorder

The demand for quality consumption is gradually released. The rapid development of the smart toilet industry has led to problems in product quality and related services. Domestic consumers are still suspicious of the most intelligent toilet problem. According to the reporter, the China Household Association Association Smart Sanitary Electrical Committee 2016 Annual Meeting (below) was held on October 26th. Referred to as the Intelligent Bathroom Committee), Jiang Feng, chairman of the China Household Electrical Appliances Association, said that the implementation of the 2016 Quality Plan for the Implementation of the Quality Development Plan requires the general attention of consumers including the smart toilet cover. Focus on consumer goods, carry out special actions to improve the supply of consumer goods, organize the implementation of quality improvement projects for consumer goods, increase varieties, improve quality, and create brands. In the period of smart toilet industry, smart sanitary ware enterprises need to put improving product quality and improving safety performance in an important position.

The rapid development of quality, promotion and service of smart toilets has yet to be improved

At the annual meeting, “China Smart Toilet Industry 2016 According to the Development Report, in 2015, the sales volume of smart toilets in China was about 1.95 million units, an increase of 80.5% compared with 2014. The domestic sales amount was about 4.39 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 78.5%. The average sales growth of each brand covered by this statistic is about 70%~80%. It is estimated that the sales volume of the whole industry in China will reach 3.3 million to 3.5 million units in 2016. The rapid development of the smart toilet industry has led to the improvement of the market penetration rate, product safety and quality, brand promotion and supporting services.

In addition, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine has also included smart toilets in the 2016 Quality Brand Enhancement Action Plan, with the aim of accelerating the cultivation, promotion and expansion of quality brands. Among them, the State Council’s “three-product special action” has practical guiding significance for the development of the smart toilet industry.

“One of the three special actions: the essence of the product is product innovation

In the special action of the three products, the essence of the increased variety is to encourage product innovation, through technological innovation, Strong class=”autolink”>Design innovation, develop new products or varieties, and bring new growth momentum to the market. In the current annual meeting of the Intelligent Bathroom Special Committee, Liu Xiang, Director of R&D Department of Zhejiang Xingjie Jiebao Co., Ltd. said that the current industry enterprises still need to strengthen product innovation. The research and development of products needs to start from market demand, especially for domestic enterprises. Deeply explore the demand pain points of Chinese consumers bathroom use scenarios, and continuously promote the innovative development of products.

In terms of product innovation, Jiu Mu’s innovation has to be mentioned. It is reported that under the consumer demand-driven model, Jiu Mu intelligent toilet has experienced three major product innovations and upgrades in five years. Under the current situation of continuous explosion of quality consumption, Jiu Mu will continue to implement innovative and upgraded models on the basis of consumer demand.

“The third special action second: upgrade to promote manufacturing trend & quot; boutique manufacturing

Although this year, in the collaborative efforts of enterprises, governments, associations, etc., smart toilets The qualification rate has improved, but the product quality is still a long way to go. Ultimately, the quality problem of the smart toilet is completely eliminated. Otherwise, it is the most uneconomical to hinder the development of the industry because of the quality problems of a small number of products.

At the annual meeting, Jiang Feng believes that the quality of the three-product special action is to establish a business philosophy of quality first and reputation first, to promote product quality development and to make product manufacturing trend. Boutique manufacturing. In addition, Li Changzheng, general manager of Haier Weiwei Technology, said that although the current development prospects of smart toilets are promising, the popularity of smart toilets in the Chinese market is low, and the industry should be guarded against product quality problems when developing.

Zhu Jun, Secretary-General of China Household Electrical Appliances Association, said that under the current development situation, on the one hand, the stability of the product itself is not high, and consumers’ lack of awareness of smart toilets leads to The market for smart toilets has not been fully opened. In the period of development opportunities, the quality, safety and stability of smart toilets are particularly important.

With regard to quality improvement, Lin Shan, dean of the Central Research Institute of Jiumu Kitchen and Bathroom Innovation and R&D Center, said that in order to improve the quality of smart toilet products, in addition to the need to continuously improve relevant standards and third-party testing and certification, enterprises strengthen The specification of product development, manufacturing, and institutional processes is also important.

“Three Special Actions III: Creating Brands to Reinvigorate Consumer Confidence

Creating a brand is to enhance the visibility and reputation of the smart toilet brand and increase the market influence of the brand. Promote the development of the smart toilet market by promoting quality and creating brand activities.

In fact, the promotion of corporate brand image is not a simple publicity of the brand. The promotion of brand awareness and reputation depends on the simultaneous expansion of product quality, promotion channels and marketing methods.

Yang Shaoyang, Director of Business Planning Department of Panasonic Electric Equipment (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. said that the fundamental reason for the lack of domestic consumer confidence is product quality, and the promotion method is also very large. Relationship. Domestic companies often focus on price and function cards in the promotion of smart toilets. Japanese companyProduct promotion from the perspective of consumer health and practicality. In the future product promotion process, Chinese companies need to strengthen their promotion in experiential marketing.

Fenghua, Shunde District, Foshan City Ceramic Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. General Manager Yan Bangping believes that smart bathroom companies can come from the following aspects Breakthrough and improvement: First, product safety; second, product reliability and stability; third, good product experience, that is, product comfort; fourth, product standardization and service system construction; fifth, channel expansion Six is ​​the brand promotion of the industry. Only by comprehensively thinking about the current problems of smart toilets and solving problems practically can the smart toilet industry develop.

Under the current lack of confidence of consumers in smart toilets, how to improve product image, innovation and product variety and quality improvement in China’s smart toilets must continue to develop, only The close relationship between the three, the unified development of the entire development process in order to achieve the coordinated development of the smart toilet industry.

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This month is just right, Zeng Zhaoxia’s Qianqian is 10 years old.

This ten-day time scale is very interesting for a Chinese company in the Internet wave. It is not too long. In the Internet-centric era of the Internet, ten years of Hedong, ten years of Hexi, portals, online games, outdoor media, vertical markets, search, and e-commerce are all leading. Then the era of mobile Internet has come, and it is too slow to measure the growth of a company in ten years. A mobile product from the appearance of the show, to the occupation of the market, to the besieged by the competing products became popular, roughly only three years. Not to mention the startups that are now floating in the air, time has been compressed to the monthly unit.

Returning to the disc hair accessories industry where Qianqian was originally located is another taste.

