French apartment bright interior design and retro style

The key to a bright and airy interior is knowing how to choose colors and materials. The internal structure of a house or apartment is also a very important factor. For example, this French loft already has a great layout, and the window is also a big highlight.

This French loft is very bright. This is because it is filled with natural light through these windows. Not all windows have the same size and the same shape. They basically revolve around the apartment. However, even though the windows are not as much as possible, the attic is still bright and airy. This is because it has a very fresh interior. The walls are white, so the ceiling is also. The color of the floor is different, but it is mainly neutral.
As for furniture, it has a very beautiful retro feel. Like a 60’s apartment, the retro feel is very strong, but the apartment is also full of modern atmosphere. Maybe it’s all telling us that this is a contemporary loft.

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