Decorate the room with large artwork

Dinosaur DesignsLouise OlsenandStephen Ormandy Living in Sydney, Australia, their living room has a gallery-style wall and small art works beside large oil paintings.

this Yellow and grey oil paintings from Indian artistsSuhas Shilker, it was placed above a mid-century cabinet in this two-bedroom apartment in San Francisco.

London interior designerJessica VedelDesigned this black and white Paris apartment, With classic architectural details and modern furniture, the abstract painting above the fireplace sets the tone for the bright and open living room.

Crisp StreetApartment is made by Mim DesignDesigned, living room neutral modern decoration with bold and soft colors Beautiful abstract painting.

A vibrant oil painting hangs on Christopher Elliott DesignDesignedTemplestoweThe house’s restaurant adds anger to white walls and wooden tones.

in the artistMiranda Skoczekin Melbourne apartments, by Rhys LeeThe design of the candy-colored oil painting is on the sofa.

Tina Seidenfaden BusckandPernille HornhaverConceived apartment has a concept gallery that mimics the actual apartment and makes art Products and furniture coexist. Almost all-white restaurants have a major highlight, and a striped artwork with pink, orange and black hangs on the wall.

Nina HolstDesigned white living room with black tones and a monochrome square oil painting.

Illustrator and Artistic DirectorNynne RosenvingeThe home decor has an eclectic mix and his own colorful artwork.

This Berlin apartment is designed to avoid any plants, but is full of personal collections of oil paintings and drawings, collected by landscape architects living here.

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