Customized furniture to join, which brand investment cost-effective?

Nowadays, custom furniture has become a trend, and it has been sought after by more and more people. Many investment entrepreneurs have seized this opportunity to join custom furniture, but there are too many custom furniture brands. Which brand of custom furniture to join is cost-effective?

Franchisees want to minimize investment costs due to limited funds In the case of the choice of investment in cost-effective brands, capital, and technology-leading companies to join. As a influential brand in the industry, Canoa Custom Home has continuously promoted technology research and development and design innovation after 16 years of product deep cultivation and brand precipitation, providing consumers with one-stop solutions for custom furniture.

Customized furniture to join the brand investment cost-effective is not high, but also depends on the convenience of logistics. If the logistics and transportation are inconvenient, it will affect the delivery deadline, which will affect the reputation of the franchise store, which is unfavorable to the business. In particular, small and medium-sized cities need to adapt to local conditions, which requires agents to spend some time to investigate logistics. The Canoa production base is adjacent to the new Baiyun International Airport, the Taihe Logistics Distribution Center and the Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau Expressway. The transportation conditions are very convenient.

Finally, you have to look at the support of the franchise policy. Some informal brands always collect various types of fees from dealers through various channels. The correct way to open a regular brand is: 0 yuan initial fee, while the Canoya elite team one-on-one support. From the opening of the store to the follow-up business, there will be support, planning, execution and summary of the headquarters professionals in the opening activities, festival activities, and star signing activities, so that you can’t stop the signing.

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