Is the floor of the home bubbled up and washed upstairs?

Until the living room began to seep, the public Mr. Hu (chemical name) only found that there was water under the bedroom floor. The accumulated water is foam, much like the waste water from the washing machine. Where is this water coming from, who should be responsible for this? To this end, he and the property to fight a lawsuit. Yesterday afternoon, the case was heard in the Yuhuatai District Court. Modern Express reporter Zhang Yujie

Mr. Hu lives on the 5th floor of a certain district in Yuhuatai District. In early 2012, he discovered that the floor of the south bedroom was warped and deformed. Not long after, the living room began to seep, and the water flowed out of the bedroom. This is strange, where is the water coming from? In order to make it clear, he opened the bedroom floor and found that there was a layer of water underneath, and this water has existed for some time. After checking it at home, he discovered that the water came from the air conditioner plug-in platform, which was outside the bedroom.

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The profit of the wood flooring industry fell this year, or the price rose 15%.

With the soaring prices of imported timber, some flooring industries have slightly raised the market price of wood flooring products in order to stabilize the market, in order to alleviate the pressure brought by rising raw materials.

According to the analysis of China Wood and Wood Products Circulation Association, this year will be the coldest year for the flooring industry. The overall sales volume of the industry is declining, and some small enterprises have stopped production. According to the survey of the association, the sales decline in 2012 is at least 20%. If the decoration season in September-October is still very poor, it may continue to decline by 30%. And the reaction to the terminal, the price of wood flooring will rise by about 15% this year.

Since 2010, Southeast Asia and South America have been further reducing the intensity of deforestation, which has led to rising raw material prices. Due to the earthquake, Indonesia also caused a shortage of timber exports. The main increase is mainly from the wood species in Southeast Asia. The increase in Africa, Brazil, India and South America is relatively small, and some materials have not increased in price.

Wood species of solid wood flooring mainly rely on imports, affected by raw materials, the price increase is naturally stronger than the floor. The industry generally believes that rising raw materials prices, tight supply and demand, coupled with rising transportation costs, labor, etc., has become the driving force for floor prices. For resource products such as solid wood flooring, they have always believed that price increases are an inevitable trend in the future.

Release date: 2012/3/7 13:05:36

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Chongqing special network red hot pot 渝 晓 Xiaoyu hot pot festival to create new achievements Many anchors punch card popular burst!

When the network is increasingly developed, the emergence of the network red economy has become a new economic model. Among them, the network live broadcast platform promotes the development of the net red economy with its unique advantages.

Net Red Anchors can get fans to enjoy by sharing their food, drink and fun on the Internet.

From October 19th to October 22nd, the 10th Chongqing Hot Pot Food Culture Festival was held in Chongqing. Hundreds of hot pot brands gathered here, and there are also countless net red anchors. Come to the hot pot festival and experience the hot and delicious Chongqing hot pot.

Among them, the red hot pot restaurant 渝味晓宇老火锅 has won the favor of countless network anchors.

In the hot pot festival, Xiaoyu has released a lot of benefits in order to give back to the customers’ long-term support. In addition to many small gifts, he also launched the lucky prize of the Golden VIP Medal.

The anchor led the fans to participate in the online activities of Xiaowei Xiaoyu. The popularity of the live broadcast was once bursting. Gifts are constantly. And Xiaowei Xiaoyu also won the title of this year’s hot pot festival “Chongqing special network red hot pot.”

In the age of increasing network, the convenience of the Internet and the rise of e-commerce bring many physical stores It is a big hit, but it is an exception in the restaurant industry. With the development of the net red economy, the word “net red” has become the “honor certification” of the major entity food and beverage stores, which is a symbol of good taste and high popularity.

As the originator of Chongqing Red Hot Pot, Yanwei Xiaoyu has experienced countless years since 1997. The baptism of the years, the boss Zhang Ping’s initial heart and ingenuity on the hot pot created the current Xiaowei Xiaoyu. Unlike many Chongqing red hot pot restaurants, Yan Wei Xiaoyu passed the “China on the tip of the tongue” as early as 2014. “This program, in front of the national audience to complete the gorgeous debut.

