Natural stone is based on the appearance to determine the price?

Everyone knows that natural stone is determined by the appearance of the price, marble does not need to say, the same material of the stone, the good layout and the price difference is almost too much. Granite is no exception, so many times in order to increase the added value of the product and the popularity of the market, some bosses have thought about it. Today, this is to do the processing of the stone that can not buy the price and then prevent it from being expensive. Stone sales (such as dyed red board is imitation of Indian red imported granite), there are other dyed blackboards (Shanxi black, Hebei black, etc.), yellow board (golden diamond, gold diamond), dyed green board (green star, Taiwan green) stone and so on. The reason for taking pear white as the main reason is that the current pear flower white stone may be the cheapest granite in China. The cheapest is not the most ugly, and there are many reasons for the price of stone. Mining costs, labor costs, and pricing are all factors that determine stone prices.
Natural stone dyeing production and attention points Red granite is extremely popular in the Middle East, but due to various reasons of stone production and color, dyed stone is also born.

Granite dyed red board production process and process:
First dissolve the ferric chloride with water, while adding a small amount of catalyst to make a dyeing solution. The granite is then placed and completely immersed in the staining solution.
After immersing for a certain period of time, after taking out washing, drying, and color development, red granite is obtained. (Note that the time of soaking should be determined according to the stone type, color, water absorption rate, stone gap, etc.) Points to be aware of in the production process:
1, color concentration: different color to obtain different color effects, production The actual situation should be determined, and the general concentration is 20%.
2, soaking time: there must be sufficient time, the time is too short, the coloring is not good, but the time is too long, the work efficiency is not high. Generally take 3-4 hours as well.
3, PH value of the color liquid: PH value is too large and too small for the color and gloss of the granite after the color change is not good, generally take 2 is the best.
4, drying temperature: generally selected at 200-250 ° C (Celsius temperature) is appropriate. (Processing of electrolytic plate)
5. Drying time: usually about 2 hours.
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