Light source performance characteristics

Figure 3-2 Light source performance characteristics

4) Light source controller

The main purpose of the light source controller is to supply power to the light source, control the brightness of the light source and control the illumination state of the light source (bright\off), and also send signals to the controller. Realize the strobe of the light source, thereby greatly extending the life of the light source.

This system uses a multi-camera plus multi-light source scheme, as shown in Figure 3-3.

1) The top of the bottle is imaged with a high-definition camera and a telecentric lens to detect the defect in the bottle, the shoulder defect and the oval of the preform.

2) Covering the entire circumference of the bottle with a 4 camera 360°, each camera covers a field of view greater than 120°, ensuring that there are no dead spots to detect scratches, bubbles, and dirt on the bottle.

3) Photographing the bottom of the PET preform using a backlight to detect problems such as bottom impurities and breakdown.

Figure 3-3 Front view of the optical module

(2) Detection Software

1) UI Design

Considering the cost of factory workers’ learning, a simple interface was designed to simplify the operation process and make the operators It’s easier to get started.

2) Detection Algorithm

The machine vision inspection systems manufacturers detection algorithm classifies by different detection items.

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