Wear-resistant concrete jewelry

Concrete is a rather amazing material. Form Matters Exploring the dual nature of concrete, how to use it to create architectural masterpieces means Maintain wear resistance for hundreds of years. This tested the overlapping nature of architecture, art and fashion.

Liani DouglasforDouglas & CompanyDesigned accessories by simple The lines are composed of subtle tensions. Their subtle geometric forms are the recollections of architectural masterpieces such as concrete pipes and culverts.
This bracelet is a 40%Sand and 60%Portland Cement and A concrete mixture of water. Hand-cut brass discs cover the irregular concrete surface.

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Modern handmade chair

YC1chair isYamanamiPart of the collection, designed by TokyoMikiya KobayashiforTakumi KohgeiDesigned. The wooden structure is made of oak or walnut, and the fabric-covered cushion gives the chair unique details.

Simple white rope passes through the small hole in the chair, through a leather pipe-like detail, which makes the chair back Become flexible and create a beautiful and unexpected back seat.

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A warehouse in Brussels turns into a modern loft

SHSH Architecture + Scenographyturning an old storage warehouse in Brussels into a modern loft. Comes with an art studio. Due to their limited budget, their goal is to embody a large number of textures and colors as well as architectural details, mixing old and new. In addition, they also added a swing.

The design team was inspired by the sea, because the attic itself is so big. In the large open space, they plan to use three island-like spaces for the bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. Three separate islandDesigned into different textures and colors, placed on the wall, leaving a window near the window Large open space.
The bedroom is covered in wood with built-in bookshelves and closets.
The master bedroom is located behind a sliding glass door and benefits from the windows of the office workspace. A huge bookcase was built in the second phase of construction to accommodate the changing needs of the family.

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Two detached apartments sharing a piece of land

SteelHouse1and2It took a few years to plan and challenge to design two unique independents on a piece of land. Apartment, but still keep your own individual. There is only one piece of 25foot-wide land, two houses occupy most of the area, and Share a common garden together.

New SteelHouse1occupies a large part of the front of the land, with a bold modern look, covering Colton Steel , fiber cement wallboard and stucco. 1518square feet townhouse consists of three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and an open, light-filled living area.
Warm wood floors and walnut cabinets with white walls and lines. The master bedroom has its own private terrace with sun exposure to the west.
The first floor has a parking lot and a private space office space.
occupies a large part of the back of the land, is a newly renovated two-storey townhouse,1515square feetDistributed in two levels of living space.
Entertainment space is on the top floor, making the most of the sun. Two bedrooms and two bathrooms are on the lower level, while the third bedroom and bathroom are on the upper level.

Open stairs connect two floors while providing extra storage and built-in bookshelves.
The bookshelf extends to the second floor, creating a semi-open barrier between the living space and the stairs.
floor-standing bookshelves provide privacy for the bedroom.

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DesignerMatthias KirchnerRedesigning bicycle parts to provide a new item for this everyday item The perspective: a chair, which he created in Aachen University of Applied Sciences for six weeks.

Using two old bicycle forks, he stitched the frame of the seat together with the old bicycle tires to create a seat. The pipe is hand-stitched and the woven rubber creates a brittle surface.

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Trendy striped style

We will be from this weekSociety6Select some works. Stripes are a classic model, but it never stops me from being surprised, and people can create a lot of magic with simple lines. Check out theseSociety6Selection of the artist community:

Tyler SpanglerDesigned stripes Pillow

Nikola NupraDesignedMobile Shell

FarsidianDesigned Art Print

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DIY magazine hanging rope


rope Dry soilKey Ringpainting hook Chopsticks/Needle


Making two identical air-dried ball clays Wet hands knead until smooth.

2. Span>Roll one of the dried clay balls into a cylinder. Keep both ends flat and try to keep both sides as straight as possible.

3.Poke a cylinder with a chopstick or needle . Twist the chopsticks until it is wide enough for the rope to pass. Chopsticks/ Span>Acupuncture.

4.Make two such cylinders, wait24hours make them hard.

5.Through the rope from one end of the cylinder and tie it. Cut off the excess rope to make it tidy.

6.Put the keychain on the middle rope.

7.Through the other half of the rope through the cylinder and knot, it is also trimmed and neat.

8. Hang the keychain on the nails on the wall, then hang up your beautiful magazine. Be careful when hanging the first magazine.

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ESKAYEL and DANE cooperate to launch new furniture collections

Eskayelwith DionDaneCorporate collaboration brings their dreamy abstract patterns to hand-made furniture. The new collection includes chairs, stools, ottomans and sofas, made of treated ash, maple and white oak, then covered with water-based inksEskayel digital print design . This is a wonderful extension of the two brands!

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German country house has been renovated

ReichelArchitekten took over the renovation of a rural house in Visbeck, Germany, the history of the house can be traced back to 1851year. Hallenhaus Originally a stable house with hay lofts, later joined the residential area. The current owner wants to enjoy a modern and convenient exterior, and the converted house is an elegant home with an international feel.

The hidden extension adds a gym and health room, and the sliding door on one side provides a clear view of the garden. The triangular glass skylight in the yard brings light to the pond area.
The main body of the house combines the historical elements of the original structure with more modern details. The exposed beams give a true feel and are perfectly balanced with a triangular window.
The floor is amazing, one foot wide,42Foot-length planks of wood, the white surface keeps the interior bright.
The doors of the kitchen and dining room are fitted with louvers to allow light to pass through.
A simple wooden staircase leads to the attic space, providing privacy for this small room.

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Production of wooden furniture in Barbados declined

In the past two decades, the production of wooden furniture in Barbados has fallen by nearly 91%, but the wooden furniture industry still has a major impact on the economic development of Barbados. According to recent research data from the investment development company of Barbados, the wooden furniture industry in Barbados produces about $43.8 million per year, which is one percent of Barbados’ total production.
Barbados’ wooden furniture covers a wide range of office furniture (desks, office chairs, conference tables, bookshelves), kitchen furniture (cask boards, knife sets, cupboards, cabinets), bedroom furniture (beds, wardrobes) , dressing table, comb), living room furniture (sofa, coffee table, rattan chair), outdoor furniture (half, open-air coffee table, folding chair), etc., make a huge contribution to the economy of Barbados every year.

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