360 degree apartment in Brazil

São Paulo, Brazil360 ̊The apartment belongs to a lawyer who hires an architectDiegoRevolloRepair layout and redesign yourself Like the space. The biggest renovation was in the kitchen, where Italian tiles not only covered the floor but also extended to the walls and ceiling.

The kitchen is partially opened to the main living area, making the space appear bigger and brighter. Gray shades appear throughout the room, with warm wood and metal, and a variety of textures.
Revollodesigned Chinese-style cabinets Hanging between the kitchen and the dining room. It acts as a display case for light to pass through.
The balcony is added and designed as an extension of the living room, no need Change the look of the building.
The balcony floor uses the same tiles as the kitchen, connecting the space together .

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Kitty Burns Cafe is located in Abbotsford, Australia

Kitty Burns is located in Abbotsford, Australia. It was designed by Biasol Studios in 2015 and covers an area of ​​360 square meters. It has a very interesting and fresh design. The 6-meter-high ceiling allows a lot of natural light to enter, giving the space a very open and fresh feel, but without depriving it of its welcome and cohesive appeal.
Taiyo is a sushi restaurant located in Milan, Italy. Designed by MaurizioLai, its most striking feature is lighting. The space is made up of a large central area and two other rooms. The ceiling is decorated with a geometric installation, and the walls are covered with glass, metal and wood. The lighting has a very graphic and artistic look that provides artificial light and decorative elements.
La Bona Sort is located in an old house built in the 16th century. It is located in Barcelona, ​​Spain, with a large yard and a loft, just like the traditional Catalan hotel. The interior is designed by the Jordi Ginabreda studio. This team is responsible for updating the design and the courtyard. The restaurant occupies the front part and extends into the yard, which has a large terrace.

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Brazilian home built with three different materials

DTEstudioDesignedItahyêThe residence is located outside the city of São Paulo, Brazil. The unique design uses different materials for each floor: bricks on the bottom, solid concrete on the middle, blue on the top Metal tiles. The materials chosen are based on their durability and thermal properties.

Three-story across the house330square meter(about3552square feet), the ground floor contains the garage, laundry and storage area, the middle floor is the kitchen and living room and the outdoor space, the top floor is the living room and three bedroom.
The car was parked in the front part of the house. The top floor shrouded the yard, creating a roofed balcony that obscured part of the garden.
A white ceramic wall helps the balcony block the sun while creating an interesting pattern.
The living room has a two-story ceiling that helps to ventilate and bring extra natural light.

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Minimalist in Tel Aviv

This long 80 square meter house is located in the heart of Tel Aviv and has a minimalist new look. The new monochrome appearance allows air to circulate, giving the space a greater illusion. As part of the renovation, the new layout created a bright living room, kitchen and two master bedrooms.

The grid is the idea behind the design, running through the apartment, including the simple white iron shelf unit, which is used for storage in the living room. Around the small windows, the designer joined a frame to show the plants. Modular sofas are designed to provide unlimited seating arrangements, allowing for simple interaction. Three marble tables can be moved to where they are needed.

In order to keep the narrow apartment bright, they chose a light grey floor to match the white walls and black sofa. All furniture and lighting are custom made by the designer.

The designers created a luminaire in the hallway, using a red string as part of the decoration to add geometric patterns to the wall.

The glass wall is used to distinguish between the bathroom and the bedroom so that the room does not feel so small. The white sink in the bathroom has a black iron base that gives them a clean, elegant look.

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Cardboard furniture COMPACT furniture

Launched in 2009, COMPACT furniture is still a uniquely fun design with a simple but fun assembly method. Made from 100% recycled polypropylene, these cardboard furniture is extremely durable and environmentally friendly. Made from recycled materials, this sustainable product can be completely recycled.
COMPACT is packaged with five flatbed accessories that make it portable and easy to transport when you need to move it. In addition, its disassembly form saves storage space.
COMPACT furniture is very easy to assemble, just plug them together and finish.

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Charming 3D Print Waterscape Aquarium

Japan Aquarium ManagerTakashi Amanoin90The era created a natural aquatic architectural style that continues to this day.
These small waterscape aquariums redefine these styles and introduce 3DPrinted sculptures with elements including fish, turtles, shrimps and aquatic plants. Inspired by nature, but shows modern and artificial3DPrinter output.
With 3DTechnology, DesignerKennichi Hashimotoand Kosho YamasakiUsing the effect between water and air to create a microenvironment, plants can It grows in air bubbles and is surrounded by water and animals.

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Inspired by gardening tools, the Tobia collection brings a little magic to the outdoors.

Inspired by gardening tools, the Tobia collection brings a little magic to the outdoors, as if the forgotten old garden has returned to life. This is a wonderful way to mix the exterior lighting fixtures with the essence of the environment.
The Norma M series reminds us of some stories about Beast and the Beast. Everything in the castle has life. They may look like simple desk lamps, but they can be displayed in many ways, including on the floor or hanging from the ceiling.

Sisma lights have some very interesting places. On the one hand, they have such an oversized lamp bone made of welded metal sheets, and several small Edison bulbs are arbitrarily hung at different heights.

