2011 top ten brand rankings okorder

2011 China Top Ten Brands List for reference:

Natural Flooring

Nature Flooring (China) Co., Ltd. was established in 1995 to produce, develop and sell natural wood flooring. , solid wood composite flooring, ecological flooring, laminate flooring for the main business, with an annual output of more than 20 million square meters. Since 2000, the sales of natural flooring products have continued to grow at a rate of 30% per year, contributing to the revitalization of national industrial brands.

Holy Elephant Floor

The Holy Elephant Group was founded in 1995 and is headquartered in Shanghai. As a company engaged in the development, production and research of high-tech products, Shengxiang Group has developed from the original main laminate flooring to today’s laminate flooring, three-layer solid wood flooring, multi-layer solid wood flooring, and solid wood flooring. Industrial groups such as structural flooring, wooden doors, overall wardrobes, furniture, etc.

Anxin Floor

The formerly established foreign-owned enterprise jointly established by Shanghai Anxin Flooring Co., Ltd. and the American Carlyle Group, founded in 1994, is headquartered in Shanghai. Anxin has developed into one of the largest multinational timber conglomerates in China. In October 1995, the Anxin trademark was approved by the National Trademark Office. At present, the Anxin trademark has joined the Madrid Agreement and is protected by the laws of dozens of countries.

Del Floor

The Del Group (DER) is a regional-free, industry-wide national-level group approved by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce. The group (including subsidiaries) has a total registered capital of 1.6. 100 million yuan, headquartered in the historical and cultural city of Suzhou.

Life Home

Living Home (ELEGANT LIVING), founded in 1996, has a living, living, baroque, living, Mannington three brands, business scope Covering solid wood laminate flooring, solid wood flooring, laminate flooring, ecological flooring, antique flooring, creative flooring, as well as wooden doors, parquet panels, real wood wall decorations, parquet flooring, ornaments, etc., a combination of wood furniture

film Geer Flooring

Since entering the Chinese market in 1996, in less than a decade, Filinger Wood (Shanghai) has developed into Asia’s leading laminate flooring manufacturer, occupying the domestic fortified wood flooring market. The market share of more than 20%.

Caobo Bologne

In 1999, Kebao entered the kitchen cabinet industry and started the market with a strong sense of Italian style kitchen cabinets, quickly becoming a model of the industry. In October 2001, a joint venture between China and Italy was established – Beijing Kebao Boloni Kitchen & Bathroom Furniture Co., Ltd. Extensive cooperation with famous Italian designers has created a top R&D team in China, building home solutions with home improvement as the leader.

Jiusheng Flooring

Jiusheng Flooring Co., Ltd. is one of the most professional large-scale wooden flooring manufacturers in China. It is the vice chairman unit of China Forestry Industry Association Floor Professional Committee and China Timber Distribution Association. Executive director unit, executive director unit of China Interior Decoration Association.

Rhein Sunshine

The manufacturer of Rheinland Sunshine Flooring is part of the Krono Wood Group of Germany. Founded in 1897, it has been the world’s most professional in sales for many years. Laminate flooring.

WorldFriends Floor

WorldFriends Floor has always been eager for high quality, and has been praised by the industry and consumers. It has accumulated a leading position in quality and technology for many years. Advantages; with the ‘good floor that can stand the test of time’, build a solid foundation for those who are eager to build a home, and carry the expectations of thousands of families for long-term happiness.

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Technological innovation and branding are key to the flooring market okorder

After long-term enjoyment of low labor costs, strong international market demand, and considerable profit and development space at the expense of the environment, with the tightening of the world economy, the Chinese flooring industry is not ready, China’s manufacturing industry has ushered in an era of overcapacity, fierce competition, high investment, low growth, and low profits. There are many reasons for this problem. But in general, insufficient demand and overcapacity are the biggest problems in the Chinese flooring market.