According to the producer of “Tip Tip 2”, the focus of this program is actually to promote the importance of ingredients. The attention paid by Zhang Wei, the boss of Xiaowei Xiaoyu, to the ingredients and respect for food is an important reason for the producers to favor.

So there is a scene in the program where Zhang Ping, the boss of the show, uses the selected materials to artificially fry the bottom material. . This scene has created countless people’s yearning for Chongqing’s authentic old hot pot, and has caused countless people to plant this seed called Xiaowei Xiaoyu in the stomach.

Although at that time, the net red economy was not as developed as it is now, but Xiaowei Xiaoyu relied on its quality. The raw materials and the perfect taste are undoubtedly the first hot pots in Chongqing to enter the ranks of the net red. And all along, Zhang Wei, the boss of Xiaowei Xiaoyu, has not given up its high demand for raw materials. This is also the difference between Weiwei Xiaoyu and the so-called “red hot pot”.

In recent years, quality and taste have not been the focus of many businesses, blindly pursuing the wrong “net” The red concept, which only pays attention to the decoration and taste, ignores the quality of the dishes, and is an important reason for many so-called “red hot pot restaurants to be tried.

So in the final analysis, quality is still the only rule to become a long-term net red. In fact, the net red hot pot should not only represent high-quality decoration and taste regardless of quality. Only the high-quality hot pot like the taste of Xiaoyu old hot pot can be truly called “Chongqing special network red hot pot.

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Floor heating principle

The cold winter is coming. If you are not laying cold bricks on the floor, but warm wooden floors, you can enjoy the spring-like winter at home. Today’s floor selection class gives you a detailed introduction to the characteristics of self-heating flooring to see how it brings warmth to the home. The principle and advantages and disadvantages of deciphering self-heating floor The traditional floor heating is to bury the geothermal pipeline into the floor and heat it, which is neither safe nor environmentally friendly. The self-heating floor does not need to preheat the pipe or the air under the floor. It embeds the carbon crystal far-infrared chip into the multi-layer solid wood. The heating chip is located 4mm below the floor surface and has a thermal insulation layer of nearly 15mm below. The heat loss caused by the emission is less than 2%, and the heating chip is completely waterproof and insulated, even if the floor is immersed, it is 100% safe. The floor and the floor are connected by the male and female plug wires, and the male and female plug wires are also waterproof and leakproof to ensure the safety, stability and reliability of the heated floor and engineering construction. Each floor is a separate heating element. The floor and the floor are connected in parallel. Only the plug and plug are needed for installation, and they can be summarized on the main line. Decryption of self-heating floor principle and advantages and disadvantages (appreciate more floor decoration effect diagram) Advantages of self-heating floor Self-heating floor integrates heating device into the interior of the floor, and integrates floor heating equipment and geothermal floor into one, reducing the shop for consumers. Cost of installation. At present, the self-heating floor has covered various categories such as solid wood, solid wood multi-layer, three-layer solid wood, and reinforcement. Consumers can choose the self-heating floor suitable for themselves like ordinary floor. In terms of heat generation, the current mainstream design is a heating film, a heating cable, a heat-generating coating, etc., and the indoor temperature is adjusted by means of radiant heating. Compared with traditional electric heating, plumbing and other floor heating equipment, the self-heating floor should be more energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and it is not inferior in terms of safety performance. In addition, the self-heating floor is more convenient than traditional floor heating in terms of maintenance and repair.

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Wei Neng HVAC Talent Training Base was established in Beijing, leading the industry’s sustainable development

On November 13, 2018, German Weineng established a HVAC talent training base in Beijing, marking the further improvement of the systematic and sustainable talent training mechanism.

Jeroen, Director of Asia Pacific, Wynn Group, attended the event and delivered a speech. He said that Wiener is very concerned about its products and quality, but if there is a problem with the installation and service, it will directly lead to a decline in customer satisfaction. Weineng believes that installation and service are equally critical, so Weineng will continue to invest in building a service team to provide talent training and support for our partners.

The Beijing HVAC Talents Training Center provides a new generation of all-in-one products including heating, refrigeration, fresh air, water treatment, etc. Students can access advanced products on the market during the training period. Technology, combining theory with practice, improving service and skill levels, and better serving users.

