“Explosive mouth” has to think twice Australia will be fined 500 Australian dollars for swearing

China News Service, February 9th, according to Singapore’s “Lianhe Zaobao” report, in public places to think twice, Australia’s New South Wales has announced that the fines in public places will face the original fine of 150 Australian dollars ( It is increased to 500 Australian dollars (about 570 Singapore dollars) for about 170 Singapore dollars. However, the authorities did not expressly stipulate which terms are subject to fines.

According to reports, since 2007, NSW has banned people from swearing in public. However, NSW is not the only state to do this. Victoria has a fine of $240 for publicly insulting people and $100 for Queensland.

Newport Police Association President Weber said that the police welcomed the higher fines, but admitted that it is not easy to decide which terms to offend. He revealed that in general, the use of regular F or C words in schools, major streets or parks would result in fines.

However, the new fines system in NSW has also caused opposition from some people. Lawyer Sanders pointed out that some swearing words are the mantras that people are used to every day. She said: “The police themselves sometimes swear, and many people in the community will … … we believe that this penalty should be completely abolished, and the increase in fines will not prevent people from continuing to do so. ”

Responsible Editor: Fang Fang

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