Overcapacity is always closely related to product homogenization. There are two main reasons for product homogenization: first, lack of innovation in technology, and second, weak brand building. The first point is related to the core interests of the product, and the second point is related to the product extension benefits. The first point is the weakness of Chinese companies. Not only is the flooring industry lacking technological innovation, but almost all of China’s industrial innovation is insufficient. Its essence is a matter of national education and innovation environment. The second point is the soft underbelly of the flooring industry. It is generally believed that the customer base of the flooring industry is scattered and generally represented by rational purchase and group decision-making. Therefore, entrepreneurs in the industry believe in physical value and neglect intangible value, especially the perceptual value represented by the brand. For a long time, relying too much on sales promotion in marketing, brand awareness is weak, and the brand management department is marginalized and vacuumed.

When China’s flooring industry relies on external input technology and brand, and the external market demand is strong, the products of Chinese flooring companies will continue to be sold overseas, creating the illusion of unprecedented prosperity in the market. But once the international market has seen a downturn, especially the continued weakness and shrinking demand in the past two years, this contradiction has immediately manifested itself, becoming extremely sharp, and its final appearance is excess capacity. Overcapacity is a relative concept. Just as the capitalist economic crisis we all know in the middle school era is a crisis of relative surplus production, it is a crisis caused by the unrestricted product surplus of socialized large-scale production compared with the declining purchasing power of the working people.

Enterprises to solve this relatively surplus capacity, you can start from two aspects, one-handed research and development innovation, one-handed brand building. Technological innovation and branding are all means to create product differentiation, and differentiated products will not only generate new market competitiveness, but also stimulate new market demand. Technological innovation is the most revolutionary factor in breaking the old balance of the market and reconstructing a new balance in the market; the brand is a sharp tool that allows you to smoothly introduce new markets, stabilize market position, and avoid price wars. Although the iphone is also cutting prices with the appearance of newer and more powerful mobile phones, the price and rate of price reductions are much slower and much less. Compared with the high investment and high risk in R&D innovation, brand building will become the choice of most floor industry entrepreneurs. Most enterprises in China are inherently inadequate in research and development, lacking the spirit of innovation and risk-taking, lacking long-term persistence and investment, and worrying about the lack of legal protection of the innovation environment. This is an important reason why so many manufacturing companies prefer to invest their money in real estate rather than invest in research and development. In this case, brand building has become a favorable choice for entrepreneurs.

So in the brand building, how to build a brand and achieve brand breakout? There are three aspects that need to be emphasized here.

First of all, we must recognize the necessity and long-term nature of brand building. Be prepared mentally, organizationally, and financially. Any short-term, speculative ideas and practices are wrong. Brand building itself is a long-term process, even for the brand building of consumer goods, let alone the construction of industrial brands.

Second, companies must adopt a systematic and innovative brand building ideas. At present, the theory of floor brand marketing has not yet formed, and in practice it is also influenced by the sales-oriented methodology. Some marketing companies confuse sales with brands, and do branding with sales ideas. Although flooring brands have their own characteristics, they ultimately belong to the whole category of brands and need to learn from the theory and practice of brand building in other industries.

Finally, the rapid development and popularization of the network has given enterprises an unprecedented opportunity to build their brand. How to use the communication advantages of the network to quickly enhance brand awareness and make the latecomers live, we must focus on thinking. problem.

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Costs continue to rise How do floor companies maintain profits? okorder

In recent years, the cost of the flooring industry has risen and it has become an indisputable fact that the phenomenon of rising product prices has naturally emerged. In the context of the industry that has been experiencing rapid competition in the market, many flooring companies have felt the pressure of competition. In this industry background, how should floor companies maintain their own profit margins?

Many factors in the industry lead to a reduction in corporate profit margins

China’s economic development faces rising factor costs The pressure to disappear from the demographic dividend, that is, the cost of manufacturing is rising. The furniture industry is also hard to escape. Looking at the news in recent years, ‘work hardships’ and ‘material price increases’ are everywhere, and it is quite intriguing that ‘floor workers’ monthly salary is over 10,000.’ There are both changes in the employment concept of young people and the dilemma of the manufacturing level of the flooring industry.

When the industry as a whole down, profit margins continue to shrink, cost control has become the key to the survival of each company. On the one hand, in order to win the market, enterprises need to constantly carry out research and development and innovation to improve product quality. On the other hand, they must implement national environmental protection policies and carry out environmentally-friendly production technology transformation. This is a fact that is difficult for most flooring companies. Therefore, many companies take the opportunity to reduce investment, and of course, some forward-looking and powerful enterprises optimize the cost by introducing advanced equipment to accelerate industrial upgrading.

