DIY magazine hanging rope


rope Dry soilKey Ringpainting hook Chopsticks/Needle


Making two identical air-dried ball clays Wet hands knead until smooth.

2. Span>Roll one of the dried clay balls into a cylinder. Keep both ends flat and try to keep both sides as straight as possible.

3.Poke a cylinder with a chopstick or needle . Twist the chopsticks until it is wide enough for the rope to pass. Chopsticks/ Span>Acupuncture.

4.Make two such cylinders, wait24hours make them hard.

5.Through the rope from one end of the cylinder and tie it. Cut off the excess rope to make it tidy.

6.Put the keychain on the middle rope.

7.Through the other half of the rope through the cylinder and knot, it is also trimmed and neat.

8. Hang the keychain on the nails on the wall, then hang up your beautiful magazine. Be careful when hanging the first magazine.

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