For a long time, China’s jewellery industry is far less dazzling than the products they sell: service and sales are mixed, product quality is uneven, and the size and management of the company is small and scattered, just like the edge of modern business torrents. The stagnant static pool. When this kind of static problem that solves old problems with new problems, and the impact of e-commerce, new retail and other constantly updated Internet business models, age has become its shackles.

Zeng Zhaoxia’s sense of time is clearly different from his peers. He once led his “Luxury Home,” beauty control, “mad,” “two goods, in less than five years, set up more than 1,000 franchise stores next year, the development of nearly 2,000 stores, open The amount of broken 500 million yuan “thousands of speed.

But the ceiling of the hair accessories industry did not disappear because of Zeng Zhaoxia’s speed shock; after 80, 90 or even 00, the new generation “has upgraded its economic consumption, causing the industry to have a consumer fault; offline business The function began to appear in a streamlined, service-oriented structural transformation … … the evolution of this consumer terminal is the evolution of the business model, which has spawned the new and old alternation of the two eras of Chinese business.

Haier Zhang Ruimin once said that there are no successful enterprises, only enterprises of the times. When the lens of the times continues to advance, many companies will be confused and confused, and naturally there will be companies that have mastered the sense of the lens and grow from the supporting role to the main character.

Ten years, Qianqian once again reached the key node. Since 2016, Zeng Zhaoxia has launched the Qianqian’s go-around plan; transforming Qianqian into an Internet makeup service brand and using offline “new services, online big data, and ecologicalization of the entire industry chain. It has brought about an explosion of 10 to 20 times the performance and flow of the store.

Of course, the new Qianqian is already a new species. Telling Zeng Zhaoxia and his thousands of people, the focus is not on his speed and passion. Just like Zeng Zhaoxia frequently mentioned in the interview, the same frequency, the 10-year-old Qianqian, is in the way of returning to the service with the user’s thinking, exploring how the small business mode explores the ecological direction in this era of new and old exchanges, and A way to get a new business dividend.

Only Forever Entrepreneurs

Located in Panyu District, Guangzhou, Tianan Panyu Energy Saving Technology The park is famous for its more than 2,000 high-tech companies in the park, and its strict technology and innovation standards. The Qianqian headquarters is on the central axis of the Science Park.

According to the general logic, a service company based on offline stores, mainly engaged in fashion and fast styling, is difficult to settle in this technology park. Thousands of screaming buildings are quite eye-catching.

Architecture is also character. The design and decoration of the company draws on the style of Silicon Valley. The cultural walls, arrows and other special-shaped furnishings in the office directly indicate that Zeng Zhaoxia, the boss, has set keywords. For example, “two goods, such as “no loud noise, this world will not ignore you, such as “Lust color home, beauty control.” It looks mad.

No way, from elementary school to junior high school, Zeng Zhaoxia is a child king, and his performance has always been the first. The only time I took the second test, “I was worried that my mother said that I didn’t dare to go home.” He attributed his character to being influenced by his mother. In the face of difficulties, ordinary people would subconsciously want to avoid, but Zeng Zhaoxia would like to face difficulties and solve it.

Before he founded Qianqian, he worked as a wine agent for a period of time, setting the target market in Benxi, Liaoning. After working with local distributors to cut into the market, he sent a large number of promoters to supermarkets, nightclubs, restaurants, and gave high opening fee. He also sent people to the streets to send advertising umbrellas on rainy days.

This marketing game, which was very popular in the southern market at that time, was brought to Benxi for the first time and quickly swept the entire local wine market. During the year, Zeng Zhaoxia made a profit of 700,000 yuan.

Extremely sensitive and flexible in the market, Zeng Zhaoxia always has a way to solve problems, which is almost accompanied by his entire entrepreneurial process.

In 2007, he selected thousands of people from the 12 investments he participated in. From a functional point of view, Qian Qian’s in the hairdressing, cosmetics, beauty and other industries, cut one of them, to make jewelry, hair, makeup and other fast shapes. However, from the market point of view, the traditional fast styling industry is similar to the catering halls encountered by the US group. Most of them are mainly single-store and non-standard products and services. At the same time, the fast styling industry contains a large number of 50, 60, 70 after the main, they are enthusiastic about hair accessories, hair style, but also the main consumer.

More importantly, Zeng Zhaoxia realized that the service attributes other than products in the fast styling field are the core of future business, especially offline business —— It determines the trend of Qianqian’s store in the future, and the trend of services tends to users.

In 2007, when the concept of experiential service has not yet appeared, if you do facial care and hair-distribution in Qianqian, you can serve one person, and the other person will be with you to chat with you. Under the strategy of “single consumption (hair accessories) and long-term free (distribution), Qian Qian has stuck a large number of repurchased consumers.

These are almost all the standard services of today’s Thousands of stores, but there was a whirlwind in the industry that bought strong and price wars at that time.

In fact, this kind of time difference battlefield created by the sensitivity and intuition of business, we are not uncommon in modern business. For example, in the mid-to-late 1980s and early 1990s, it was popular in all parts of the country. Nowadays, in the first- and second-tier cities, the project of killing the Red Sea has discovered two blue seas, one called the sea and one called the countryside. Zeng Zhaoxia unwittingly followed this law and used the dimension reduction to pull the industry attributes from the retail industry to the service industry.

In less than five years, Qianqian has grown from a few small facades to the industry’s leading and benchmarking companies.

An industry insider who studies Qian Qian and Zeng Zhaoxia said that the success of Qian Qian is mainly due to Zeng Zhaoxia’s courage, gambling, dare to challenge stereotypes, and launch a series of dazzling marketing service strategies. .

To some extent, gambling is an opportunity to identify and is a creative process. This kind of opportunity identification and creation, we are common in Netease Ding Lei pigs, do a strict selection, Qihoo 360 Zhou Hongjun engaged in anti-virus software and other things. Perhaps this is a trait that leads to success.

In today’s business era, the life cycle of explosions is getting shorter and shorter, and the technology dividend is beginning to fade. It has become difficult for businessmen to rely on natural barriers such as technology and patents to become an entrepreneur who manages enterprises and keeps business in a typical sense. The service attribute of the fast styling industry in which Qianqian is located determines that it is a small step running and constantly trial and error iteration industry.

Therefore, if you say that Zeng Zhaoxia is an entrepreneur, he does not recognize it. He considers himself to be an entrepreneur who is always running, or more accurately, an entrepreneur.

