Dijon Street Dance Little Spokesperson Vol.3 National Finals Successfully Ends in Chengdu

On June 30th, Dijon Street Dance was held at the SM Shopping Plaza in Chengdu. The third small spokesperson event ended successfully. According to reports, “small spokespersons are one of the three major brand activities of Dijon Street Dance each year, with the aim of selecting spokespersons for each training center in the country. The third small spokesperson who finished this year in Chengdu joined the national finals and gathered the spokespersons of each training center in Dijon Street Dance to Chengdu to compete for the general student spokesperson.

The small spokesperson activities are played in the form of individual shows, which is different from the regular face-to-face fighting dance and dance performances in the street dance competition. According to the staff, the original intention of the small spokesperson competition system design is to enable the students to experience the experience of being a small idol more deeply because of the dance, which will be more impetus for cultivating the overall quality of the students.

The birth of the first national spokesperson

The preliminary speech of the little spokesperson is in Dijon Street Dance National 14 training centers were held separately, and the participation of over a thousand people also represented that parents are paying more and more attention to the comprehensive quality of children.

After four levels of screening, the fourth grade champion of Dijon Street Dance finally came to the fore and won the honor of the annual “third spokesperson”: Dijon Street Dance Chongqing Xicheng Tianjie Center – Hu Xinyu, Chengdu SM Center – Zheng Wenyue, Chengdu Jinniu Kaide Center – Li Yizhen, and Zeng Yi of Chengdu Fortune Center. Four students represent the national spokespersons of their respective grades.

(Photograph of the 4th Annual Spokesperson of Dijon Street Dance Spokesperson)

(Photographed by the small spokesperson of Dijon Street Dance)

The same students who received other awards on the same day: Angel Smile Award winners – Chen Hao, Xie Yutong, Zhongye Qihai, He Junxian; the most creative costume winners – Jie Zhilin, Yang Yuqi, Dai Yuhaozhe, Yang Lan; family style award winners – Xi Mingyang, Ai Jiejie, Tang Ziyang Dai Daizheng; wind prize winners – Lu Kaidi, Li Anni, Liu Chengwei, Wang Junjie; potential spokesperson award winners – Wu Yipei, Luo Yiyi, Ma Peixin, Wu Junxing.

This competition is a form of parent-child fashion show, which strengthens the children’s experience with the parents to experience the fashion trend brought by street dance, and further deepens the understanding of the street dance culture.

Leading the West Street Children’s Street Dance Education Trend

Since last year, there have been many mainstream TV media and online media platforms in China that have launched different forms of hip-hop variety show. In the current environment of the parents of the children, mainly in the 80s and 90s, the street dance movement has gradually become a popular choice for parents to choose comprehensive quality training for their children.

“ Dijon Street Dance Little Spokesperson is one of the three major brand activities of Dijon Street Dance, the purpose is also Give your child a stage to show their comprehensive qualities with dance as a carrier, so that children can have an idol-style stage experience, thus helping children to grow more confidently and happier.

At present, Dijon Street Dance has 14 direct training centers in Chengdu and Chongqing. As the largest children’s street dance training institution in Southwest China, Dijon Street Dance has been committed to promoting the development of the industry and giving children to the southwest. We feel the benign help of street dance education on the growth of children. This is a company that hopes to pass the children’s street dance education, “Let China have more children who are happy and happy because of street dance, so that the children can truly achieve happiness through dance, confident enough” .

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