Floor enterprise cost control needs to find a balance point

In the face of rising manufacturing costs, industrialization of floor production is an effective way, but for companies not to add a few machines, Several production lines are as simple as that. The transformation of the floor production line means the transformation of the entire production system such as construction technology, staff skills, production line adjustment, process management, etc., which can be described as ‘leaving the whole body’. This poses no small risk to most flooring companies in the moment.

Although, under the premise of ensuring quality and environmental protection, the cost of flooring manufacturing is inevitable, but some companies do not care. The manager of the production department of a flooring company said: ‘Although the proportion of total cost of paint in the project is about 20%, but the engineering furniture is often a large amount, the sensitivity to the increase of the cost of raw and auxiliary materials is not high, but for the brand The popularity requirements are quite high. ‘This requires floor companies to find a balance between cost optimization and quality improvement. If the floor quality is excellent, the construction process is simple, and the accident rate is reduced, then the floor company will reduce the loss and streamline the cost, thus in this ‘winter ‘In the better survival.

In the context of industries with rising production costs, flooring companies want to maximize their profit margins, they must make adjustments in production costs. Under the circumstance of increasing competitive pressure, only by finding a combination of balanced interests and product quality can an enterprise achieve its desired development effect.

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Teach you how to use floor wax! What should I pay attention to when using? okorder

Flooring on the floor: It is on the solid wood floor, pvc (plastic) floor, stone floor (marble, granite, terrazzo), etc., and the surface is coated with a layer of wax. After the wax is solidified, the air, moisture and dust are sealed. At the same time, it plays the role of anti-slip, anti-wear and anti-static, so as to better maintain the floor and extend the service life of the floor. Waxing is divided into two types: solid wax and liquid wax. Floor waxing requires professional waxing, wax layer, wax liquid should be evenly distributed, moderate thickness, so that the floor is bright and smooth.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/20170802171722920.jpg”>

The role of waxing:

Removal of stubborn stains on the floor, by waxing the material itself from the air, reducing damage to the material caused by oxidation or exposure to harmful substances in the air, prolonging the service life of the material and The purpose of the beauty of sightseeing is more important. The mirror surface is particularly durable and can prevent the damage of detergent, scratches, slips, heel friction, etc., and after polishing, the wax surface is harder and more resistant.

waxing operation procedures:

1, vacuum: in addition to the attachment on the surface of the floor and some adhesives, glue, cement, paint points, etc.. P>

2, cleaning: use electric mop, sauna machine, sterilization, cleaning, no damage to the floor.

3, waxing: for different floors, use different wax, even Wax.

4, Polishing: Professional operation + polishing machine is completed.

Wood floor waxing method:

1. Sunny waxing


The humidity in the rainy days is too high, and waxing will cause white turbidity.

When the room temperature is below 5 degrees, the floor wax will become hard.

Before waxing, do not wipe the floor with a rag containing chemicals, which will result in poor adhesion of the floor wax.

2. Remove dirt from the floor surface

Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dirt and dust from the floor surface.

Use a diluted neutral detergent to wipe the stain on the floor.

When it is difficult to remove the stain, it can be wiped with the water.

To prevent the detergent from accumulating in the groove, the rag soaked with detergent should be wrung out as much as possible.

Floor wax remover will cause stains and bulging on the floor, absolutely not to be used.

3. Wipe with a damp cloth

Use a rag that is wrung out to wipe.

The surface of the floor, especially the grooved part, should be carefully wiped, do not leave detergent.

If the residual detergent and moisture, it will lead to whitening and bulging.

4. Fully dry

The surface of the floor and the groove are completely dry and can be waxed. The time varies depending on the season, but it takes about half a day.

If not fully dried, the floor wax will not adhere to the surface of the floor, affecting the appearance and whitening phenomenon.


Shake the container with the floor wax and mix well.

Before the entire floor of the room is waxed, perform a partial trial at the corner of the room, and check for any abnormalities.

In order to prevent floor wax from polluting the wall skirting and furniture, cover the above parts with tape paper.