Tang Wei, Secretary General of the Gas Heating Committee of the China Civil Engineering Society, said that domestic manufacturers are relatively weak in training. As the “Hangzhou” of the HVAC industry, I hope that Weieng will deliver advanced training technology to Industry, make more contributions to the development of the industry.

German Weineng establishes HVAC talent training base in Beijing

Qualcomm continues to empower industry talents

In recent years, as China’s manufacturing industry continues to improve, the hunger for senior technicians has become increasingly urgent. According to statistics, by the end of 2017, China’s total employed population was 776 million, skilled workers were 165 million, accounting for 21.3%, and high-skilled personnel were 47.91 million, accounting for 6.2%. Senior technicians accounted for only half of industrial powers such as Germany and Japan. The gap is as high as 10 million people.

Nowadays, the rise of the new generation of consumer groups, compared to the traditional price-oriented “material consumption model, consumers value product service and after-sales, enter the “experience-based consumption era”. In the heating industry, there is a saying that “three-point quality, four-point installation, and three-point service” require enterprises to output high-quality services when providing products, in order to guarantee product quality and enhance customer experience.

The lack of high-quality first-line talent is a common problem in the HVAC industry. It is widely believed that a high-paying salary can invite a top-level skilled person, but it cannot improve the overall skill and service level. The shortage of HVAC talents has led to weak industry strength, which has limited the development of the HVAC industry to a certain extent.

In order to further improve the skill level of the industry and form a standardized, professional and branded talent training mechanism, Wei Neng has established talent training centers in all major regions of the country to further standardize business standards and cultivate excellent HVAC technical talents, establish a comprehensive talent training system from installation, after-sales to service, and inject a steady stream of vitality into the brand and the entire HVAC industry.

Launching the Weineng Workshop to lead the industry’s sustainable development

In August 2017, Weineng introduced the “Double System Model in Germany” and launched the “Weineng Workshop Talent Incubation Project”. Based on the power of the brand, we introduce German teaching concepts and courses, and use the domestic excellent teachers and perfect facilities to systematically train the technical installation talents in the first-line operation of the HVAC industry.

&nbspquo;Weineng Workshop has experienced two or three years of brewing and preparation. With the direct participation of German experts, we will inspect five cities in China, 30 installation sites and after-sales service families to form the final Training programs for textbooks, school lectures, and home installation practices.

Pu Wei, director of the China Power Technology and Training Center, said that the employment of graduates of China’s three-year technical school is mainly based on management positions, and is reluctant to engage in front-line installation work. The first-line installation workers usually use short-term employment. The apprenticeship on the spot leads to a lower level of skill and occupation.

In response to this phenomenon, Weineng and the German Vocational Skills Training Center jointly developed courses to tailor the curriculum system for Chinese workers. Jeroen, Director of Asia Pacific, Weineng Group, said, “We hope to improve workers’ work skills and professionalism through the “Weneng Workshop” to bring advanced German craftsman skills and spiritual concepts to the Chinese HVAC industry.

In recent years, Weineng has actively implemented corporate social responsibility, launched the “Weineng Workshop Talent Incubation Project, established a nationwide HVAC talent training base, and held the German Weineng Installation Service National Skills Competition. The annual training is more than 6,000 person-times, leading the development of talents in the industry.

Based on strong brand influence, Weineng is breaking the barriers of enterprises and cultivating talents for the entire comfortable home industry to help the industry develop sustainably. In the future, Weineng will continue to invest in building a talent training system, upgrading the installation service team, bringing more standard, professional and meticulous services to consumers and redefining new standards for industry comfort.

Qualcomm continues to empower industry talent

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Explain the five major causes of wood floor deformation and coping strategies

Problem 1: Swelling arches

Surface phenomenon: The wooden floor panels are partially arched upwards, or some wooden floors are arched upwards.