Does the key choice exist?

2007— In 2015, Qianqian opened the store in front of the industry. In Huaihua, Hunan, Zeng Zhaoxia opened nearly 30 stores in a small county-level city, creating a thousand-dollar high-occupancy model.

When everyone studied Qianqian’s successful experience, Zeng Zhaoxia vaguely found that there was something wrong. The primary performance is that although the speed of opening a store in Qianqian is fast, the overall closing rate is high and the turnover is not increasing.

Where is the problem? Everyone, including Zeng Zhaoxia, first thought of problems in internal management such as operations, training, and incentives.

So, he hired a large number of high-end talents from high-paying areas such as beauty, fashion, and retail, and transformed Qian Qian into a waterfall organization. That is, under Zeng Zhaoxia, set up multiple parallel teams, each team has a set of the same functional departments, such as investment, recruitment, training, site selection, expansion, operation, etc. Usually one or more teams are responsible for <; attacking & ldquo; guarding an area. This kind of organization, working style and military are very similar.

The result is far from the north. In terms of management, Qianqian has almost become an innovation sample of the whole industry; in terms of performance, there is still no situation to curb the decline in the store’s performance ——“ individual franchisees started to make troubles, stores began to introduce foreign projects, executives Three or five groups questioned the company’s decision.

In the end, these internal contradictions will all be tied to Zeng Zhaoxia, the head of Qianqian. The pressure is like a mountain. Fortunately, Zeng Zhaoxia is like a rapids. He always thinks that it is not better to solve this problem. Isn’t it better to solve this problem?

The problem that can’t be solved internally, Zeng Zhaoxia changed her mind and tried to break through from the outside.

Zeng Zhaoxia went to consult the new retail master, and later joined the ranks of Qian Qian as the general manager of Guo Yubao. Guo Yubao said categorically: “Zeng Zong, if you don’t transform, thousands of people will die! Later, Guo Yubao has a sentence, “Famous words: “Let the past be defeated and the future will be bright and bright.”

In fact, Zeng Zhaoxia has vaguely realized that he must come out of the hair accessories business. But what about the next thousand kilograms? If you follow the path of the channel, it is difficult for Qianqian to compete directly with Watsons and Golden Beetles; it is difficult to compete with well-known cosmetic brands such as Maybelline and Estee Lauder on the road of products; The road to makeup education and training is hard to match the more than 2,000 makeup schools in the market … …

The head of the marketing department, Zhong Hao, was pulled over by him to conduct market research. Qianqian is for female customers, so go to female customers. More than 100 brands in Guangzhou, or a counter, became the destination of Zeng Zhaoxia.

Once they tried the product at A Skincare Store, the two were deliberately separated to avoid suspicion. At this time, the skincare shop next door B pointed to Zhong Hao, secretly reminded the store clerk to say, “Be careful, this person often comes and takes pictures, definitely not right.

Zeng Zhaoxia hurriedly texted Zhong Rong, “Be careful, you are being stared again. However, Zhong Rong has been focusing on taking pictures, did not see the text message, A store clerk has been vigilantly behind him.

Seeing to be embarrassed, Zeng Zhaoxia quickly took Zhong Rong to buy several products, rushed to the next … … in the skeptical eyes of the clerk; later, Zhong Hao had a long time & ldquo; did not dare to go shopping I feel that I am on the blacklist of the major counters. He had to send the company’s female employees, wives, andAs a target, rotate trial products, experience services, and collect intelligence.

Market research across the country is in full swing. Qian Qian interviewed and collected real data from nearly 5,000 consumers and operators. Zeng Zhaoxia concluded that jewelry is no longer a necessity for hair style, traditional fast The styling bonus is also due to the general decline in the consumption group, but prefers to make light makeup, and more and more young women have demand for makeup and makeup services.

This result made him both nervous and excited.

In essence, the fast styling industry represented by Qian Qian in the past belongs to the explicit consumption field in The Theory of Leisure Class. That is to say, after 50, 60, 70 female consumer groups, they hope to show their temperament through the brilliance of jewelry and the complexity of hair style. However, as the new generation of consumers stepped onto the stage, the hair styling industry saw significant disruptions in the consumer population. The dividends of new middle-class, new craftsmen, new technologies and new living environment began to appear. Consumers’ natural, comfortable and even environmentally friendly consumption upgrades that promoted personal taste and taste accounted for the dominant position in the market.

In the future business dividend model, product innovations such as UNIQLO, Mingchuang Premium, Shangpin Home, ZARA, etc., based on channel optimization The efficiency dividend began to be popular; on the other hand, the maximization of the single customer repurchase economy advocated by Qianqian also firmly grasped the service of this future business dividend, “she began to transform her hair into a hairstyle. The overall harmony and fashion of face makeup also led to “the economy of scale began to shift to heavy service, heavy customer unit price and repurchase rate”;

Zeng Zhaoxia seized a core logic. From the channel to the king, to the product as the king, and then to the sale of the king, in fact, all changes must be around the consumer. Thousands of new transformations in the direction of the new — — for modern women “do not wear makeup, do not go out of the new appeal, provide one-stop makeup services, with thousands of national offline more than 3,000 stores, more than 2 million members For the entrance and flow, with tens of thousands of make-up artists as the talent barriers and communities, we will transform Qianqian into an Internet makeup service chain brand integrating services, chain, customization, O2O and big data.

Qian Qian finally found his new direction. The difficult nodes of the transformation of thousands of thousands of dollars, in fact, like many companies —— find directions, make choices, set strategies.

The current selection of countless choices leads only to one future. It is difficult to see through all the roads and astrays. No one can definitely think that this choice is to bring the company to a smooth road or not to return. Is there an optimal choice, will there be any blind spots that are ignored?

In fact, transformation is always in line with risk, and anxiety is always in parallel with hope.

Six wars

The strategic direction of Qianqian’s transformation has been set. To implement the project, Zeng Zhaoxia has planned for himself, executives, employees, franchisees, consumers, and peers. Six wars.

“ The most important core battle in the six wars is to face consumers.

We saw an interesting detail at the Qianqian store. When the glass door of the Qianqian store is opened, the door that can only be opened 90 degrees can be opened nearly 180 degrees after moving the door axially within 10 cm. This is equivalent to the fact that when the two doors are opened 90 degrees, they can be used as an advertising wall. At 180 degrees, they are invisible to connect the store to the street and improve the efficiency and experience of entering the store.