Use a clean rag to fully dip the floor wax, so it is better to not drip.

Do not pour the floor wax directly on the floor, otherwise it will produce traces and loop marks.

Carefully apply according to the direction of the wood grain of the floor, do not leak or thick and uneven.

too small amount of application will cause unevenness in the shade, too much smearing will lead to poor film formation.

Keeping thin and even is the key to waxing.

Do not dilute the floor wax with water.

waxing tool can use waxing special mop, easy to operate, and ideal results.

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Maintaining wooden floors with expired milk okorder

Speaking of wooden floor maintenance, housewives must have their own tips for maintenance.

After the milk expires, the taste will become sour, which will increase the lactic acid content of the milk, and lactic acid is a natural detergent that can clean the wooden floor. In addition, the protein box fat contained in the milk can form a protective film on the wooden floor, which not only makes the wooden floor bright and new, but also protects the surface of the wooden floor from being excessively worn or scratched. The grease in the milk is rubbed on the surface of the solid wood floor, and the original color is maintained by the wooden floor, which is not easy to discolor or discolor, and it is not easy to deform the wooden floor.

When wiping the wooden floor, first pour the expired milk into the washbasin, then dilute with twice the amount of water. After smearing the rag and wringing it, you can wipe the wooden floor. If the amount of milk in the expired milk is large, you can wipe the wooden floor with milk once a week.

In fact, in daily life, many daily necessities can play a role in the maintenance of wooden floors. For example, the rice water contains crude fiber, potassium and starch. After one or two rinses, the rice water is weakly acidic, has detergency, and can also clean the wooden floor.

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What should I do if the floor is soaked? okorder

If it is a small area of ​​water, it is recommended not to lift the laminate floor to dry, so it is easy to cause hard damage to the laminate floor, which may cause serious consequences that cannot be restored. It is best to quickly remove the baseboard of the floor, reveal the expansion joints, and disperse the water vapor by the expansion joints. It usually takes about three to fifteen days to dry depending on the amount of water. At the same time, you can also take the vacuum cleaner to absorb the water vapor in the splicing gap of the water floor, or use a hair dryer to blow dry with cold air, but do not use hot air to prevent the surface from being dry and deformed due to heat drying. If it is a large area of ​​water, it should be promptly notified to the floor after-sales service, and carefully try to keep the floor floor brand without deformation, lift the floor carefully, put it on the “well” type, and use it to create a laminate. The weight prevents the occurrence of deformation, and at the same time, it should not be exposed to the sun. It should be placed in a ventilated place to dry. Generally, it can be used again for good quality solid wood flooring and multi-layer solid wood flooring. It is best to replace the floor that has been warped and deformed. It is not recommended to plan the part of the arched part and then repaint it. Because the arched part is leveled, repainting will result in inconsistency with other boards. Moreover, the thickness of the entire board is uneven, the force is different, and pits are prone to occur. After all, the rescue is passive after all, and it is a good choice to plan ahead. Usually pay more attention to the windows do not open up, to prevent rain; often check air conditioning, plumbing and washing machine leaks. The current floor wax mainly plays the role of cleaning and maintenance, and can not be completely waterproof; there are some floor protection films on the market, like a transparent coating, not sticky, waterproof and scratch resistant, which is used longer than the floor wax, eliminating the need to change shoes at home. Trouble.

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The domestic Internet development is not mature. The floor enterprises must win the new market. okorder

The rapid development of the Internet era is constantly changing the way people live, and at the same time, it has affected the development of enterprises to a small extent. Nowadays, more and more enterprises are beginning to deploy on the Internet. However, in the current floor market, the development of enterprises in the e-commerce field is still in its infancy. Under this circumstance, the floor enterprises have to enter the Internet field. Have a full understanding of this field.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/20170802171559907.jpg”>

Internet concept in Domestic development is not mature

As far as the current understanding of Internet+ is concerned, many people are eager to mention Internet thinking, but in the eyes of some industry insiders, this is the current society. One of the misunderstandings of the Internet +3. Traditional enterprises do not have to worry about whether there is Internet thinking. ‘I asked many companies in the United States, they are confused about the Internet, basically do not know what is Internet, do not know what is Internet thinking ‘There is an expert saying that the second misunderstanding is decentralization. ‘Decentralization is a false proposition. More accurate should be to multi-level centralization.’ The third is that it is not broken, the industry suggests, The enterprise transformation of the Internet should emphasize the fine workmanship and the craftsmanship.

