Home softcover curtain selection skills

  Soft covers all known soft decoration, post-accessories, home storefront display design, is mainly for family space, commercial space, model room furniture, painting The decorative design of ceramics, florals, fabrics, lightings, etc., as well as the display design of furniture and home accessories stores, give more space for cultural connotation and taste through the display design of jewelry and art. With the improvement of people’s living standards, the demand for home furnishings is growing, so the market potential is very huge. Therefore, there is a higher requirement for home fur decoration. According to the size and shape of the living space, the owner’s living habits, hobbies and their respective economic conditions, different soft items are selected. The following decoration network introduces you to the home furnishing curtain selection skills.

  General Curtains
  1, the color should match the color of the interior walls, floors and furnishings.
  2, color matching should take into account the purpose and season of the room. The living room should be chosen dark, and the room should be distinguished. You can also choose transparent fabric, depending on the style of the decoration. The room for the elderly should be chosen for dark flowers and pure colors. New rooms should be decorated with strong curtains to add joy. Thicker curtains should be used during the winter season.
  3, fabric texture should also take into account the functionality, bathroom and kitchen should choose a practical, easy to wash fabric; The living room and dining room can choose luxurious and beautiful fabrics. The curtains in the bedroom are thick and warm, ensuring privacy and ease. The study curtains require good light transmission and more elegant colors to make people feel calm.
  4, thickness can be selected according to the surrounding environment, if the room is located in the upper floor, outdoor space, optional thinning, Gorgeous, elegant, soft and elegant; if the room is in a dense, noisy place or low floor, it is recommended to use thick curtains. Appropriate thickness curtains can improve the indoor hardening effect. Similarly, thick curtains can also absorb some noise from the outside world, thus improving the indoor environment.
  5, the curtain pattern should not be trivial, you should consider the effect after pleating, it is not appropriate to choose the slope, otherwise it will cause people to tilt Sense; tall room should choose horizontal pattern, living room curtain color pattern should be moderate, children’s room pattern is best to use animals and other cute graphics, childish, young people room curtains open and unrestrained, the elderly to quiet Shuya Mainly.
  6, the length of the curtain is slightly longer than the window sill to avoid the wind and open the curtains. The width should be coordinated with the size of the wall. Narrower windows should be narrower to cover the extra wall on both sides. Pleated or double-layered curtains are a good choice.
  7, curtain fabrics are best not to be too smooth and shiny, because such fabrics are easy to reflect light, irritate the eyes, and Give people a cold feeling.

  purchase by style

   European style: The flower pattern can choose the more classic European style, which highlights the gorgeous atmosphere. Mostly embroidered. The three-dimensional sense of the fabric is strengthened, and the fabric is suitable for the brocade texture and the lustrous fabric, and the color is biased towards the gorgeous atmosphere of the furniture. Such as gold, brown, dark red and so on.

  Chinese style: calm and restrained, rich in traditional Chinese culture, can be used as bamboo curtain or fabric curtain .

  modern minimalist style: it is recommended to use simple and elegant geometric patterns of curtains, color selection and decoration coordinated black and white Gray, outstanding calm and capable. Fabrics with a metallic feel can also be used. The pattern of the curtains can be selected from simple and fresh modern abstract patterns based on flowers and plants; the fabrics are made of printed or burnt fabrics.

  shop according to window type

   three-dimensional window: the vertical window type chooses a wide range of curtain styles, the room height must reach 3.5 meters or so. The room type is generally European style court style wave curtain floor curtains, due to the room High limit, so consider the proportion of the curtain when designingproblem.

  Horizontal window: pay attention to the proportion of the curtain and the overall area of ​​the curtain and the wall Coordination, can follow the same type of curtains as floor to ceiling windows.

   floor-to-ceiling windows: the choice of curtains for floor-to-ceiling windows, mainly with flat curtains or water curtains, or both Match.

  The above is the decoration software for the home softcover curtains shopping tips, I hope to you Helpful. If you want to know more about this, you can log in to the decoration network, and the decoration network will take you on a tour of the decoration!

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