Analysis of the reasons for the decoration network:

1, continuous rainy weather, the relative humidity in the air is too high, no moisture is taken, the moisture in the air is absorbed by the wooden floor and then swelled and swelled; /P>

2, the wooden floor is hygroscopically swelled after flooding;

3, the house is long-term empty, uninhabited, poorly ventilated, and the stucco layer is evaporated and the water is evaporated. Hygroscopic expansion after absorption;

4, the moisture content of the base concrete is too high, the moisture barrier is not sealed and hygroscopically expanded;

5, between the adjacent plates when the wooden floor is paved The seams were not reserved as required, and they were wetted and swelled by the moist air, and even the lacquer surface was cracked;

6, the wooden floor covering area was large or wide, and no segmentation measures were taken.

Precautions: Always open the window to ventilate; and reserve the structural extension joints, segmentation joints and adjust the extension joints between adjacent plates.

Solution: When the function is not affected, it can be used for a long time. After the moisture content of the wooden floor is balanced with the relative humidity in the air, the dismantling and resurfacing plan is adopted as appropriate; or all Open the resurfacing, adjust the section seam and the adjacent section to reserve the seam.

Problem 2: Floor cracking

Surface phenomenon: fine cracks appear on the painted surface of the wooden floor, and the paint film peels off in severe cases.

Cause analysis:

1, when the climate change is large, the moisture content of the wood floor is too large or too low, the wooden floor appears dry shrinkage or swelling, causing the paint film to crack;

2, the sun is exposed to the sun or the long-term wind blows, the wooden floor appears to shrink and shrink, and the paint film wrinkles and cracks;

3, the wooden floor is damp and the water content increases. Swelling, causing the paint film to crack.

Preventive measures: Select the wooden floor of a good quality manufacturer, the adhesion, elasticity and wear resistance of the paint film can be guaranteed.

Solution: a small amount of paint film cracking, can be repaired by touch up. If the cracking area is large, it can be re-painted after being smoothed. If the single wooden floor paint film is cracked longer, the wooden floor can be replaced by a single piece.

Problem 3: The sound of the wooden floor when walking

Performance phenomenon: After the wooden floor is paved, there is a creaking noise when walking, or a single squeaking cracking sound Wait.

Cause analysis:

1, the concrete base layer is not flat, the spacing between the mats is too large, the keel bolster is too high, etc., so that the often moving parts of the pad loose, the keel elasticity increases The up and down displacement occurs, resulting in a decrease in the keel pavement firmness;

2, the water content is too high when the keel is paved, the moisture content is reduced after gradual drying, the nail holding force of the wood is simultaneously reduced, and the keel installation is loosened.

3, the moisture content of the concrete base layer is too high, the moisture barrier or the moisture barrier is not completely sealed, so that the keel absorbs moisture, the moisture content increases, the distortion occurs, and the keel installation loosens; /P>

4, the keel material density is too low or the cross-sectional area is too small, the nail holding force is insufficient, the nail diameter is too small, the length is too short, the keel paving flatness does not meet the requirements, resulting in insufficient installation firmness; /P>

5. When the wooden floor slabs and troughs are wet and contracted due to climate change, the gutters are detached and do not work. When they are too tight, they rub against each other during swell;

6 Excessive dry weather, weakening the nailing force of the wooden floor and keel, loosening the connection between the wooden floor and the groove, excessive moisture makes the wooden land The lateral expansion of the plate causes a slight expansion of the arch to cause the keel to be loosened, and the nail holding force is also weakened;

7, the installation process is not standardized.

Preventive measures:

1, check the flatness of the concrete base layer before construction, and repair until the requirements are met before continuing construction;

2, before construction Check the moisture content of the concrete base or the integrity of the moisture barrier;

3, check the cross-sectional size and water content of the keel;

4, the greater the contact area of ​​the concrete base during keel paving The firmer the installation, the more the bolster part, the higher the bolster, and the more likely it is to loosen.

Solution: Construction conditions and concealed works should be strengthened to ensure the flatness of the concrete base layer and the moisture barrier layer; if only excessive moisture or excessive dry weather occurs, observe when the climate is normal. If there is no obvious sound, you do not have to trim it.

Problem 4: Warping deformation

Surface phenomenon: the wooden floor is tilted upwards on both sides, like a tile.