The “productivity” of these services is everywhere in the Qianqian store. For example, whether it is consumed in the store or not, it is a cup of water; a standard ponytail is required to be smooth, 45 degrees, 30 seconds to complete; each dressing table has four application scenarios of thousands of beauty makeup. , reduce user selection time.

The standardization and detailing of the service bears the past of Qianqian, and the new service based on the four application scenarios is the entrance to the current and future Qianqian core model.

Zeng Zhaoxia’s new service can be roughly divided into three aspects: consumer scene construction, user participation product customization, and store upgrade.

In order to distinguish it from beauty salons and other industries, Zeng Zhaoxia has targeted Qian Qian’s makeup for two major pain points: the natural makeup of the scene, catering to young fashion consumers; fast, low-cost, simple skin care, compliant with consumption Habitual change. On this basis, Zeng Zhaoxia designed four common application scenarios for consumers: going to work, dating, shopping, party, so that consumers can be natural and confident.

Around these scenes, Zeng Zhaoxia cooperated with international first-line makeup brand manufacturers and Korean and Japanese fashion styling companies to keep up with trends and localization needs, and designed and developed a series of compact and whitening products. Product and makeup.

At the same time, Zeng Zhaoxia has trained more than 100 VIP fans aged 18 to 45 online. These users will give priority to developing products for free, 2 months and 3 rounds of trials, and thousands of people will be responsible for tracking users. Feedback information to adjust product recipes. After reaching the best plan, Zeng Zhaoxia will use the offline store as the “test field, the latest product on the line,” “the result of the public beta product.

Scenery, so that Qian Qian focuses on everything from simple makeup to providing a complete set of face solutions for users; users participate in the development of ODM system, so that the product has accumulated a certain amount before the market Consumer groups, and can follow a consumer demand to develop a series of production and listing programs to reduce trial and error costs.

It is this kind of product solution similar to Netease’s strict selection, which makes Qianku’s cosmetic SKU quickly break through more than 70, and the jewelry SKU breaks through more than 180, and can be maintained every 3 months. setThe updated rhythm of the new product.

With the product as a basic guarantee, Zeng Zhaoxia began to make a big deal for the store. The first and foremost knife is to change the store model of the previous hair-made jewelry to 60% of makeup, 30% of goods, and 10% of jewelry. At the same time, in the experimental field, Zeng Zhaoxia carried out a series of standardized output tests of products and services.

For example, Zeng Zhaoxia developed a makeup machine for the problem of thousands of employees after the 90s and 95s, but the makeup method is more blunt. This instrument can help in 5 to 10 minutes. The user performs facial basic care and is better than the average employee. So, it was quickly copied to the national franchise stores.

From the original heavy service, resale, to the new service, heavy product, and experience, Qianqian returned to the service with user thinking, Zeng Zhaoxia joked, “Employees say 1+1=2 I don’t think it is right. Consumers say 1+1=3, I feel right.

New Dividend Age

Several data can be used for the transformation of Qianqian Footnotes ——July 9, 2016, Guangzhou Diancaiyuan store service upgrade, the first month sales of more than 160,000 yuan; the same year, Yunnan Baoshan store after the transformation, 19 square meters of facade, monthly average sales from 40,000 The yuan has grown to more than 200,000 yuan. And many industry experts said that this transformation of Qianqian, in the next 30 to 40 square meters of single stores, can create 500,000 to 700,000 yuan, or even higher performance.

Qianqian thoroughly cut the old model of the haircut jewelry industry and transformed it into an Internet makeup service brand.

It is undoubtedly more valuable to put Qianqian under the big dimension of the transformation and exploration of traditional Chinese business.

As mentioned above, the changes in the business dividend have made the past darlings of real estate and manufacturing market form the head of TMT (Internet technology, media, communication) consumption and business services. The market subject of the camp. Internet +, the rise of the middle class, and changes in the consumption behavior of the younger generation have further accelerated the time attributes of enterprises and the marginal benefits of the old business model have diminished.

For example, Wanda Department Store has fallen into a growth bottleneck after being held by e-commerce in a store-style service that relies on economies of scale. After that, Wanda Department Store upgraded to Wanda Mao, introducing scenes of food, movies and other content to experience the user, sticking users to the offline.

Another example is social software. With the social attributes of strangers, under the traffic dividend, the number of Mo Mo users has exceeded 100 million, and the monthly activity is more than 40 million. When the traffic ceiling came, Momo urgently moved to short video, live broadcast and other fields. By giving social content dividends, Momo ushered in a second outbreak.

Obviously, Zeng Zhaoxia has realized that in the alternation of this new and old dividend, the transformation of the company’s life and death can not be just “trying into a better mall, better image, better” Product and other facades.

Behind the Thousands of Stores Revolution, there is a fascination with makeup services.

Businesses want to capture the vents. Because the vents can gather energy for the enterprise. More importantly, the vents represent the future direction of the business and the new dividends that companies may receive.

In analogy, the representatives of the sharing economy, through the optimization of traditional taxi services, not only activate idle resources, but also use unexpected service and word-of-mouth communication to complete the bend of traditional travel. The road is beyond.

Return to Qianqian. Due to the traditional fast styling, the excess of cosmetics manufacturing end, the homogenization of cosmetics is serious, and if it is only by products, it is difficult to make a strategy and culture on the basis of premium. The service superimposed on the product is the era of homogenization, the biggest difference.

Zeng Zhaoxia hopes to make the expected service in the Qianqian store, and let this service spread based on the word-of-mouth of the community. The evolution of this store service not only transforms the traffic economy into a fan-centric single-guest economy, but also improves the repurchase rate through community management, people-to-people effects and brand communication, and maximizes the single-customer repurchase.

The new service brings dividends and also has a broad imagination.

Under the online, through the vertical store service, Qianqian can accumulate a large number of channels and users, and then can be combined with big data, membership and other forms to form a new monetization channel. It will even become a new channel for today’s make-up brands. Secondly, Zeng Zhaoxia locked the makeup artist into a store employee and a mass makeup school, and built a makeup community based on them. Third, it is class finance. Form an investment fund within Qianqian to help people and even employees open stores. Finally, on the basis of the first three, Qianqian will separate the brands, make fission based on the makeup artist community, and make products based on the pain points of the crowd.

