How does machine vision positioning detection technology help the intelligent manufacturing industry?

For the manufacturing industry in the traditional sense, industrial robots repeat the specific action flow to complete the processing under the command of the control system. In other words, the guarantee of product processing accuracy depends on the stability of the control system and the accuracy of the entire mechanical system. However, the generation of random errors during processing is inevitable, such as unpredictable vibrations, shifts in product transfer between stations, etc. In addition, system errors caused by long-term use of mechanical structures and reduced accuracy can lead to product batches. scrapped. The simple sensor is too stretched to avoid these errors. Coupled with the complexity of today’s product lines, the market is increasingly demanding for flexible production, and it is particularly difficult for industrial robots to accomplish this in the “blind” situation.

When industrial robots have the “eyes” given by machine vision, the above problems are solved. After seeing the target, the industrial robot with “Guiyan” will guide the action after accurate analysis and positioning, avoiding the deviation in product transmission, enhancing the production adaptability of different products, and greatly improving the processing precision of the product. In addition, machine vision inspection systems manufacturers can also detect the accuracy of the finished product, eliminating the inefficiency, error and missed detection caused by manual sampling. With the deepening of intelligent manufacturing, smart devices with visual perception are becoming more and more popular, and machine vision is the core component of front-end perception, and the market demand is very strong. So how does machine vision help manufacturing in specific situations? Then look down:

First robot positioning guide classification

In the application scene of machine vision and robot combination, robot guided positioning application is the most common. As shown below:

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