Cause analysis:

1, the moisture content of the concrete base layer or the adjacent wall moisture content is too high;

2, the concrete base layer has been splashed with water during construction Materials, etc., resulting in increased moisture content of the concrete base layer;

3, did not take waterproof, moisture barrier isolation measures as required;

4, keel moisture content is too high, evaporated water is The back of the wooden floor is hygroscopic;

5, the water pipe leaks under the surface of the wooden floor, the indoor temperature difference forms condensed water, etc.;

6, the surface of the wooden floor is wiped with a damp cloth.

Precautionary measures: The concrete base layer must be constructed to meet the water content requirements. When the water content exceeds the standard, the moisture-proof insulation layer must be paved. The moisture-proof insulation layer should be sealed as a whole, and the waterproof and moisture-proof isolation and blocking measures should be taken.

Solution: Remove the wooden floor around the room to allow it to diverge, partially relieve the deformation, replace the heavily deformed wooden floor; if the wooden floor has a large deformation area, the paved wooden floor can be removed Wait until the concrete base or keel is dry and re-paved. Re-paving the original usable wooden floor and replacing the wooden floor used.

Question 5: dry shrinkage

surface is nowImage: After installation for a period of time, there is a phenomenon of separation between the wooden floor troughs.

Cause analysis:

1, the climate is continuous high temperature and dry and other abnormal weather environment, the wooden floor dehumidification is too fast, no humidification measures are taken;

2 The air is dry for a long time, the dehumidification is too large, and no humidification measures are taken;

3, sun exposure, long-term air blowing and other abnormal environmental factors, causing excessive dehumidification and shrinkage of the wooden floor;

P >4, the room is closed for a long time, no humid air is added, indoor air is dry;

5, when the wet weather is paved, the paving space between adjacent plates is too large, in case of dry weather, it appears Larger dry shrinkage.

Precautionary measures: select the wood flooring material with good stability and moisture content to control the local equilibrium moisture content requirements; calculate and master the climatic conditions during the construction of the adjacent sections of the wooden floor, appropriate Leave or not to stretch the seam; prevent sun exposure, it is not appropriate to close the doors and windows for a long time without ventilation, or partial concentrated blowing.

Solution: Wait for a period of time, after the moisture content of the wooden floor is balanced with the relative humidity in the air, replace the single block, or completely disassemble the resurfacing, and set the adjacent plate extension joints as required.

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Yang Zongyi: Thinking and Practice on the Road of New Industry

Mr. Yang Zongyi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Fuzhong Group

by the business community The “2018 Business Leaders New Year Forum” jointly hosted by the media and Guizhou Liquor was held at the Chongqing International Convention and Exhibition Center from January 24th to 25th. “Business App is the only mobile information platform designated by the conference. It will release the on-site dry goods and dynamics as soon as possible.

The following is the speech of Mr. Yang Zongyi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Fuzhong Group:

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, I am very honored to participate in this forum today!

China’s private economy has developed to this day, standing in this new era, how to grasp the new opportunities of history, make accurate predictions for the future, master the way of integration, and let yourself link with the times. This should be considered by every entrepreneur. problem.

As a group, we were established in 1995 and we are regarded as a veteran traditional enterprise. From January 1st, 2016 to the end of 2017, we have established four intercontinental headquarters overseas in the past few years. We have established 12 regional headquarters in China, with 8 industrial sectors, and a total of 24 groups are operating.

In 1995, we started a computer in Nanjing. At that time, we carried out the so-called service model innovation and launched the 3+3 model. The first three years of replacement, the last three years of warranty, we were successful at the time. But then we were very embarrassed, thinking that instead of waiting for others to subvert, it is better for us to subvert ourselves.

I am a master’s student at Peking University and now I am a PhD in economics at Peking University. Peking University has brought me a lot of knowledge about the macroeconomic situation and future development trends.

China’s economic development to today can be divided into three stages:

First, in 1978-1998, we called it just reform and opening up. The original emphasis was on the national defense industry economy, which was already light after the reform and opening up. At that time, it was mainly for entities, drinks, health products, clothing, and later-sized home appliances. We started our business in 1995 and caught up with our tail. At that time, we did computers, so we also succeeded.