The introduction of the new service bonus has made the scene of Qianqian’s joining the conference extremely hot. Among the many franchisees, there are many large-scale agents in the CS channel, clothing industry and beauty industry channels of the cosmetics industry.

The new service links thousands of thousands of real-world business models. Focusing on consumer demand, Zeng Zhaoxia found his own path of innovation in transition.

About the future of AllIn

Zeng Zhaoxia led Qianqian all the way. From the imitation of the original imitation of the object, to the constantly growing Wang Guoan’s Han Hou, Fan Wenhua’s mask, to the gold beetle, Watson’s … … whether the channel is king or product-oriented peers or cross-border friends It is very difficult for you to find a benchmark object for Qianqian.

Thousands of thousands of people are still evolving.

On June 20, 2017, Zeng Zhaoxia held a national franchisee conference in Chengdu, Sichuan, and launched the “Cloud Honey Home App”.. This 2B store’s refined management and operation products directly push Qianqian to the front line of big data and omnichannel.

Based on the more than 1 million membership systems covered by Qianqian franchise stores, direct sales stores, custody stores and Qianchengwan store plans, Yunmi House is on the clerk service page, in addition to providing punch card, attendance, etc. In addition to the basic services, the clerk’s service level and technical links can be carefully managed. At the same time, the way to bind the store to the user’s WeChat through the QR code allows the store staff to accurately manage the user’s monthly income, occupation, skin condition, and arrival status.

For example, for user management, Yunmi House can record the birthday of a user, and arrive at the store at 8:00 in the morning or at 6 o’clock in the evening to make an offer, return visit, push blessing and Product information for reference.

In addition, in the Business School module, Yunmi House offers a number of make-up courses that allow new employees to take advantage of fragmented time to complete skills training at different stages, from primary to advanced, and improve the efficiency of talent development. . And on this basis, in response to the KOL effect of the makeup service, Qianqian will also create a net red store and a net red shop assistant to cultivate their own Fan Wenhua and Wang Guoan.

From the business users to the business data, Yunmi’s home is connected to the offline and online integration of Qianqian.

On the basis of the WeChat, App and other channels on the Internet, Qianqian has built a complete social e-commerce industry chain with the membership system of Qianyuan Club. In addition to providing makeup and skin care information, Qianqian has also developed value-added tools for consumers such as makeup tools and lipsticks, and cooperated with vertical media such as a roll and roll to launch online and complementary products. The brand, as well as live video on the app with parent-child, makeup, and mother-in-law relationship.

Through the alliance with Kangmei, Tomson and even the fund company, Qianqian can provide members with beauty and beauty, luxury care and other services. At the same time, online traffic is realized with such services.

Even the development of online traffic directly promoted the growth of the store and performance of the Qianqian store. For example, to observe the sales of cosmetics in a certain area is good, Qianqian can shop in this area in a targeted manner; for a user’s consumption behavior portrait, you can use big data to mine the sales path, and analyze whether to push 2000 yuan, 3000 yuan or The product portfolio of 10,000 yuan, which is more able to reach a deal.

Store refined management + community e-commerce + content products + big data mining, Zeng Zhaoxia is actually weaving an ecological network around consumers, and this network is a fusion of “ New retail & ldquo; new manufacturing & ldquo; new technology “new service. Qianqian has been running at full speed on this new track, based on “do not wear makeup, do not go out to spend the scene, and is committed to creating” “Thousands of thousands of out-of-door ecology, the layout includes offline thousands of cities, online community operations To create an eco-type company that integrates community, service, customization, chain, big data, e-commerce and financial-like Internet genes.

We may have countless ways to grow into an enterprise of the times. In the era of new and old dividends changing and the business model is evolving, running in the attitude of entrepreneurs is the same frequency as the times. Zeng Zhaoxia used the AllIn mentality to try the new thousand service equations to provide a possible solution for the future.

(Source: Business Network)

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18 kinds of brand-name flooring made by black dens okorder

Black dens can make 18 kinds of brand-name flooring

Santa Feiya floor, Ouwei floor, Fussen floor, Denison floor, Katie floor, Fumei floor, Hongrun floor, Kyle floor, auspicious Flooring, Ouwei flooring… A variety of brand-name flooring available on the market can be ‘made’ in a small warehouse with a black hole. Yesterday, the industrial and commercial law enforcement officers of Sifang seized a den on the Tailiu Road suspected of fraudulent use of other trademarks to create brand-name flooring. On the spot, more than 3,000 boxes of suspected counterfeit floors were seized, with a case value of more than 200,000 yuan. Law enforcement officers have seized all the suspected counterfeit floors and will further investigate the purchase and sale of the dens.

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‘Name Flooring’ Nail 抠 </

The law enforcement officers took a piece from the packaged ‘Jielu’ brand laminate flooring and gently stroked the surface of the floor with a key. The paint surface is cut off, and the inner layer can be scraped off with nails. ‘How does your floor look like a carton?’ Faced with the law enforcement officers questioning, Renmou actually said: ‘The outermost layer of the laminate floor is paper. The shell did. ‘The law enforcement officers told NetEase home that there are a lot of decoration teams that are all contract workers. Some homeowners who don’t understand the decoration let the decoration team buy the decoration materials themselves, which gives the bad decoration team a chance to take the opportunity. The team purchased the counterfeit brand floor at a low price, and the floor price for the regular market was reported to the homeowner. The difference of 1 square meter is close to 30 yuan, and the price difference for a house is much better. Remind consumers that when buying the floor, they must go to the formal market, especially the ‘brand floor’ used by the decoration team. Be sure to check the purchase invoice, it is best to personally check the goods with the decoration staff.

The secret behind the OEM

It is revealed that the reason why the OEM wood flooring is the most popular The important reason is that there is hidden profits behind it. The wholesale price of laminate flooring purchased from a small factory is 20-30 yuan / square meter. After labeling well-known brands, the price can be mammoth to 70-100 yuan / square meter. When these branded wooden floors are sold to ordinary consumers through the store, the actual price has reached 130 yuan / square meter. That is to say, just sticking a card, the profit has increased several times. In this way, many well-known brands of wooden flooring not only do their own branding, but also their dealers are also effective, they have to play cards and make big money. As for the quality of these branded wood flooring, it is like real brand promotion. In that way, only God knows. Because the production process of a factory cannot be easily changed, it is impossible to make an order for a large brand. The quality of its production will have a qualitative leap

Release date: 2012/3/ 16 9:36:16

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Introduction of three multi-layer solid wood flooring installation methods okorder

The installation of multi-layer solid wood flooring directly affects the use effect and longevity of multi-layer solid wood flooring. Here, China Wood Flooring Network Xiaobian introduces you to three common and used multi-layer solid wood flooring installation methods. Consumers can The actual situation chooses the multi-layer solid wood floor installation method that suits you.

