Does the eye protection really exist?

Eye protection lamps are useful and can not be discussed, because the material of each eye protection lamp is different from the workmanship. The eye protection lamp is converted into high frequency signal by electronically processing the signal of 220V, 50Hz alternating current. Eye protection lamp can reduce the impact of 100 stroboscopic lights per second. It is similar to natural light, white light, stable brightness, no flicker, no eye fatigue. It is preferred to buy three primary color fluorescent lamps when buying. To avoid too strong light source, you can avoid Filter out harmful blue light. Many children bring glasses when they are young. When parents buy lamps for their children, they will first consider eye protection to protect their vision and prevent myopia. But is this eye protection useful? Can you protect your child? Let me give you a brief introduction.
  Is the eye-protecting lamp useful?

   Before explaining the problem of using eye-protection lamps, let me talk about the difference between ordinary table lamps and eye-protection lamps. . When the ordinary desk lamp works normally under the AC state of 50 Hz, it will flash about 100 times per second. Such a high flicker frequency cannot be seen by the human eye. The result of this is that under the desk lamp for a long time, coupled with the lack of attention to eye hygiene, it is extremely easy to cause myopia.

   Most of the eye-protection lamps are different from ordinary desk lamps in that the electric frequency of 50 Hz is increased to 40,000 to 55,000 Hz, and the corresponding table lamp has a high frequency of flashing per second. The amplitude is reduced, and some can even drop to zero, thus protecting the vision.

  The eye protection lamp is useful and not useful, because the material of each eye protection lamp is different from the workmanship. In addition, according to the investigation, the light is too bright or too dark to damage the eyes, which will cause visual fatigue, which will make myopia deeper, and the stroboscopic light will also have an adverse effect on the eyes. There are some eye-protection lights on the market that are too bright, but not good for the eyes. Therefore, remind everyone to buy eye protection, do not blindly believe in the propaganda of the business, when you want to make purchases, you must choose the products produced by regular manufacturers, and see if there is a 3C logo. When using eye protection, do not be too close to the human body. At the same time, try to reduce the time of using the eye-protection lamp to prevent eye fatigue caused by excessive eye fatigue. The light should be moderate, don’t use a lamp with too much power, because the light is too glaring to hurt the eyes.

  How to choose eye protection lamp

  1, preferred three primary color fluorescent lamp

 &emsp Natural light is a mixture of seven different color lights that are suitable for reading. The student’s eye protection lamp should also have soft light, not too strong. It should use three primary colors of phosphor, that is, it will form natural light or close to natural light according to the appropriate ratio.

  2, select the ring light source

  The light in the general family uses a single light source, there will be shadows, such light is not conducive to students Used for homework. The eye-protection lamp should use a circular light source, so that the distributed light is more uniform, there will be no blind spots or shadows, and the child will be given enough lighting space to alleviate the visual fatigue. The eyes are also more comfortable when learning. .

  3, filter harmful blue light

   purchase the lamp to avoid too strong light source, can filter out harmful blue light, such eyes The damage you receive will be small. It is also recommended that the majority of students try not to look at the bright light source for a long time, and do not overuse the eyes.

  4, the energy consumption is small for the final consideration

   students have more classwork, and the time spent on learning is quite long. The lamp will consume more power. When parents choose to study lighting for their children, they should also consider whether they are saving energy and whether they consume more electricity. Try to choose a small amount of energy, which can reduce unnecessary waste.

  Precautions for eye protection

  1. The brightness of the eye protection lamp should be uniform

 &emsp The brightness of the general eye protection lamp is kept at a ratio of 3:1 to the brightness of the surrounding, so that the visual acuity can be improved and the visual fatigue can be alleviated.

  2.Environmental protection of the desk to avoid glare interference

   desk materials should use the national standard materials uniformly, to avoid the surface of the decorative material will reflect Glare causes visual discomfort. Therefore, in the place where you study and study, you must avoid the occurrence of glare. Some children will have a sharp decline in vision in a short period of time because of the long-term interference in receiving glare.

  3.The use of natural light and artificial lighting

   reading desks for children at home should be as close as possible to the location with window lighting, while paying attention The position of the eye-protection lamp is generally placed on the left side of the desk, so as to avoid the right hand block when writing, and the indoor lighting should not be covered by the object, so as to avoid the background light from the reading area.
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