The design of the Ti Vedo lamp is very flexible and cute, although in some cases it may seem a bit horrible. The eyes of these owls are light bulbs, they will look directly at you. The luminaires are designed for the interior and they look fascinating on the table. They are made of white ceramic.

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Romanian Design Week 2016

this fromAgnes LukacsThe vertical garden allows you to grow plants in small spaces. The hexagonal frame is made of wire and can be customized to suit your internal or external design.

Flip is a series of wooden pallets designed for BucharestUbikubDesigned, it explores the tactile properties of wood. They can be used as a cutting board or just on the wall.

Artist and Artistic DirectorNicu Duta2012Graduate in Bucharest National College of Art. This ceramic collection was designed in collaboration with other designers.

Octavarmchair Inspired by Denmark, it is designed for relaxation. It is made of sturdy ash wood and cushioned to provide a range of colors.

Octavhandrail The chair was inspired by Denmark and was designed for relaxation. It is made of sturdy ash wood and the cushions provide a range of colors.

Ciprian MandaThe minimalist collection is made of sturdy oak with a traditional dovetail joint. It is the creation of multifunctional furniture that ignores gravity.

Good SheetsReinterprets the traditional wooden cabinet. It has a mysterious totem, rich symbols, and elaborately embroidered familiar and wonderful images.

TheseFaugstool isCristian Braneafor your own brandMateriadesigned, made of charred oak beams With sturdy brass geometry.

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Seamless way to hide the living room TV in a modern way

Architectural studios designed in Moscow, Russia, have elegant wall partitions, built-in open fireplaces that can be enjoyed from either side, and a door that cleverly hides the built-in TV. The antique oak looks exquisite, especially in combination with the marble on the floor.

Wolveridge Architects chose a different strategy when designing a Northcote home. The TV in the living room is mounted on the wall, and the sliding panels can be moved left and right to hide or display, depending on the activities the residents want to enjoy. This house is located in Melbourne, Australia.

This is the living room of an apartment in Paris, France with views of the Eiffel Tower and the River Seine. This is a space designed by SO-AN that makes sliding and rotating panels. This special room features a sliding partition that hides the TV. When they are turned on, the TV is revealed and the lights on both sides are hidden.

The living room is not a space for TV in a modern home. It is also common to have a TV in the kitchen if size and layout allow. Architect Ben Herzog and interior designer KevinDumais created this space when Tribeca designed the attic. They created this beautiful wood paneled wall, and they hid a TV set inside.

The apartment designed by Sanders Architects and Cravotta Interior has a dining table that can be converted into a pool table, which is cool, but even so, it is not an impressive element of this room. Look at this striking wall with geometric panels of all shapes, sizes and colors. One part opens and shows a wall-mounted TV.

The Italian manufacturer Acerbis created an entertainment unit that lets people slide a panel to hide it when it is not in use. The unit was designed by Massimo Castagna. Elegantly designed and seamless, the sliding panel can be configured in a variety of configurations.

The combination of sliding panels, open shelves and built-in features make this living room in a Polish home a great multi-purpose space. When the TV is revealed, this can be a TV room, but if the TV is hidden and the bookshelf is exposed, it can also be used as a comfortable lounge or studio.

Diagchitecture chose a different strategy than trying to hide the TV set directly behind a wall or cabinet door. Check out this modern home on Atlantic Beach, Florida. It has a gorgeous interior with industrial elements. In the living room, the wall-mounted TV is hidden behind the carved wooden boards on the metal track.

As you can see, there are many modern ways to hide TV, many of which are the perfect combination of style and function. Many ideas are also customizable and adaptable to suit specific decorations and layouts. CONTENT Architecture designed one for the residence in Houston, Texas.

A common dilemma in decorating the living room is that TV and wall art are two elements, and if placed in the same place, it will look very ideal. Usually this is impossible and must be compromised. However, there is a solution. It involves hiding the TV behind a sliding panel with artwork.

Excessively complex decoration is not a good thing, so don’t try to hide the TV in a complicated way, perhaps sticking to a classic idea: hide the TV in a unit.

The wall units in this family room are simple and complex. It is primarily a collection of open shelves of various shapes and sizes. One of the compartments is large enough to hold the TV set, and a set of vertical sliding panels can be repositioned to hide the TV or some shelves.

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Sydney homes have been remodeled

In SydneyMaroubra In the suburbs of the sea, the home of a grandmother who once belonged to the customer needs to be remodeled. 70year history,MaroubraThe home is not suitable for the lifestyle of a young family, so the architect divides the house into a small room, a bathroom and a separate public space.

Another The important renovation is to connect the house to the outdoors. They designed a new structure that made the living space lower than the existing house.
A courtyard is inserted between the original house and the new structure to help get more sunlight into the room, even in the winter.
Rotating windows help indoors/Outdoor connection.
The double-glazed brick wall is insulated and the bricks are recycled from the original house. Other low cost materials are also used, such as exposed plywood ceilings and polished concrete floors.
A new gallery-style kitchen is connected to the existing house with a view of the yard. The original cedar floors were blackened to give them a more modern look.

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