The first feature of the Internet is the connection. In the past 8 years, the influence of Internet on people has far exceeded the information. , the Internet is not just biting itself, it means connecting In particular, it means that people are gradually digitized to a wider extent. Everyone spends more time on connected devices every year than before. The ‘Internet+’ is actually very simple, turning a powerful ability into an adjective. To solve the problems in the current floor industry. For entrepreneurs who choose to enter the Internet, the floor company must first be a counterbalance, not willing to be a traditional enterprise; secondly, to be a subversive, but the subversive must find a pain point. Because the pain point is what the user needs; finally, he is the reliant of a platform.

The development of the Internet era is deeply affecting the flooring companies

In the era of technology, the rapid development of the Internet has caused changes in the current flooring companies. In the eyes of the industry, the impact of the Internet + on human society is far less than the emergence of steam engines, electricity, computer computers. ‘Internet + just Inheritance between several technologies in the history of human science and technology. ‘In the Internet+ era, all walks of life have become popular with the Internet. But it must be acknowledged that in many successful people Behind the brilliance, there are more escaping exiters. Therefore, flooring companies must get rid of the ‘Internet +’ misunderstanding and truly understand the essence of Internet+.

After the concept of Internet+ is on fire, more companies are actively taking the ride, but they face many challenges. Indeed, when a new thing happens, it will inevitably have to be digested over a period of time. In the process of digesting, I have a deep understanding of some problems and misunderstandings that may exist. The Internet is no exception. Therefore, when local board enterprises decide to transform the Internet, they first need to know the Internet to develop smoothly.

Although the current trend of the Internet has shown a strong momentum of development, for the flooring companies, in the context of the industry that has become an industry trend, the company’s development has also Must be rational. In the market atmosphere that is still in its infancy, enterprises can only win thousands of miles in the future Internet market if they are strategizing.

Release date: 2015/10/27 8:39:08

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There is a “catch-up” in the new three-board market. okorder

In recent years, with the acceleration of the market capital operation speed, the listing has gradually become a customary channel for enterprises to open the market and ease the pressure on capital. For the flooring industry, which has a relatively long history in the domestic development, the increasingly fierce market competition has made the funding problem more prominent in the flooring market. However, on the road to market, flooring companies still need to plan well, blindly following the listing wave can not really alleviate the financial dilemma.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021722091015.jpg”>

The new three-board market has appeared ‘plug-in’ Planning is also needed

Many companies are rushing into the new three-board market

(New Third Board) was informed that as of September 29, the New Third Board market had a total of 3,568 listed companies with a total share capital of 188.692 billion shares. Currently, there are 1,109 companies under review. In addition, they have signed contracts with securities companies, are restructuring, completing share reforms or passing brokers. There are about 6,000 listed companies in the kernel. The stock of the listed companies in this scale will undoubtedly cause a traffic jam in the new three-board market.

General Manager of a brokerage investment department in the South Yan Peng believes that almost every brokerage company has hundreds of new three-board companies waiting in line for trial. ‘In this situation, pure demand has become a thing of the past, and only relatively high-quality companies can stand out.’ In the trial enterprise, plus the company that has signed a contract with the brokerage firm, is restructuring, completes the share reform, and passes through the core of the brokerage firm. The total number of these companies exceeds 7,000.

Floor companies need to do a good job in overall planning

‘Although The new three board market is facing temporary difficulties such as cold weather, but with the continuous expansion of the entrepreneurial tide and the continuous improvement of the system reform, the long-term trend of the new three board will not change. ‘Related industry insiders said. However, the new three board Still facing many challenges such as liquidity crisis and long-term investment test. At present, only 30% of the more than 3,500 companies listed on the NEEQ have had transactions, and the number of trading companies per day is less than 200, that is, less than 10%. /P>

In the current flooring market, as the listing wave has become more and more turbulent, many flooring companies are already in the process of listing. Although the company’s listing is ‘beautiful,’ However, flooring companies also need to plan well in advance. Only by fully understanding their actual situation and analyzing the complex market environment can they avoid market risks on the road to market, and only in this way can the flooring enterprises Really alleviate financial difficulties.