First, the multi-layer solid wood floor installation method (for geothermal and non-geothermal): moisture-proof cloth + floor

1. Scope of application: Applicable to the ground with high and low difference of plus or minus 2mm.

2, installation steps:

(1), on the ground, first laying a moisture-proof cloth to cover the entire ground to achieve moisture-proof sound insulation balance Production effect. The cushion material used for geothermal heat should not be too thick for heat conduction.

(2) Spread multi-layer solid wood flooring on moisture-proof cloth.

Second, the direct-laying multi-layer solid wood floor installation method (for non-geothermal type): splint + moisture-proof cloth + multi-layer solid wood floor

1. Scope of application: Applicable to the ground leveling not exceeding 5MM and the ground above the second floor.

2, installation steps:

(1) to clean the ground, the splint should be sawed to no more than 600 × 600mm specifications, between the splint and the splint Reserve a gap of 5~10mm.

(2) Laying moisture-proof or flame-retardant foam on the splint, the wall-proof moisture-proof cloth should be more than 8-10MM on the ground, and there is no need to paste between the splint and the moisture-proof cloth.

(3) Then put the multi-layer solid wood floor on the moisture-proof cloth, do not paste between the multi-layer solid wood floor and the moisture-proof cloth, and nail the fixed nail at the 45-degree angle on the male gong. Solid wood flooring.

III. High-rise multi-layer solid wood floor installation method (for non-geothermal type): special wooden keel + thick splint + moisture-proof cloth + floor

1. Scope of application: Applicable to the ground leveling not exceeding 5MM and the ground above the second floor.

2, installation steps:

(1) Prepare a special wooden keel, the spacing between the wooden keels is less than or equal to 350mm, the frame must be flat.

(2) Apply a water-resistant adhesive to the wooden keel, and lay a splint with a thickness of about 12 mm on the skeleton. The splint should be sawed to a size of no more than 600×600 mm, between the splint and the splint. The spacing is 5~10mm, and then the airless gun is used to drive the headless nail into the splint and the skeleton.

(3) Spread the moisture-proof cloth on the plywood, and then put a multi-layer solid wood floor on the moisture-proof cloth, and nail the fixed multi-layer solid wood floor with a headless nail at a 45-degree angle on the male gong. ;

Note: In fact, the installation of multi-layer solid wood flooring is carried out by the installation workers, so there are not many installation steps for the multi-layer solid wood flooring. In addition, the peace of mind floor needs to remind the consumers : Multi-layer solid wood flooring installation must choose experienced, skilled installation workers.

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The adjustment trend of the five development strategies of flooring companies in 2012 okorder

Since the beginning of this year, the state has increased the regulation and control of real estate, and the transaction volume of major cities has fallen sharply, and the flooring industry has suffered heavy losses. In the face of extremely severe situations, flooring companies continue to strengthen their operations and management and adjust their strategic objectives. The crisis is both an opportunity and a challenge. The author believes that the future floor market will present five major trends.

Trend 1: Low carbon and environmental protection into the mainstream

The choice of raw materials has become a top priority for flooring companies. The earliest use of the flooring industry was in the northeast of birch, eucalyptus, and ash, and later in Southeast Asia. At present, Thailand has begun to ban timber exports, and Myanmar has also begun to strictly restrict exports. In the future, as global warming and environmental degradation become more prominent, the trend of green environmental protection will become larger and larger, and the control of raw materials and the research and development of new materials will become the focus of future development.

In the context of low carbon environmental protection, the raw material source of the wood flooring industry will change. The use of precious wood in South America will be reduced; the use of fast-growing forests such as eucalyptus and birch in the Northeast and Russia will gradually increase. Multi-layer parquet and laminate flooring will use fast-growing forest wood to better protect forest resources and establish a good recycling mechanism.

In addition to paying attention to sustainability in materials sources, improving the durability of wood flooring, extending service life, and reducing unnecessary waste of resources, it is also contributing to low-carbon environmental protection.

Trend 2: Starting the brand is the key

The single style and the same material selection are the basic status of the current flooring market. Therefore, brand building is the way out for the long-term development of flooring companies in the future.

With the improvement of material living standards, people have stricter requirements on the variety, function and use of wooden flooring, and the degree of recognition of brands has also increased. At present, the domestic flooring industry lacks a strong brand, and the market space needs to be tapped. In the future, the market will have more professional and diversified brand segments. Therefore, brand building is a top priority for flooring companies.

Trend 3: Market sinking to find out the road

At present, the market in the first-tier cities is saturated, and the development of the second and third-tier markets has become the strategic goal of many enterprises. The author saw many well-known flooring brands in Bohai Furniture City, Fuxin City, Liaoning Province. As the real estate bubble in the second and third tier cities is relatively small, the market development is relatively stable, which promotes the development of the local flooring industry.

With the improvement of consumption levels and capabilities in second- and third-tier cities, the new affluent class is constantly emerging in the new round of economic growth. They will have the consumption power of the primary market, and the wooden floor is no longer a luxury for them. It is a symbol of its identity.

However, the second and third-tier cities have high consumption dispersion, and the market is sinking, and the consumption dispersion is higher. Especially in the third-tier cities, a large number of private housing construction consumer groups are scattered in different areas such as urban areas, suburbs, highways, towns and towns, and their degree of aggregation is not high. This also brings certain difficulties to the sinking of the channel.

Trend 4: Diversified sales dilemma

The use of multimedia has promoted the prosperity of online shopping. Although online shopping in the flooring industry is not expected to be 2-3 years ago, online shopping will now become a new trend in the development of the flooring industry in the future.

According to authoritative statistics, last year, the sales scale of China’s e-commerce will reach 576 billion.

Professional flooring online shopping website that sells genuine products and lower prices has been favored and recognized by many consumers. E-commerce has reduced the cost of sales to the enterprise to some extent.

At present, the e-commerce platform integrating display, sales and service enables consumers to choose hundreds of brand floorings of different specifications and colors without leaving their homes, and enjoy the high-quality and sincere service of the company. , bringing real benefits to consumers. However, the regulatory issues of e-commerce have become increasingly prominent, making its development prospects unclear.

