Modern application of classic gable roof style

This is a small house that stands in the forest on the shores of Lake Dexton in St. Erica, Canada. Designed by YH2 in 2017, it is completely surrounded by minimalism and elegance. The symmetrical gabled roof ends at the beginning of the wall, and the transition is seamless, suitable for this simplest structure. This stylish holiday cottage takes advantage of its simple architectural style by focusing on the landscape.

In this case, the roof is a prominent feature. These two structures are located in Canada. One as a home and the other as a studio, they are very simple and have a striking gable roof. They each take advantage of views and daylight in such a way. In fact, they have almost no windows at all, adding privacy overall.

Prodesi’s architects found inspiration when designing this single-family home in the Czech Republic. This is how they choose to shape a house like a traditional cottage roof, similar to the architecture of the entire area. But the shape of the building not only helps to integrate the house into the surrounding environment. A very interesting detail is that the house stands on a stone pedestal, with some cantilevered on one side, and it looks like the avalanche has moved there.

The Fallahogey house is another structure that reflects the local flavour and stands out at the same time. This is actually a home and studio, designed by McGarry-Moon Architects, similar to the small agricultural metal sheds in the area. However, it does not completely imitate these structures, but rather converts the inspirations gathered from their designs into minimalist and refined versions.

The design direction that Jager Janssen architecten showed here is actually one of the most popular recently. The fa├žade and herringbone roof form a continuous outer shell around the house, forming a lid made of corrugated metal sheets that contrasts sharply with the side gables wrapped in wood. Instead of a classic window, the house has a skylight that maintains a high level of privacy by allowing plenty of natural light without exposing the interior.

An interesting version of the classic gabled roof style can be seen in the design of this house in Carinthia, Austria. The project was carried out by Spado Architects and consisted of two floors with a sloping roof on the upper level and inclined to the sides to form a covered wooden frame that acts like a continuous outer casing. In contrast, the bottom layer has a sturdy concrete wall that looks slim and has a good foundation.

Remember those wooden stick family houses that you used to paint when you were young? This will be the real version. Designed by Sheri Gaby Architects, the Gable House is located in Australia. The wooden frame you see here does not mean that the project has not been completed. This is actually an iconic element of this project. The outdoor desk continues the living space, and the frame seamlessly extends the area to outline the structure of the gabled roof.

Maas Architecten starts with the classic and simple lines of the gabled roof, creating a unique blend of style between the Dutch country house and the greenhouse. The design of the modern country house combines elements of local rustic style with contemporary architectural details. The H-shaped plan view divides the structure into two wings with sharp contrasts. One is a black wood packaging structure and the other is a transparent glass structure.

The structure is located in the Jutland Peninsula of Denmark and is the new headquarters of the Danish Hunter Association. Unlike the other designs we have studied so far, this design uses an outwardly extending gabled roof with two awnings on either side of the two elongated bodies. These structures were designed by Arkitema Architects and feature the association’s administrative areas, laboratories, educational facilities, restaurants and hunting lodges. All of these spaces are closely related to the surrounding environment.

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