In the process of planning, it can be decided to win thousands of miles away. This is also applicable to flooring companies. In the process of listing, only careful analysis of the market and full market planning can finally follow the listing wave and win Efficient development.

Release date: 2015/10/16 8:53:33

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How does a pure wool carpet prevent insects? okorder

Generally speaking, the middle part of the carpet is not easy to be worms, and the corners and the surrounding area of ​​0.3-1 meters are prone to insects, because this part is not often pressed, there is a certain space in contact with the ground, and there is dust. And the air to make the carpet worm survive. However, all parts of the carpet that is handed over and pulled may have insects. This is because there is a gap between the latitude and longitude lines behind the carpet, and it can still flow into the air after contacting the ground. In addition, carpets laid on wooden carpets are more susceptible to insects than carpets laid on cement, tiles, and terrazzo. The reason is that the wooden floor is easy to absorb moisture, thus providing the growth conditions for the insects. The part of the carpet that is pressed under the furniture is also a part that is prone to insects.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/20170802171506900.jpg”>

1. Keep the carpet clean and dry. After the carpet has been used for one year, it should be moved outside, knocked off the dust, and aired, but do not expose to the sun. When the carpet is re-applied, the floor should be cleaned.

2. After that, it should be cleaned once with chemicals. If the carpet is cleaned, if it is used continuously, the floor should be cleaned and then cleaned.

3, the wooden floor should be waxed, and after two or three days, go to the floor. Spread a layer of hygienic spheres and then lay the carpet. 4. When storing the carpet, spread the sanitary sphere evenly on the carpet, then wrap it tightly and put it in a ventilated place. It is best to put it at a height of half a meter to one meter above the ground. Place.

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Buy floor and furniture, pay attention to the material name okorder

The reader, Miss He, recently encountered a confusing thing when buying solid wood laminate flooring: several kinds of flooring wood are related to ‘red sandalwood’, but they are different, such as ‘red sandalwood’, ‘nanyang red sandalwood’ , ‘red sandalwood’, ‘red sandalwood’ and so on. The salesman could not explain clearly, so she turned to the editorial department of the journal for help. I hope the experts can help her answer the doubts in her heart. The reporter’s investigation found that similar phenomena are not uncommon in the market. Experts said that these are the non-standard names of wood. In order to self-lift their prices, many wood labels for furniture and flooring often have ‘Changlong Fufeng’, which consumers need when purchasing. Pay more attention to it, lest you buy a bargain at a high price.

Market Research

Commonly known as mixed name is still more common

It is understood that as early as the end of 2009, in response to the problem of non-standard names on the market, The Beijing Municipal Administration of Industry and Commerce has done a market rectification. Since then, the market has been relatively standardized. Brand merchants will mark the surface and substrate materials of the floor, but the reporter recently visited the market and found that some brands are still playing ‘text. game’.

In a brand store in the East Fourth Ring, the reporter visited a number of floor stores as consumers. The reporter saw that most brand sellers will fill in the core material and surface material according to the uniform price requirements of the store. But at the surface, there are also some businesses that only identify the ‘common name’.

In a floor shop, the reporter found that many wood names are familiar, such as ‘Huanghua Pear’, ‘Red Chicken Wing’, ‘Red Sandalwood’ and so on. The reporter consulted what kind of wood is ‘red chicken wings’, the salesman said, ‘is African chicken wing wood’. On the product promotion page of the brand, the reporter also saw different wood names such as ‘coffee black wing’, ‘African chicken wings’, ‘classic red wings’, ‘red chicken wings’, etc. From the picture point of view, these wood patterns have A little bit different, the colors are different. The other two woods with similar colors are ‘red sandalwood’ and ‘small red sandalwood’, ‘Nanyang red sandalwood’ and ‘dand sandalwood’ appear in another brand floor store.

The reporter’s doubts have been confirmed by industry experts, these ‘names’ on the price tag and product roster are ‘common name’, are ‘non-standard names’, some ‘even common name Not a ‘, is ‘manmade by the merchant’.