Trend 5: Audience update attracts attention

As the age structure of the population changes, the younger generation, especially the ’80s’, has become the ‘living force’ of consumption. After the ’80s’ consumer groups have a ‘enjoyment’ side, so the size of the store, design style may become an important factor affecting their purchase of the floor.

Faced with the ‘post-80s’ consumer groups that grew up in the information age, flooring companies should adopt new marketing models based on their consumption characteristics, and continue to introduce different styles of products to cater to individual and fashionable consumer groups.

Release date: 2012/1/16 9:47:38

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Analysis: The future four major consumption trends of solid wood flooring okorder

First, environmental protection is never ending fashion

Due to the natural characteristics of wood itself, solid wood flooring can be said to be ‘substantially’ free of harmful substances. The only problem is the surface paint problem, the future solid wood The surface finish of the floor will be developed from the lacquer to the oiling direction. At present, most of the solid wood flooring uses PU and UV paint, both of which are chemically synthesized with a small amount of harmful substances.

In the future, as a substitute for traditional paint, pure natural wood wax oil extracted from plants will be widely applied to solid wood flooring. On the other hand, due to the scarcity of wood raw materials and the admiration of nature, consumers will gradually relax the flooring of some natural defects such as scars, double-color materials, and insect eyes. Some solid wood flooring with natural defects will be due to these natural attributes. And it is favored.

Second, light-colored solid wood flooring surpasses dark solid wood flooring to become mainstream

Whether it is modern simplicity or rural nature, in today’s home decoration, the possibility of matching light-colored solid wood flooring has become more Rich and casual. Light color gives people a bright, warm and peaceful feeling. It represents a kind of open-mindedness without distance, which is easy to break the dull atmosphere of the home and give people a harmonious beauty. Light-colored solid wood flooring is considered to be a healthier color, and the wood texture of light-colored solid wood flooring is clearly visible, so the quality of light-colored solid wood flooring is difficult to adulterate.

With the public’s deeper understanding of the living culture, the light color will more reflect the original ideal of urban people’s pursuit of quality of life and return to nature. In Europe, light-colored solid wood flooring, represented by oak, is always closely related to fashion.

Third, personalized solid wood flooring popular [P>

‘Style’ has become the decisive factor for the consumption of solid wood flooring. With the further development and maturity of flooring manufacturing technology, the quality of solid wood flooring will no longer be problematic. In this way, people can boldly choose solid wood flooring according to their own personality and preferences, instead of comparing the current consumption phenomenon of solid wood flooring. universal. Therefore, on the basis of ensuring the stability of solid wood flooring, the visual experience of the floor will be more and more valued, and the style and decorative effect will become the key considerations for consumers. Younger generations who have grown up in the new generation obviously do not like the same consumer choices. They emphasize the distinctive choices and values. At that time, the personalized solid wood flooring represented by antique solid wood flooring, embossed solid wood flooring and handmade solid wood flooring will be more favored, and some of the assembled, parquet and squared solid wood flooring will really recover.

Fourth, pay more attention to the brand impression of solid wood flooring

In the next few years, those solid wood flooring that will make great efforts in branding will be very popular. In the period of serious homogenization of the solid wood flooring industry, consumers will pay more attention to the brand’s inner feelings. This kind of feeling is not a company’s super large scale, nor is it a brand’s super high popularity, but a rich, truly culturally meaningful brand and product, a more inspiring psychological experience.

Therefore, a good brand must contain a lot of complex and excellent elements, but it must be very simple and pure when it touches people’s hearts. This kind of synergistic and more humanized brand is born from marketing propaganda and word-of-mouth effect. Impression will undoubtedly create the next round of popular culture of solid wood flooring.

Release date: 2012/5/3 11:15:25

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Construction of the floor brand: growing in persistence okorder

Brand is the first productivity of flooring companies and is undoubtedly the most valuable asset for the future of the company. Otherwise, there are not so many flooring companies and business managers who are so addicted to building brands. But this most valuable asset – a strong brand is not so easy to get. Just as the gold digger is constantly searching for gold in a pile of sand that is piled up in the mountains by the sea, it is necessary to persevere in paying his own sweat and time.

Brand needs to be cultivated

In the actual business world, many flooring companies and business managers often have a kind of thinking of ‘quickness and quick success’. With this kind of thinking, many brands will inevitably be created. The defeat and phenomenon of ‘the teacher did not die first.’ It is understandable that we can’t wait to make the brand a world top 500 overnight.

Creating a brand is like cultivating a child. When a young couple gives birth to a child, according to the traditional Chinese concept, the child’s gender may first be looked at, and then the child’s name will be given a good name. The kind of person who cultivates the child. If you have been a parent, do you have this experience! The key to the problem lies in what kind of person the child is trained into.

For example, if you want to train your child into a scientist, you should cultivate your child’s interest in science at an early age and buy a lot of popular science books for your child to see. If the child is not interested in science, is he interested in painting, can he be allowed to be self-reliant as a parent? More importantly, once the child’s training direction is determined, is it ready to stick to it? As a parent to the beginning of child development.

Persevere in the end is a victory

In fact, we do not need to be so nervous, everyone will experience being a child and being a parent, we have grown up to the present. Therefore, to return to building a brand, you must think about how to make a brand, how much time and resources to prepare, and whether there is a determination to stick to it.

Indeed, in the face of increasingly fierce competition challenges, we can see it with great pressure and anxiety. The key moment in testing us is whether we can calm down and respond to changes in market development. If you can survive the development of the market, then it will be meaningful in the end!

We must know how to adhere to this truth. During the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, the monarchs of Wei, Zhao, Han, Qi, Chu, and Yan had participated in or waged wars for hegemony. The only monarch of Thailand, Qin Xiaogong, adopted the reform of Shang Yang, insisting on the development of the economy in a secret way. Strong soldiers, recharge their batteries for ten years, and laid a solid foundation for the reunification of the six countries in Thailand.

Starting from the actual situation of the enterprise

In addition, we must proceed from the actual situation of the enterprise, which is a very important principle. Chinese companies lack brand time and experience. Compared with European and American countries, the time and experience of brand building are far from each other; especially the theoretical and practical experience of system brand building is incomparable. We must see this weak link. This is not to encourage the ambition of foreign companies, but to let us know the facts. In addition, according to the history and strength of Chinese enterprises, the resources of a large number of Chinese companies are still not up to the conditions for building the world’s top 500 brands. This is also a relatively realistic situation.