The second is 1998-2014. This stage was due to the Asian financial crisis that broke out in 1998. In response to the financial crisis, our country introduced a series of industrial policies, including the transformation of welfare housing into commercial housing and foreign trade import and export. The right is open to the private economy. After the introduction of these two policies, our real estate-based industries and their associated upstream and downstream industries, including steel and home improvement industries, have made a fortune.

There are also so-called BAT plus three major portals NetEase, Sohu, and Sina were established in the second quarter of 1998 to the fourth quarter. If at that time, still eat and wear. It will be eliminated with affirmation. In the 1999 Forbes Rich List, the top 60% were real estate. In this paragraph, Fuzhong caught up again.

Third, from 2015 to 2020, everyone knows that the Chinese economy has been calling the transition period of old and new kinetic energy since 2015. The growth is weak, and private capital investment has fallen sharply. It has almost negative growth at the end of the third quarter of 2016. Buffett said that when others are greedy, you should be cautious. When others are panicking, you should be greedy. During this period, we made accurate pre-judgment and thought that we entered the four new era.

After the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Chinese economy entered a new normal state. This is only the transition period from the previous economic cycle to the next economic cycle. What should we do during this transition period? Which four new ones are: new industry, new finance, new consumption, and new urbanization. This is not a concept with Ma Yun.

Everyone sees this as our judgment in 2015. 2016 is just our new round of five-year plan. When others panic, we realize the curve overtaking. Diversified industrial industries and diversified investment methods. We have witnessed no industrial instability, no trade, no real estate, no real estate. After 2015, it became no financial and no rich. In this case, how to combine industry and finance, how to connect industry and capital?

At this time, we started the pace of going abroad. Under this circumstance, we invest in equity, invest in excellent startups, and purchase and reserve genuine high-quality real estate, while investing in personal health and spiritual related things. This is a trend and it is definitely right.

Now is the end of the sea power era, the arrival of the era of road rights.

How do we accompany China’s “One Belt, One Road and Supply Side Structural Reform, how to lay out our industry? In this process, I decided to take me from January 1, 2016. The team is laid out across the country. At the time I was at Peking University Guanghua, several famous economists were sweating me, but by the end of 2017 they had a thumbs up.

First, we established an intercontinental headquarters in New York, a regional headquarters in Berlin, and so on. The United States is mainly engaged in financial and digital business empowerment. Europe mainly uses artificial intelligence manufacturing and commercial sector empowerment. In Israel, it is mainly innovative, empowering the big health sector, and Asia is mainly trade settlement.

Next, we established 12 regional headquarters in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Chongqing, Fuzhou, Nanchang, Tianjin and Jinan. The first-tier cities in the old city are in the north and the depths of the city. The first place in the new first-tier cities is Chengdu, followed by Hangzhou, Wuhan and Chongqing. Nanjing has become the fifth place and Tianjin is the sixth.

Eight industry sectors: digital commerce, big health, big real estate, finance, smart city, artificial intelligence, culture and tertiary services. Together, we took a short two years from In 2014, the sales amount was only 20 billion, toSales have now reached more than 80 billion. From 2018 to January 12, we have reached sales of 72.4 billion, which means that in 2018 it must have exceeded 100 billion, and it is possible to have more than 200 billion.

I can do this number, I think it is related to this era. Nowadays, this era is the best and the worst. See how you can grasp it and whether it can match the macroeconomic situation.

The Communist Party of China is a political party composed of 89 million elites. Our party’s anti-corruption has the ability to purify itself. This is very good. I am a non-party person. After I returned to China, I returned my eight-year green card because I have full confidence in the Chinese Communist Party. At the time of 2016 and 2017, when I was expanding across the country, every city had a contrarian expansion. “Confidence is more important than gold. This is entrepreneurship. You must dare to gamble, otherwise how to bend beyond.

If basic modernization is achieved in 2035, it means that China’s GDP growth rate must not be lower than 5% at the beginning of 2020, and it must be medium and high-speed growth. This is a hard constraint. Entrepreneurs must seize the situation to do it.

Everyone knows that in 2015 we decided to enter the four new era. The new industry is now not only the Internet +, but now it has already talked about smart business and smart business.

The country is now in the transition period between old and new kinetic energy. Our country’s reform and opening up has actually surpassed Japan, but our government stands higher and demands more from us. This is for our entrepreneurs. It is a very good opportunity.

