Hardwood floor expansion or contraction solution

Hardwood flooring, as its name suggests, is a natural product. And the wooden floor is a beautiful, value-added and remodeled home in any room that looks and feels, in fact, it is a natural product, meaning it can change. Responding to humidity levels and moisture in the air, this can cause the hardwood floor to expand or contract. Wood is a hygroscopic material, which means it has the ability to absorb and retain water molecules from the surrounding air. When exposed to the air, the wood will absorb or release moisture until it is at the same level as the surrounding atmosphere. Therefore, if there is excess moisture in the air, your hardwood floor will attract some moisture and make it swell. If there is less moisture in the air, the wooden floor will release some of the moisture held in it, returning to the air, causing it to shrink and shrink.

Living room hardwood floor

When the wood undergoes this change, it may expand or contract in all directions. This expansion and contraction is completely natural, as long as the movement is not too extreme, you should not have to worry. There are some steps you can take to try and limit your sports wood flooring. In the cold winter, your home will be heated, making the air dry and the humidity falling. This can cause your hardwood floors to release moisture, resulting in small gaps. To limit this problem, try using a humidifier, or cover the wet towel with a radiator to keep the humidity at 50-65% of your home. In the summer, when the temperature is higher, the humidity also rises sharply. This, in turn, may cause the wooden floor to absorb excess air and swell. To stop this from happening, leave ten every day and let your windows open for a short time to let the fresh air circulate.

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