Now the world’s largest building is completed

The largest building in the world has completed the floor area in Chengdu. The Exhibition and Tourism Group of the New Century Global Center is currently officially opening before the test. 2 floors underground, 18 floors above ground, architectural design marine theme to find inspiration floating whales & ldquo; & & quoquo; flying seabirds.

In the first phase, the global center of the Eastern and Central districts built a central plaza next to it and a series of underground commercial plazas and parking lots. A total of 1,268,000 square meters. The second phase consists of a 492,000 square meter, including the construction of commercial and office facilities in Xicheng District and additional underground parking. The planned gross floor area is 1,760,000 square meters – 1,176,000 square meters and 584,000 square meters above ground.

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