Must know the cleaning and maintenance of irregular floors

Pay attention to the maintenance of the floor. After the floor is laid, at least 24 hours must be maintained to cure the cement and prolong the use time.

Daily care is very simple, no need to polish, wax and paint, just use a vacuum cleaner or wipe with a damp cloth or mop. This can be very good to ensure that the floor is not scratched, such as being accidentally soiled with nail polish, ink, wine, etc., just use nail polish remover or detergent to clean it.

Special attention:

1, keep the floor dry and clean, the surface of the floor is smudged, generally dry with a damp mop without dripping.

2, can not clean the floor with a very corrosive cleaning agent, the wear layer is aluminum oxide, which is an amphoteric oxide, can react with acid, will corrode the floor and cause damage.

3, to avoid alkaline substances, scrub with rice water is a good way.

4, avoid sanding, waxing or painting on the floor.

5, overweight items should be placed smoothly, furniture and heavy objects can not be pushed and pulled hard to avoid scratching the floor surface.

6, it is forbidden to use a sharp weapon to scrape, draw the floor surface.

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