The country has this confidence determination, why don’t we? So we have to follow the country.

Under the new normal period, we are looking for an industry that can support the growth rate of the next 15 years or even 20 years. Real estate still has a golden period of 5-10 years, so we dare to get all the industrial real estate in Chongqing, Chengdu and Wuhan. Now we are importing digital commerce, artificial intelligence and smart cities into industrial real estate.

Although everyone is propagating that real estate is going to die, you can’t touch it. But I made my pre-judgment, and a new round of real estate investment boom will come at the end of this year and early next year. This is what we have been judging since 2016.

So if the company achieves a certain scale and then start a business, it will need to work hard.

The first success may be a national policy, which may be accidental. Whether you can start a business again, this requires internal strength.

Therefore, learning and improving your own ability requires a pre-judgment of macro trends. Now our eight major industrial sectors are on the cusp, which is very much in line with what we have to do in the four new era.

I will give you a pre-judgment. Now it is the Internet+, but the Internet dividend will gradually run out, and the era of artificial intelligence + is coming.

What does Industry 4.0 mean in the era of information technology? From the era of complete automation to partial informationization to the era of complete information, the era of artificial intelligence is connected with everything. When unmanned or autonomous driving is industrialized, the prerequisite is the maturity of 5G technology. 5G is very important. The arrival of the 5G era is the arrival of the era of things and things, people and things.

Now the mobile phone is not a mobile phone, it is a mobile terminal; the future car is not a car, but also a mobile terminal. The future world is no longer how people work, and robots work for humans. Commodities will be greatly enriched. At that time, it is a commodity chasing person. The era of average distribution will come. It will be a subversive era to lead the whole society to black technology through technology. Everyone must do this preparation.

Nowadays, it is divided into infrastructure, urban construction and renovation. Fuzhong is now in the era of infrastructure construction. Huawei and BAT are in the stage of urban construction. Now it is building standards and building ecology. When it comes to the renovation stage, the stage of personalization will come again. One industry needs to be up, artificial intelligence will empower the Internet, and by that time there will be a bigger giant than the urban construction era. We have endless opportunities, thank you!

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The living room floor color material can not be ignored. How to choose?

First, the color Traditional Feng Shui also pay attention to the color of the ground, the home environment is bright and dark, the color of the floor of the hall should be more light and light, such as beige, light yellow, etc., avoid using too dark shades. Too deep and dark ground not only makes the occupants’ feelings heavy and heavy, but also makes the hidden dirt on the ground not easy to be found; the polishing degree of the ground is not suitable for too large, because the emitted light is too obvious, which will affect the home. Visual harmony. Second, the floor and floor tiles Floors are mainly divided into three categories: solid wood flooring, solid wood laminate flooring (reinforced flooring) and laminate flooring. The environmental protection of the solid wood flooring is the best among the three, followed by the parquet. Floor tiles are inherently radioactive. The color and softness of the floor are good, the affinity is very good, and the floor tiles are relatively stiff; in terms of heat preservation, the floor has advantages, while the floor tiles are relatively fast due to heat conduction, and the insulation performance is relatively poor, especially in the whole living room in winter. The feeling of giving people will be very cold and uncomfortable. If the living room is facing north, the situation will be more serious. For families with children and the elderly, due to the inconvenience of the elderly and the naughty and lively of the children, it is easy to fall and rub the small accident. In the choice of living room decoration, the damage of the floor tiles to the elderly and children is undoubtedly much more serious than the floor, so families like this kind of structure may choose the floor. The floor has two choices of rigid and soft in the graphic design. A pattern featuring a combination of straight lines such as squares, rectangles, and polygons, with masculine gas, is more suitable for shops that use male goods, and is a combination of curves such as circles, ovals, sectors, and geometric curves. It is a store that is soft and suitable for women’s products. Third, the elderly and children’s room floor decoration precautions Children’s room floor is best to lay natural wood flooring, because it is safe and easy to clean. Avoid using stone paving, consider the effects of radioactive materials contained in three materials that have not been certified, and do not place carpets. Although the safety of carpets is high, children who fall off are not easy to attach too much. Dust, long-term use can cause children with bronchitis and respiratory diseases. In the central area of ​​the house, the ground should be leveled. In a lot of homes, the owners built the building level in the living room, artificially causing the ground ups and downs. The design similar to Westernization is novel, but it is not easy to use. The traditional Feng Shui is more of a disadvantage, especially for families with old people and children. It is easy to be stumbled by accident. Some people put gravel in the doorway of the house to enhance the taste, but the floor is not flat, but it brings trouble to their own access.