Therefore, we must be calm and steady, and do a good job in building the brand. For example, if you don’t have enough resources to conduct a large-scale advertising campaign, or you can conduct a nationwide marketing campaign, you can first target a place or region to do deep penetration, especially before building a brand to make a strong attack. Implementation, this is also a process that emphasizes the need to build a brand.

For example, in brand positioning, there is a clear differentiated feature, and the basic brand element design such as brand logo design, brand standard color uniformization, brand packaging shaping, etc. around this differentiated feature. In the persistence, the basic work of these brands is done well, so the brand has a basic foundation. When we insist on this to a certain extent, once the resource conditions of the enterprise and the external market environment are mature, then we can beat the drums and attack, and the dream of realizing the world’s top 500 strong brands is also close.

Our Chinese companies and business managers must remember at any time: Rome is not caused by a day, building a brand is not a day or two. If we must find a shortcut to build a brand, then it is recommended to first find the right person, and then, under the impetus of people, insist on the brand to do a good job, the brand will slowly grow up.

Release date: 2012/2/13 9:38:08

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Open the WeChat payment link, the micro-era of the floor enterprise needs to take advantage of the situation okorder

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Today in the age of technology information, As WeChat Weibo has gradually become the usual means of socializing people in the current market, many companies have also seen business opportunities under this social situation. At present, the integration of WeChat Weibo has become the norm in the current floor market, but the enterprise is in reality. In the process of development, it is necessary to recognize new things.

WeChat payment or flooring companies bring new sales channels

The development has made various new things related to electronics and so on. The WeChat payment is a simple and convenient payment method. Under this premise, it has also been favored by many flooring companies. Small WeChat can be paid by one button. Take a taxi, buy a movie ticket, buy a meal coupon, buy an electronic product, and also buy a floor product. It is easy to buy and is a communication tool.

In recent years, along with the Internet The rise of the industry, various network marketing promotion is gradually getting hot, friends circle, QQ group EDM mail has become an effective promotion method. At present, some flooring companies have begun to build e-commerce platforms, integrate customer resources, and seek multi-channel development. However, in this in full swing, the floor enterprises need to continue to develop. Open the WeChat payment link.

Floor companies need to do some preparatory work to consider WeChat payment

Or open WeChat payment today, due to the semi-finished and durable flooring products, the e-commerce of the flooring industry seems to be slow. In comparison, WeChat scanning payment simplifies the way of shopping and facilitates consumers. As long as you have a mobile phone or a tablet, you can select and purchase products anytime, anywhere. After 80, 90, you can wait for the bus, take the subway, lunch break, etc. for random consumption. In line with this payment trend, the payment mode of the flooring industry is gradually embarking. The road to one-click payment.

In fact, the biggest advantage of mobile e-commerce is seamless promotion, which is more convenient and faster, and can be used anytime, anywhere. Delivered to the consumer’s mobile phone, it is more user-friendly, and the most important thing for enterprises and businesses to consider is how the service and content can be received by the target customer. In the era of WeChat, for the floor merchants who access WeChat payment The significance of WeChat payment is not only the closed loop of online shopping and offline shopping. It also integrates with WeChat, the largest social account system, to help floor companies keep pace with the times, stabilize and seize market share.


Therefore, in the current floor market, the use of WeChat payment to build profit channels for enterprises has already seen many businesses see business opportunities. However, as an emerging product in the new era, flooring companies can not blindly enter the military. Only by recognizing the advantages and disadvantages of this form can enterprises win the better development.

Release date: 2015/11/23 8:53:20

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Why is the wood floor dimmed after it has been used for a long time? okorder

Although the luster of the wooden floor can not be generalized. Different styles of wood flooring are different in craftsmanship, and the gloss of the exterior is naturally different. However, some people of the same kind of wooden floor have used it for two years and are still bright and new. Some people have only used it for more than a year. What is the reason for this?

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/20170802170737827.jpg”>

Inappropriate cleaning can lead to tarnishing of wooden floors. Too frequent cleaning is to lose the wooden floor. One of the main reasons. The wooden floor is usually paved in a relatively private space, and it is suitable to do cleaning once a month. Chemical fiber fabrics, hard mopping, and a large amount of water and alkali will bring unnecessary corrosion and damage to the wooden floor.

Without any maintenance measures, the wooden floor will slowly lose its original luster. This situation is more in the solid wood floor. The solid wood is like the skin, the long-term maintenance, the gloss will disappear And cleaning and maintenance are completely different, cleaning can not replace curing.

The choice of floor wax is not correct, it will also cause the wooden floor to lose its original luster. Frequent use of spray bottle wax will also cause wooden floor Lost light. Spray bottle wax gives the wooden floor a mirror-like finish, reflective, but If there is dust, it will be obviously dirty. So repeatedly, the wooden floor will soon lose its original uniform luster.

The poor quality of the wood floor paint will also lead to no gloss. This situation is common in ‘ Cheap ‘wood flooring. For the sake of sales, the manufacturer applied a layer of varnish on the surface of the wooden floor, just like a layer of wax on the surface of the apple. For such a wooden floor, it took only two months, the wooden floor was completely dull.

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One dollar purchase broke the news: the insider was severely beaten! okorder

Shenzhen Yiyuan Yunbu Network Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as 1 yuan cloud purchase) was established in 2012, is a comprehensive cloud shopping mall, headquartered in Futian District, Shenzhen Huaqiang North Stars Square.

1 yuan cloud purchase means that you only have 1 chance to buy the desired product. That is, each item is divided into a number of “sold separately”, each share is 1 yuan, when a piece of goods is sold, the equivalent is generated according to the cloud purchase rules, the lucky person can get the goods .

Recently the Supreme People’s Court issued the Supreme People Several Opinions of the Court on Further Strengthening Financial Trial Work (hereinafter referred to as the “Opinions”). 30 opinions were put forward on the implementation of the spirit of the National Financial Work Conference by the People’s Court, strengthening the financial trial work, and ensuring the healthy development of the virtuous circle of economy and finance. The Internet Finance Special Rehabilitation Office issued documents for the 1 yuan purchase that CCTV had exposed many times before. Qualitative, nationwide crackdown on this scam!

(pictures are from the web)

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