Self-lifting prices have a high-profile

The reporter observed that some businesses will identify the standard name of the wood, but in addition to the ordinary ‘榆木’, ‘柞木’ floor, large The wood names of most products are more or less prefixed, and with the prefix, the wood appears to be ‘noble’ a lot. Some merchants have added a lot of modifiers to the flooring category, such as ‘dark rosewood oak’, ‘walnut red oak’, ‘chicken wing wood white oak’, etc., adding a lot of ‘precious’ colors to ordinary oak. More merchants added the origin and adjectives in front of the wood to blur the wood itself. Take a brand of ‘Teak’ series as an example, ‘African Teak’, ‘Mediterranean Teak’, ‘Aristocratic Teak’, ‘Fugui Teak’, ‘Pomelo King’, ‘Yellow Teak’… Suspicion in the mind: Are these all teak? What is the difference between each? At the time of purchase, the consumer can only listen to the salesperson’s commentary. There are also some merchants that have indicated the series to the products, such as ‘Binzhou Sunshine ×××’, ‘Emperor’s Wind ×××’, ‘Pearl White ×××’, ‘Royal Classic ×××’, etc. The identification of the person increases the difficulty.

Pick up wood’.

As consumers who do not have wood expertise, it is generally unclear which one is ‘common name’ and which is ‘scientific name’. Is there any way to distinguish it? Sun Shudong said that the scientific names of some of the woods were transliterated from Latin, and relatively ‘more strange’. In addition, if the name of the wood is all ‘country, place name or color’, then the consumer is best to ask what the standard name of the wood is.

In order to avoid confusion when problems occur, experts recommend that consumers ask the merchant to write the name of the standard in the contract, write the Latin term of the wood (international common name) or follow the “China’s main wood name” standard And the Chinese name specified in the “China’s Major Imported Wood Names” standard, in case of disputes over materials, to protect their rights and interests.

Risk of buying vigilance

Why do businesses not use the standard name of wood? Sun Shudong, director of the Furniture Inspection Office of the National Furniture and Indoor Environmental Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, said, ‘In the 1980s and 1990s, because domestic timber could not meet the demand of domestic production, many woods were imported from Africa, Latin America, Southeast Asia, etc. It is a wood that is not available in China. At that time, there was no relevant norm. Some merchants gave various kinds of common names according to the similarity between the pattern and the existing wood. ‘It is understood that some of the various names that consumers see in the market belong to the common name used now, and some belong to the merchant’s own concept for the concept of hype, so the label is not standardized, the name is confused to confuse the audio-visual The situation does happen from time to time, and this also brings certain risks to the purchase of consumers.

1. Imposter replacement

Because the name is commonly used or the name of the merchant, the consumers themselves have no way to distinguish the authenticity of the material. In addition, consumers need to be more vigilant. Some bad merchants will sell the flooring or furniture made of similar wood to consumers at a high price in a ‘similar name’, such as the southwest birch with the name of ‘domestic cherry wood’ or ‘cherry wood’. Confusion; the furniture price of 20,000 yuan or 30,000 yuan is ‘African rosewood’ which belongs to ‘Redwood’, but ‘African Pear’ is not a canonical name. It can only rely on tree species identification to identify identity. Whether it is a rosewood is not known.

2. In order to fake the real

‘Because of the common name, also gave some wood to the real opportunity. ‘Sun Shudong introduced that the common name of Oakwood from Africa is ‘red walnut’, and some people call it ‘taohua core’. Some merchants will also refer to the ‘human face’ and ‘cano paint’ with similar colors, which are also called ‘walnut’.purpose.

3. Transferring flowers

In addition, the accuracy of the name is not negligible to consumers. Sun Shudong introduced that in general, ‘walnut’ corresponds to ‘black walnut’, while the domestic name of ‘楸木’ should be ‘walnut’ or ‘walnut’. If consumers buy ‘black walnut’, they must not ignore the word ‘black’, otherwise it may change from ‘black walnut’ to ‘eucalyptus’. In addition, ‘rubber wood’ and ‘oak’ are only one word difference, some sales staff will be introduced in the sales, the consumer needs to be wary of the bad business’s ‘shifting flowers

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