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Customized furniture to join, or a new wave of business opportunities due to the rise of nine new cities

In 2017, China’s GDP trillions of cities’ competitiveness report was released, and nine cities’ new stars have emerged! In 2017, China’s GDP is expected to exceed 80 trillion yuan, with a growth rate of 6.9% for the whole year!

According to media analysis It is said that there are nine new cities in China, including nine cities including Nanjing, Qingdao, Changsha, Wuxi, Foshan, Ningbo, Dalian, Zhengzhou and Shenyang. These nine cities will develop rapidly and become the leaders in GDP.

We all know that the current price of first-tier cities still puts buyers under tremendous pressure, and some Some people who work in the first-tier cities choose to leave here and target their home ownership in cities that are second only to first-tier cities, with lower-priced cities and higher economic levels. Judging from the current situation of these nine cities, it is an indisputable fact that the future economy will develop rapidly. Compared with the first-tier cities and the hot new first-tier cities, these cities are also at a medium level. These factors will undoubtedly become a new choice for buyers.

The influx of homebuyers also means more and more demand for home decoration, and furniture accounts for a large proportion of the decoration, coupled with the popularity of custom furniture, believe in custom furniture If you have a lot to join, you don’t know if you can seize this business opportunity.

In the nine new cities, the custom furniture market has not been fully developed, and the market share is mainly geographically Sex brands are occupied by custom furniture. Even in some fringe towns, custom furniture companies have never set foot in, and the market utilization rate of branded custom furniture is zero. It can be seen that the market has huge capacity and has great market potential.

Investment has always been the first to eat meat, and later to drink soup. Now Canoa Xiaobian wants to add one more sentence, and later can only eat the soil. Business opportunities are fleeting, and savvy custom furniture franchisees have long realized this, are stepping up their pace, actively looking for custom furniture brands, and strive to enter the custom furniture industry as soon as possible, to get a piece of it.

Canoa, focusing on custom home for 17 years, is leading the industry in comprehensive strength. Joining Canoa for only 300,000, you can make a big home and do a big business with an annual output of more than 3 million and 30 million! Enjoy the life of wealth, choose Kanoa right.

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Installation of the three floors and the ultimate maintenance points

When the wooden floor of the house is used for a long time, it will be dull. How should it be maintained? Maintenance points of solid wood flooring: 1) The floor should be laid in the later stage of construction and should not be cross-constructed. It should be sanded and painted as soon as possible after laying. So as not to soil the floor or deform the moisture. 2) Before laying the floor, it is advisable to unpack and stack it on the paving site for 1-2 days to adapt it to the environment, so as to avoid expansion and contraction after laying. 3) The paving should be well protected against moisture, especially in the damp areas such as the bottom layer. Moisture-proof measures include moisture-proof paint, moisture-proof film, and use of padding. 4) The keel should be flat and firm, and should not be reinforced with cement. It is best to use expansion bolts and nails. 5) The keel should be made of larch, Liuan and other wood with strong nail holding power. The moisture content of the keel or wool floor should be close to the moisture content of the floor. The keel spacing should not be too large, generally not more than 30 cm. The ends of the floor should be placed on the keel, and should not be left empty, and nails must be nailed on each keel. Do not use water-based glue.

6) The floor should not be laid too tight, there should be enough expansion joints (0.5 ~ 1.2 cm) around, and should not be super wide laying, in the case of wider space should be separated and cut, then press the copper strip transition.

7) Floor and hall, bathroom, kitchen room and other stone ground junctions should have complete isolation and moisture protection measures.

8) Floor chromatic aberration is unavoidable, such as high requirements for chromatic aberration, can be pre-sorted, and adopt a gradual transition method to reduce the visual abrupt change.

Wood net

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