Good marble coffee table selection is not easy

Many people like marble coffee tables decorated with jade, but it is not easy to choose a good marble coffee table. Here I will introduce the method of selecting a good marble coffee table.

  Precautions for purchasing marble coffee table
   1. Most of the surface of high-grade marble coffee table has sapphire Jade and purple jade, as well as crystal pearl stone, and even amethyst and white crystal to decorate, among which jade stone and purple jade stone and red dragon stone are pure natural stone, which will not stain during use. Some inferior marble coffee tables will be sold with white marble after dyeing and fake jade stones, which are mostly impure.
   2, for the marble coffee table that appears in the market, it can be divided into two categories: natural marble coffee table and artificial marble coffee table, while natural marble can be divided into high quality marble and inferior quality. There are two types of marble, so when choosing a marble coffee table, you need to understand the difference in the stone.
   3, natural marble has its own unique natural patterns and colors, if it is a high-quality marble coffee table, you will choose to use a whole piece of stone to make it, different parts will choose different Use materials to complete. In the selection process, consumers can distinguish from the natural texture of the marble surface and the beveling of the corners. Generally, the inferior marble coffee table will be finished with corners at the corners, and the overall lack of change.
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